What’s in the Box? – Anima: Gate Of Memories Beyond Fantasy Edition

This is What’s in the Box? In this video series, we regularly unbox new games and things, so let us know if there’s something you want us to check out!

Yesterday we had a special delivery that came out of nowhere. Man was I suprised to see NIS and Badland Games send over the Anima limited physical edition dubbed the Beyond Fantasy Edition.

Join me as we take a first look at this box set before anyone else.

If you want to get your hands on this check here, but the supply is limited.


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  • Mr0303

    I quite liked the game and got the limited physical edition when it released last year. It’s a decent hack and slash action RPG, but some of the boss battles are a bit unbalanced.

  • catazxy

    For that price its a steal.

  • Louis

    I tried playing the PC version, but it was so badly optimized it couldn’t play for more than two minutes without crashing.

  • Mr0303

    That bad, huh? I didn’t encounter any glaring issues when I played it on the PS4.

  • Because devs actually care about PS4 unlike PC LMAO.

  • catazxy

    I played for 1-2 hours on pc with no problems, you can try to look up some forums for help…

  • Laytonaster

    I have on XB1. The game runs surprisingly well for an indie game, and on console.

  • Louis

    I mean, I’m honestly not an expert on these things, maybe it’s an issue with AMD drivers or something. I’ve been able to run games like Brutal Legend and Metal Gear Rising, so I know I’m capable of playing middle to high-end 3D games, but with Anima my cooling fan kicks into overdrive right from the title screen. And if I didn’t skip the opening cutscene, it’d crash in the middle of that too.