Nintendo Discontinues NES Classic in Europe and Japan, Too

Nintendo of America previously confirmed they were discontinuing the NES Classic Edition, despite the fact that it was never properly stocked and it still made lots of money. Now, we’ve learned the console is being discontinued worldwide

Now both Nintendo Japan (via their website) and Nintendo of Europe (via Eurogamer) have announced they’re discontinuing the Famicom Mini / NES Classic as well.

In both cases, the official statement notes the console’s production has ended, and if they decide to put it back into production, they’ll let us know via its official website.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Offendatron_5000

    Nintendo and their money allergies. Shareholders should be storming their offices demanding the heads of every person responsible for this decision.

  • Mr0303

    This was quite obvious given that NA is their strongest region overall.

  • DrearierSpider

    I can’t stop picturing a death squad of tiny Japanese men dressed as Splatoon characters with acid filled super soakers.

  • Magnifico Ginormous

    It’s the same reason they treat the virtual console like absolute shit they’re afraid of it stealing attention from their recent games.

  • RichardGristle

    Now all they need is more than 2 relevant games per year for that plan to work out.

  • catazxy

    Yep, its like Magnifico said, they want all eyes on the Switch, where they can make the most money in hardware and software, not the cheap plastic box with 30 games limit.
    That reminds me a bit about Sony and “we would like to focus only on the ps4” thing, and then they fucked the vita to death.

  • Offendatron_5000

    Yup. What’s frustrating is how bad of a play this is.

    The NES classic appeals to a lot of non-gamers just looking for a nostalgia fix BUT that itch could turn into a full blown gaming bug that would convert then to buying a Switch. Or someone in the household gains exposure to Nintendo games and makes the leap.

    No one was not buying the Switch just because they are getting a limited set of Virtual Console games on the cheap. More than likely there’s plenty of people with both.

    Unless they have something else planned that captures what the Classic does (like one that actually can connect online and allows for more games to be bought or a subscription service with rotating titles) this is just pissing away goodwill for no good reason.

  • Nagato

    Makes sense; Nintendo can’t have a console that’s actually selling well for once.

  • CRES

    Does that mean they will discontinue the Switch soon?

  • Nalferd

    “Corporate” Strategies lol. Moves like these are so stupid.

  • OldPalpy

    But look at it in the context of how godawful they are with VC and that’s on their current hardware what reason would they have to limit draws like that? They don’t want alternatives to their current games on their hardware especially ones that are icons in pop culture like so many of their NES/SNES/Game Boy games, so VC gets slowed down to a absolute snail’s pace or used as special events like what they did with Pokemon Red and Blue rather than putting out their impressive back catalog in mass and using that to drive hardware sells.

  • SuuLoliBoob

    My guess as to why this is, is probably because of licence issues (As far as i know, not every game on the NES classic is made by nintendo, so they have to pay a licence fee for the games not owned by them) and a license probably ran out for them to use.

    That or they really do hate money. Either way, i’m just kinda surprised my dad and sister managed to get one.

  • sanic

    I was hoping for a North american edition of the Famicom mini but I never expected it to happen.

  • Helenrhoke

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  • Farwin

    Nintendo appealing to non-gamers?

    What do you think this is, 2006?