Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile Producer Yoshinori Yamagishi Resigns

Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile series producer Yoshinori Yamagishi has resigned.

Yamagishi confirmed the news in a tweet, where he noted his abrupt departure from the company as of March 31st. As he was still working on Valkyrie Anatomiawhich he also retired from working on. He naturally wants to continue working in the games industry, and said he hopes to make a new game at another company in the future.

His work as producer on both the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile series goes all the way back to the original Star Oceanwhich launched for the Super Famicom back in 1996. It was later released in English for the PlayStation Portable in 2008. He produced every Star Ocean game except the latest one, Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness.

Yamagishi also worked on a multitude of titles as producer, including Grandia Extreme, Soul Eater: Monotone Princess, MindJack, and more.

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