Nintendo Turned Down a 3DS Remake of the Original Star Fox

Nintendo released Star Fox 3D for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2011. The game was a remake of Star Fox 64, and was co-developed by Nintendo’s EAD team, as well as Q-Games, with Q-Games’ own Dylan Cuthbert as director. Now, we’ve learned that a remake of the original Star Fox could have happened as well.

The news comes via a Reddit AMA in which Cuthbert was asked if making 3D classics-style remakes of Star Fox 1 (and the unreleased sequel) were a possibility in the future. Cuthbert responded with a surprising reveal:

“We did a old-school re-make demo like this of the original StarFox for the 3DS back after we did the remake of StarFox 64 and showed it to Nintendo but they weren’t interested unfortunately.

The same post also asked how far along the 1995 CES demo for Star Fox 2 was in comparison to the ROM that was leaked in 2002. Cuthbert responded by noting the CES prototype was “an even older version of Starfox which emphasized two-player co-op,” however he noted they “dropped that due to performance in the end, and concentrated on the one player game.”

Dylan Cuthbert started his game career back in the 1980s at Argonaut Software in London, prior to being picked up by Nintendo’s HQ in Kyoto. From there his career took off with games like X, Star Fox and its (unreleased) sequel Star Fox 2. His studio’s latest game, The Tomorrow Children, is now available for PS4.


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