Daily Niche – 02/23/2017 – We at the Invite Only Nintendo Switch Event and Reader Comments

Yesterday I met up with some Nintendo Representatives for their invite only Nintendo Switch event called The Desert. Man alive, this was one of the most secret events I have been to in a while, located in, none other then my home town of Santa Clarita, California. We take some time to answer some of your questions and address some comments, but it has to be noted that Twitter has made it so we cant even see the replies from some of our best readers because of there new shadow ban system, so if you have more questions, remember to leave them down below, and I will try to get to all of them.

Today we will be doing a normal show once again at 5PM PST, and we will go over yesterday and today’s news so you don’t miss out.

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  • KissDisqus

    Are you gonna upload more footage from the event or is that really it?

  • Because of the nature of the event, there will be some footage from Nintendo coming out, that we will be linking to in the next couple days. There was a little bit more to the event then this, but until then, its in Nintendo’s hands.

  • Ahh it figures they’d only show off only 1st party stuff. Oh well. I’ll get my Bomberman fix sooner or later.
    Michael said my name wrong lmaaaoo

  • Cael

    Anyway to change back to the old website?

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    The new Bomberman looks really low-effort. I think someone should just make a spinoff that plays functionally the same and call it something else, like Bloodstained or Yooka-Laylee are doing.

  • No

  • Mr0303

    Congrats on making it on the invitation list. Don’t drink too much Mountain Dew. :P

  • @astromancer23:[email protected]:disqus not totally sure about that, from what I have seen, Bomberman looks good. Also sorry Astro I recorded that at 1am and have only had 20 hours of sleep in 6 days with all the stuff going on here.

  • Nintendo had “Switch” water. No sodas, maybe I will send one of them out to a reader for a contest or something. Saw people selling them on ebay for a crazy amount.

  • Mr0303

    Switch water sounds like an euphemism for booze.

  • I wish (☝︎ ͡° ਊ ͡° )☝︎

  • Bashtarle

    Niche staff lured to isolated location and replaced by robot doppelgangers confirmed!

  • i’m just picking, it ain’t a thing to sweat :p
    That’s a pretty intense lack of sleep though, damn dude.

  • Ya, its been hard. But we are trying to bring this big new experence to people here and I had some things go tits up at my other media job so ya, recipe for feeling like shit for a week. But aslong as I can entertain a couple people its all good.

  • Jack Thompson


  • scemar

    if you’re reading BOTW out loud I think you can just say “breath of the wild” instead lol

  • scemar

    they influencers now

  • scemar

    where’s all this “asian english version of games are coming, they’ll be more faithful/not censored” coming from?

    mentioned it a few times on the video. And yeah it’s not region locked so it sounds “possible” but did nintendo actually say something else about it to make it seem like they will actually do something like that in the future?

    did they answer a question about the topic with “oh yeah, we’ll release east asia games with no censorship and good translations from now on, look forward to it!” or something?

    I don’t wanna get my hopes high for this sort of stuff unless it’s a sure thing that’s coming

  • Boop peeb baap “He Knows, send the Reggie!”

  • Its been a thing for a while, but its obscure so people generally dont talk about it.

  • bomblord

    It’s region free so you just buy the Asian English version from Asia.

  • Ninjagai

    I guess Nintendo realizes the Switch is going to be Niche.


    Darn, both you and TechRaptor moved to less reader friendly formats. Fuck I can’t even find anything on TR’s site, and this new block and square style format seems to show less in the feed than the original stacked view. I think I’ll just have to stick with Siliconera now. At least their site is still readable.