Twitch Will Sell Games on Livestreams, Broadcasters Get a Cut of Revenue

Twitch has announced they’re going to begin offering games that livestreamers are playing on their platform.

Beginning sometime this spring, viewers of live broadcasts will be able to purchase games that streamers are playing, with a portion of that revenue going to the person(s) playing the game.

Broadcasters that opt-in for the new service will have a “Buy Now” button appear at the bottom of their stream page, enabling users to purchase the game they’re playing. Sales go through Twitch’s parent company, Amazon. Sales will be available worldwide, however only US dollars will be supported at launch.

If you’re a partnered streamer and you opt-in for the program, you’ll net 5% of the revenue generated from your stream. Here’s the kicker: even if you don’t opt-in, you’ll still have a buy-now button on your stream, only Amazon keeps all the profit.

Twitch is making purchasing games from a live broadcast more engaging by offering a Twitch Crate filled with digital rewards, like special icons and more – but only for purchases over $4.99.

Finally, developers have to sign up to have their games sold through Twitch. So far, developers already signed up include: Ubisoft, Telltale Games, Digital Extremes, Hi Rez Studios, Double Fine Games, Fred Wood, 11Bit, Jackbox Games, tinyBuild, Raw Fury, Devolver Digital, Gambitious, Trion Worlds, Blue Mammoth Games, iNK Stories, Versus Evil, Proletariat, Paradox Interactive, Vlambeer and Campo Santo.

Brandon Orselli


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  • CrusaderEsper

    I can’t see this going wrong in any way. Nope. Nothing bad could possibly go wrong with this ever.

  • scemar

    I have my issues with twitter’s blatant discrimination of anything that seems anime or japanese but their business practices seem innovative and engaging at least

  • Mr0303

    This makes games banned on Twitch an even bigger issue since they are financially hurting them. If Amazon are smart they’ll remove said bans.

  • Or kind of starts to set them up as the gatekeeper of what is moral in the gaming world. That being the more terrible of the option as they kind of have a very knee jerk reaction to some games.