Hello Games Announce Publishing Label, Hello Labs

Hello Games are entering the publishing business – they’ve announced (via GamesBeat) a new publishing label, and it’s appropriately called: Hello Labs.

The new publishing arm of the UK-based developer will be focused on procedurally generated games, a natural progression from their overly ambitious procedural space simulator, No Man’s Sky.

“I know that procedural generation will be a small part of games in the future,” said Hello Games founder Sean Murray at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference. “Loads of the talks at GDC – whether it’s [Horizon: Zero Dawn] or [Ghost Recon Wildlands] – that are talking about procedural generation components in their games are super cool.

“For us, it is a big part of our future. And making really unique, weird, engine decisions and allowing that to dictate a cascade of problems… And we want to continue going forward making new, impactful technology.”

Murray noted that it’s sometimes difficult for a smaller studio to reach lofty goals and milestones, pointing to the development of their own No Man’s Sky as they ran out of funds while development still continued. This motivated Murray to start a publishing firm just for games like No Man’s Sky.

The new publishing division is apparently “super low-key” for now, and they only plan to work on a few games at first – one of which is already in development.

“The focus is going to be on procedural generation, experimental games, games research, that kind of thing,” Murray said. “We would love to help people avoid some of the pain that we went through ourselves. That’s something I’m really passionate about.”


Brandon Orselli


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  • Pocketmarmots


  • MLG Barroth

    This was the best outcome for em. im glad


  • Jumanji Joe

    I wonder how many of the games they publish will also be unfinished messes made with broken promises.


  • They’ll ship games without the disc in the box then add it in an update four months later.

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)
  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    hello plebs

  • CrusaderEsper

    Gotta do SOMETHING to distance themselves from the tainted branding of NMS and Hello Games. I would have personally opted for an entirely unrelated name and done it on the quiet.

  • Neojames82

    So now they’ll publish other games from other designers that will be completely unfinished and almost vastly unfulfilled from their initial promises, GREAT!!!

  • wavemotioncannon

    “We would love to help people avoid some of the pain that we went through ourselves. That’s something I’m really passionate about.”
    I try to be understanding because videogames are hard to make…but this guy just plain scammed people by the metric fuckton, how is he the victim?
    “…publishing firm just for games like No Man’s Sky”
    Please tell me he didnt word it like that.

  • wavemotioncannon

    Thanks to procedural generation, things can go wrong in trillions of (slightly aesthetically) different ways!

  • carbohydratecrab

    Ubisoft won’t like them encroaching on their market!

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Big money on this ending up on this becoming the Marcross Gold standard if anyone even bothers with them.

  • RichardGristle

    Dis gon’ be gud!

  • Phasmatis75

    The final proof there is no kind merciful god.

  • Mr0303

    That’s not a very smart decision considering the current level of trust in his company.

  • wavemotioncannon

    that would be them succeeding, though

  • catazxy

    No point, he and his company got on my shit list (like double fine production), I will never buy anything that he has a connection to. Why would I pay the scammers?

  • 2501

    “Goodbye Games” would’ve been the most accurate rebrand name.

  • SevTheBear

    I have a hard time seeing anyone trusting these people again. But who knows, they have learned something from NO MAN SKY

  • Yeah, kind of my thoughts exactly on this. Would this announcement kind of need to wait… probably until another game of theirs ships… maybe under that title?

  • I’d say it’d be fairer on devs they could potentially work with to distance themselves from the Hello Games brand and call the label something completely different, but once people inevitably found out Sean Murray was involved it’d look like a cover-up and cause even more trouble.

    Basically, this seems like an all-round bad idea.

  • DrearierSpider

    Imagine willingly deciding to smear shit on every box before it hits the shelf. That’s basically what you’d get being published by these guys.

  • DrearierSpider

    Game devs don’t realize that, they’re as insulated as Hollywood these days. Hence NMS getting an award for innovation at GDC.

  • Arenegeth

    “Hey guys, I got this great idea! We lied ourselves into the bank, but now these filthy gamers and any future ‘partners’ may be skeptical about our future projects, so how about we make a publishing brand so we can publish other liar.. Eh I mean aspiring ambitious developers games! Come on! Its a win, win! *Takes shoes off*

    -Sean Murray- Director of lies, eh we mean games at Hello games.

    Hello games! Where our motto is: Every confidence scam starts with a hello!

  • Bashtarle

    This should be …….. interesting…….

  • Neojames82

    GDC has become a joke since they gave an award to Shitkisan.

  • Edmund Black

    Wish we could say “Goodbye, Labs”

  • lucben999

    It’s Chucklefish all over again.

  • sanic

    Will published games be missing discs that will be patched in months down the line?

  • John Smith.

    “We would love to help people avoid some of the pain that we went through ourselves. That’s something I’m really passionate about.”
    Yeah, getting called a liar, a scammer, a piece of S*** and a rip off artist, hipster douche bag and all those other wonderful insults surely counts as pains.
    Then again, given your reputation has well and truly been flushed down the toilet, I doubt anyone but your back scratching buddies in the progressive game development sector will even bother to use your platform to publish their games.

  • Zero Eternity

    Why give her an award? She is not even a game developer.

  • Neojames82
  • Phasmatis75

    No that’s proof the devil won.

  • wavemotioncannon

    Does chucklefish have a history of fucking up?
    I was certainly not impressed by the ripoffs they publish

  • Casey

    No one is going to trust a fucking thing that comes from this shitbag. Also, is it just me, or is his face so unbelievingly punchable? I want to knock his gopher teeth right out of his gob.

  • Fenrir007

    Oh boy, hype man is now behind the wheels for other scams.

  • Fenrir007

    Procedurally generated salty tears for your inconvenience!

  • James Hewitson

    Why is this scammer is still in business? and they even got an award? Gaming industry has become cancerous infested with Feminazi SJW’s.

  • James Hewitson