Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Heads West on PS4 and PC

Idea Factory International has announced a western release for Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online.

The game will release simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam) sometime this winter, in both North America and Europe. The game is also being released at retail and via digital storefronts.

Featured above, you can view the announcement trailer for the game. Here’s the key art for the game:

(Click to see the entire thing)

Here’s a rundown on the game, via Idea Factory:

Long ago when the world was nothing but a void, the goddesses created Leanverde, the World Tree.

The mighty Earth and the majestic oceans were born of Leanverde’s sprout, and the goddesses bestowed upon this world the name of Alsgard.

…At least, that’s what the “4 Goddesses Online” MMO is about. Now the real Gamindustri goddesses must login and hack ‘n’ slash through this game-within-a-game to bring back the creators of Leanverde and defeat the Demon King! With rival beta testers and system glitches galore, what could possibly go wrong?

Key Features

  • 4 Person Dungeon Raids – You’ll never go it alone in the dungeons when you’ve got 3 other party members helping exterminate dungeon fodder in this hack ‘n’ slash adventure! Choose the one you control whenever you want!
  • You CAN Cast that Here – Be prepped for any situation when you can map multiple skills to each face button, and max out your meter to unleash a flashy “Awakening Skill” that will devastate those who cross you!
  • +10 to Fashion – Show off tons of cosmetic gear that can be resized, rotated, and placed anywhere! Ever seen a mustachioed fairy pirate DJ? Now you can!
  • Nep_Main Joined your Party – Play online with up to three other people for extra loot and harder enemies, plus use the in-game chat feature to really make it feel like an MMO! (It’s not.)
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  • Ryan Barrett


  • Akai Kiri

    I grew up playing games like monster hunter on PSP. We always wanted online multiplayer because it was just too much to ask to be driven around all the time and in some places in america (if your out in the sticks) that means we pretty much played solo all but a few times a month at best.

    Really nice to see games like this on PC but lets just hope it actually has content and “working” multiplayer and doesn’t end up like blanc and neptune VS zombies.

    Fingers crossed for combat that actually has some fucking depth to it and not just “hold square to win” that most action games are now a days. (Rusty hearts anyone?)


  • ActivistZero

    This pleases me, but I do wish there was a release date attached

  • I-Is it dual-audio?

  • SunsetHaste

    Goddamn, I don’t even like Uni, but she’s a thief >w<
    Nepnep junior, why are you a mage :<

    Oh well, I still have Rom and Ram :3

  • nonchalantxsteve

    I’m just came. Finally 1 game down now we need Blue Reflection and I got everything I asked for.

  • Brownninja97 .

    i hope they flesh out the combat, the last two hack n slash games they did were far too repetitive because the combat was a mess.

  • SuuLoliBoob

    nep Nep NEp NEP NEP NEP!


    yfw first day PC buy

  • lucben999

    I think it’s always the same two or three people baiting about that in the comments.

  • lucben999

    It was pretty standard musou style combat, at least in NepU, I haven’t played the Blanc one.

  • OSad

    I wouldn’t put it past Idea Factory to regurgitate 90℅ of the same systems again, and then pretend the whole thing is a parody of how grindy and repetitive MMOs can be.

    No offense to the people who like these games, but the gameplay can get pretty stale pretty fast.

  • Mr0303

    The game looked pretty good, so I’ll probably get it. I wonder what they’ll put in the limited edition this time.

  • Brownninja97 .

    yeah but musou games were a lot more fluid and variation compared to nepU and i alos havent played blanc enough to comment.

  • Milky Mist

    Definitely buying this now.

  • Kiryu

    Only ChocolateISIS does.I’m a console only gamer but i’m happy for PC gamers who want to enjoy Nep games.

  • Mr0303

    He’s a troll. I don’t know why people take him seriously. I guess he fits the fanboy stereotype a bit too well.

  • If this was gemastu their would be a lot of Sonyggers posting passive aggressive comments.

  • Kiryu

    Wouldn’t be so sure on that,just look at Travis,every sane person would say;nobody can be so much up Miyamoto’s ass.

  • sanic

    I’d be lucky to get one friend to play this with me online… I’m iffy on this one.

  • Mr0303

    I’m pretty sure that he’s a troll too, but ISIS is too obvious.

  • patyos

    Now if only we knew the date

  • RichardGristle

    I don’t think many people take him seriously, it’s just that people are annoyed at him being retarded. Kinda like how you’d get if you had a 6-year old sibling with brain damage that refused to leave your room.

  • Cats736

    Have the other Nep games IFI released been dual audio? Yes.

  • Nagato


  • Shin Megami Tensei

    What, one person here?

  • EroBotan

    since asia is banned from playing Nier automata, this looks like a fitting substitute for our action rpg need!

  • EroBotan

    and kinda sad that everyone’s job are predetermined .. i want’ samurai nepgear ..

  • Yeah, but for Nep VII, a patch had to be downloaded.

  • MusouTensei

    And I was afraid 2017 will be a nepless year.

  • OSad

    Yeah, the problem with chocolate is that he is on every article about Sony exclusives fishing for replies. I’m fairly sure he’s not actually serious like Travis, but it still pollutes the fuck out of what would be otherwise fun comment sections to partake in.

    Seriously, I don’t think there’s a single article in this website portraying a PS exclusive in a positive light, that doesn’t feature a comment branch of ISIS with at least a couple dozen replies pointing out his peasantry (I have to admit I’m guilty of adding to that sometimes, too). Blocking is an option but I don’t know, I’ve never had to block anybody on the internet and I’d rather not start today.

  • Cats736

    Due to size limitations.

  • Size limitations? Really? That seems… odd…

  • Cats736

    “We also understand how much our fans want Japanese voiceover audio in our games, and it’s always been in our best interest to bring that audio to the West. We want to continue doing that in the future, unfortunately this time around there was no technical way we could fit the Japanese voices onto the game disc.

    Rest assured, we understand the importance of Japanese voiceovers for the games – it’s part of the charm of the whole series! So we’re never going to make it DLC to test if we should put it in future games because we already want to have it in the game as much as you guys do!”

  • Dr_What

    This isn’t Dual Shockers m8. :)

  • Fenrir007

    More Nep Nep on the PC is always welcome.

  • LAMBDA471

    Looks nice and colorful, if only there are male characters, otherwise playing this would make me feel like a weeb.

  • Darkling

    Please idea Factory keep up the uncensored releases

  • Izzy Lichi

    its funny pc faggots “laugh” at console gamers when pc gets a console game, but all of the best PC games are console games LOLL

  • Keirnoth

    More nep for everyone is ALWAYS good. More nep = more monies for IF/IFI = even more nep!