Nintendo Turned Down a 3DS Remake of the Original Star Fox

Nintendo released Star Fox 3D for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2011. The game was a remake of Star Fox 64, and was co-developed by Nintendo’s EAD team, as well as Q-Games, with Q-Games’ own Dylan Cuthbert as director. Now, we’ve learned that a remake of the original Star Fox could have happened as well.

The news comes via a Reddit AMA in which Cuthbert was asked if making 3D classics-style remakes of Star Fox 1 (and the unreleased sequel) were a possibility in the future. Cuthbert responded with a surprising reveal:

“We did a old-school re-make demo like this of the original StarFox for the 3DS back after we did the remake of StarFox 64 and showed it to Nintendo but they weren’t interested unfortunately.

The same post also asked how far along the 1995 CES demo for Star Fox 2 was in comparison to the ROM that was leaked in 2002. Cuthbert responded by noting the CES prototype was “an even older version of Starfox which emphasized two-player co-op,” however he noted they “dropped that due to performance in the end, and concentrated on the one player game.”

Dylan Cuthbert started his game career back in the 1980s at Argonaut Software in London, prior to being picked up by Nintendo’s HQ in Kyoto. From there his career took off with games like X, Star Fox and its (unreleased) sequel Star Fox 2. His studio’s latest game, The Tomorrow Children, is now available for PS4.


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  • vonSanneck

    This could be because of some bad blood with other Argonaut Software devs and how Ninty’s relationship with them soured during the N64 days.
    Honestly I hope Q-Games just makes a spiritual sequel outside of Ninty, since it seems they themselves don’t know what to do with the IP.

  • Josh

    God damn it. The very first Star Fox was and still is my absolute favorite of the whole series. Best control feel, best music, best levels and bosses. I wish Hajime Hirasawa would come back and do new music for these games.

  • Neojames82

    What exactly went down with them?

  • Farwin

    But of course,

    Can’t have people realizing that Hajime Hirasawa is a better composer than Koji Kondo

  • Joe

    Or the fact that the original Star Fox was leagues better than the overrated 64 version.

  • Joe

    Japanese pride screwed up a good thing, as usual.

  • Casey

    No one wants your dribbly shits anymore, Nintendo. Stop remaking your shit and give us an original star fox for the 3ds, something without gimmicky controls.

    Or better yet, just burn your fucking company down. I don’t care anymore, you backwards ass fuckfarts.

  • Casey

    Argonaut helped Nintendo make Starfox, then Nintendo had them do Starfox 2, but then cancelled it. Miyamoto stole some of the code, repurposing it for Starfox 64. Argonaut pitched a 3d polygon platformer which nintendo declined, and then started Mario 64 which looked suspiciously like what Argonaut pitched. Argonaut, fed up with Nintendo’s bullshit went to Fox with their game which would later become Croc on the PS 1

  • Carl_Ed

    Nintendo regarded Argonaut as a bunch of subservient code monkeys from whom they could take what they want and dispose of the rest. Argonaut regarded themselves as an independant developer who should own their own IP and code. Things got messy.

    Something similar happened between Nintendo and DMA Design (who would latter become Rockstar North) as well. Not to mention Rare. The moral of the story is don’t be an English game developer working under Nintendo.

  • Fenrir007

    Nintendo, as usual, is completely retarded.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    They made the code for StarFox 2 for Nintendo, or more precisely made it with them, so Miyamoto wouldn’t have been ‘stealing’ code, it was theirs to begin with.

    The 3D platformer issue wasn’t just a pitch, they used Nintendo’s IP to make a demo without permission. Argonaut left to find another publisher for their game, not because of anything Nintendo did.

    Keep in mind that SM64 was allegedly conceived in 1991, before StarFox was made, and likely kept tightly under wraps. “Yoshi 3D” was pitched after StarFox came out in 93, and Starfox 2 was canceled due to the switch to N64 development.

    Its really hard to say how much influence might have been taken if at all, but its not impossible they had very similar ideas with 3D being in its infancy, or simply took advantage of what they learned working with them.

    However, Miyamoto did apologize for them not using their game, suggesting it was entirely an executive made decision, rather than a creative one.

