Total War: Warhammer 2 Now in Full Development, New Historical Total War Still Coming

While we’ve known that Total War: Warhammer was planned as a trilogy from the get-go, we’ve learned (via PCGamesn) that Creative Assembly has begun full development on the second game in the Total War: Warhammer franchise.

This is made possible by Creative Assembly having two teams working on the series, a “main” team that works on the core games, and a team focusing entirely on new content for the current game.

Brand director Rob Bartholomew says work on episode two “has been underway for some time already and is now a key focus for the studio. It’s time to travel to new lands and discover new races.”

Now that Total War: Warhammer’s Bretonnia downloadable content has been released, Creative Assembly has confirmed that work on the first game has largely come to an end. There will still be free DLC coming to the game in the interim, however you shouldn’t expect premium content.

Both the second and final games in the series will be standalone releases with their own campaign maps, each featuring a “quartet” of starting factions like the first game. Bartholomew also confirmed maps will be “as big or bigger” than the ones seen in the first game, and that sequels will naturally get DLC.

Here’s the kicker – the upcoming sequels will integrate with the original game, expanding its map and its faction roster. This means if you end up owning all three games, you’ll have a ridiculous story campaign spanning three realms of the Warhammer world, as well as all the playable races.

Finally, Bartholomew confirmed to PC Gamer that the previously teased historical entry in the Total War series is also coming along. Bartholomew continues:

“Meanwhile, our historical team are also working on a major triple-A title in an era we’ve not visited yet. Over 1.2 million people play Total War every month, with the majority playing our previous games. We haven’t forgotten that.”

Total War: Warhammer is currently available on PC and Linux (Mac version is still in the works) – you can read our review for the game here (we highly recommend it!).


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  • Madbrainbox

    Most likely the High Elves and the Dark Elves.

  • Nagato

    Should be noted that you can currently still get the first game for only 12 dollar in the Humble Monthly, which will also net you an additional handful of other games.

  • NuclearKangaroo

    not bad, one has to wonder why GW took the idiotic decision to kill warhammer fantasy

  • BeakieHelmet

    Probably because despite it being over half their catalog it was only 20% of total sales, so rather than killing it off entirely they turned it into something profitable.

  • InfectedAI

    Does the first one still have Denuvo?

  • Bob132

    Last week to get Total War: Warhammer from Humble Bundle for only $12 plus more free games in the bundle. Get it here:

  • NuclearKangaroo

    and is age of sigmar profitable?

  • BeakieHelmet

    Extremely. Games Workshop has been doing very well since it came out.

  • Madbrainbox


  • NuclearKangaroo

    well fuck then, guess i cannot argue with money, i didnt expect sigmarines to do better than old warhammer

  • AnarKreig

    Looking forward to see what wonderous ways they’ll jew the product this time around. Pull a Blizzard and sell each faction as as its own standalone expansion? Pre-order exclusives units?

  • BeakieHelmet

    It’s not really that simple. GW has turned things around as a company pretty spectacularly under their new CEO since 2015, Kevin Rountree. They’re actually listening to players now, letting people demo new rules and such before putting them into print, and basically taking page after page from Privateer Press’s book.

    Age of Sigmar under matched play (read: with points) rules is actually pretty fun, though it’s far from perfect with the way they’ve actually been listening to people and throwing out other solid products (Silver Tower, recent models, the Start Collecting boxes and other bundles that are ACTUAL DEALS for once) and well, they’ve been doing well. Age of Sigmar really didn’t take off until the general’s handbook (read: all rules and points in one book the book) was released.

  • OldPalpy

    Is there any pushback going on against it or have they rolled over on this issue? I remember the years when it was paraded around that Steam and it’s sales meant nasty DRM would be a thing of a past.

  • Madbrainbox

    No pushback I can think of.

  • OldPalpy

    Well that’s depressing I thought the proclaimed masterrace didn’t put up with this kinda shit?

  • Madbrainbox

    Some people do,some people don’t.
    But people may have boycotted it because of it.It sold a little more than Atilla which is a cracked game.TWW wasn’t cracked to this day to my knowledge.Rome 2 and Shogun 2 sold twice as much in spite of the fact they are cracked games as well.Of course these are far older titles.
    But CA lost a lot of consumer goodwill with all the shit they pulled with Rome 2.And the fact TWW had a day one DLC.
    It’s a pity because TWW is a great game.

  • におに

    Rather than assuming, I’ll actually ask: Does Warhammer have any sexy/loli races, or is it all typical Western Fantasy tropes of, “Everyone looks like trash and everyone’s covered in dirt.”

  • luggage lad

    Warhammer isn’t for you.

  • Fenryr Grey

    If you’re into those things, you shouldn’t even be thinking about western games ;) and the warhammer universe is as dystopian as you can get. Cute things have been eradicated a long time ago ;)

  • におに

    “Cute things have been eradicated a long time ago.” I think that might be the saddest thing anyone has ever said to me. ;_;.

  • Fenryr Grey

    oh my apologies, ofc only in that game universe ;)