  • Neojames82

    Wow, didn’t know that Miyamoto would be so scrupulous.

  • Casey

    Nintendo and fanboys like to paint him as a innocent creator, but he’s got a mean streak. The best known example of that being his remarks about donkey kong country. If you don’t like the recent paper mario games, you also have him to blame. One of his edicts was since the mario and luigi rpgs exist, paper mario shouldn’t be an rpg.

    He’s also come out against original characters like the partners featured in the original paper mario games, so now you’re stuck with toads. Lots and lots of toads.
    I’m of the belief he should’ve been put out to pasture years ago, but then again, his original vision for samus was that she would swap her head to scan the enviroment, so maybe the person keeping him in line just isn’t there anymore.

  • OldPalpy

    It’s not happened for soooooo long and they fucked up with the most recent chance they had to do it I’d say that series is sadly more permafucked than Metroid and F-Zero.

  • Miyamoto is a businessman through and through, there are a good couple of people that experienced..and wrote about his not so nice side when the cameras are off.

  • vonSanneck

    More or less the 2 Argonaut enties in this video

  • 2501

    You’d be surprised what Miyamoto has done in the past. He even caused DMA design (aka Rockstar North) to go bankrupt with his interference in Body Harvest’s development.

    Now think about that for a moment, Nintendo nearly killed ROCKSTAR, the studio that created and popularized the open-world genre that dominates the gaming world right now.

  • Neojames82

    Didn’t know he interfered with that game and DMA. I actually liked Body Harvest and it could’ve had some potential but yeah, crazy stuff!

  • Jumanji Joe

    Sega does what nintendont, make good games.

  • Lucy Taylor

    Nintendo’s reputation going down the drain even more then…

  • epobirs

    Keep in mind the SNES Star Fox is really Starglider 3, a Argonaut series that originated on the Atari ST and Amiga computers in the 80s, greatly advancing the use of 3D in games. Argonaut was working on 3D games before the SNES was even a demo. Also, StarFox simply would not have existed at all without Argonaut, as they originated the design for the FX chip, based on their experience in 3D game work, which very few could claim in those days.

  • Snorlaxation

    Persona series for instance

  • Zombie_Barioth

    While that’s all true, it doesn’t really have anything to do with, well, anything.

    They didn’t design the StarFox games alone, they were partnered with Nintendo EAD.

    To say the series wouldn’t exist at all is fallacious, that’s impossible to know as a matter of fact.

    At best you could say it wouldn’t have been done as early on, SF64 might’ve been the true original.

    But that’s all besides the point, no company would have allowed Argonauts to own code for their game, especially one as shrewd as Nintendo.

    They did the exact same thing turning Yoshi 3D into Croc, and if they were that upset with Nintendo they wouldn’t have went to them to begin with.

  • Fandangle

    I wouldn’t say completely retarded, just mostly retarded.

  • Joe

    But Argonaut DOES own a portion of the code for the game, specifically related to its interaction with the Super FX chip (which feeds into pretty much the entire game code). That is precisely why there has never been a virtual console port of the original Star Fox. It’s not because Argonaut owns the Star Fox brand name, it’s all in the code.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    That’s why I said the FX technology is a separate issue. They own the code pertaining to it, but that’s all.

    Everything else would be owned by Nintendo, hence they were able to re-release Yoshi’s Island by rewriting the code.

    If Argonauts were accusing Nintendo of stealing that they would have had an actual legal case against them.

    Going forward Nintendo wouldn’t have needed it for SF64, so there’s no reason to believe that’s what was reused from SF2.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Like Panzer Dragoon, Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog-

    Oh wait.

  • Travis Touchdown

    This video is really badly researched, almost infamously so. Pretty much none of it is true.

    When it comes to Star Fox, however, Larry seems to be under the impression that Nintendo stole code for Star Fox 2… when it was almost entirely developed in house. There’s a reason Star Fox is a Nintendo IP and not an Argonaut one.

  • Travis Touchdown

    There was no real demand for it, I think.

    The only real direction for this series is to go is to make a sequel to Zero, which was stellar.