New Deep Down Trademark Filed by Capcom

It seems like Capcom might still be working on their curious dungeon crawling PS4 action-RPG, Deep Down.

The news comes via a new trademark for Deep Down in the United States, back on February 9th. A previous trademark for the game was renewed on the same date last year, so it’s curious to see the company have multiple trademarks running for the title.

Capcom’s last real update for the game was back in December of 2014, where they showed off screenshots for what they called the “Green Dungeon.” Since then, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono teased that the game had grown much larger in scale, and that it would take longer to complete.

We’ll keep you guys posted.


Brandon Orselli


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  • Ardens Anima

    Deep down, I still have hope.

  • Chris Mendivil

    I see what you did there xD

    Here’s hoping it lives up to the expectations of every Dragon’s Dogma fan.

  • Mr0303

    I still think that Capcom + F2P is a bad combination.

  • 2501

    I completely forgot about this game.

  • malbhet

    TBH I truly believed we would never hear of this game again. I’m still skeptical of this game though, especially with Yoshinori Ono as the producer…. we’ve all seen how SFV turned out at launch, and his portfolio is hit and miss so :p
    The only game Yoshinori Ono produced, that I liked, was Chaos Legion, and yes I am aware that game flopped, but the soundtrack for that game is pretty damn decent, and I actually loved the idea they were attempting to go for in Chaos Legion too. Besides that he hasn’t produced anything worth noting really imo.

  • Neojames82

    Hopefully since it grew in scale then maybe they’ll ditch the F2P and make it an actual full priced game.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    PS5 launch game

  • 2501

    Man i kinda miss Chaos Legion, that game is so shit and yet surprisingly addictive.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    After Lords of the fallen: “we should stop doing this, no one will like our version of Dark Souls”

    After Nioh: “we should retake this project, we may get a good piece of cake from it. They did it, we can do it too”

  • fnd

    Why would a cheap shovelware like Lords of the fallen have any influence in this game?

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    It was the first DS like game from other company. Also, its not really bad, its decent.

  • malbhet

    If you play on PC you can easily find Chaos Legion pc version if you know where to look:D

  • 2501

    WTF There’s a PC version? Time to google.

  • fnd

    The combat in that game gave me seizures. Maybe i was playing it wrong but eh fuck it, uninstall.exe it is.

  • Phasmatis75

    Best bets on it being a VR title now. I’ve to go to say it struck me the other day while playing Banned Footage 2, just how amazing these experiences would be if they were in VR. Capcoms really going forward with VR and probably is the only company actually working on innovating the genre.

  • Phasmatis75

    No, it was bad. I made the mistake of giving away the ultimate rune at the end of the game only to discover how absolutely broken the final boss was. With literally undodgeable moves. I got close a couple times, but it always would spam some bs at the end and I’d lose.

    Crap came, and their new game Surge looks even worse. They don’t seem to get that Dark Souls is beloved not just for it’s combat and difficulty, but for it’s story and setting as well.

  • Phasmatis75

    I’m betting on it being a VR game. Probably wasn’t that hard to convert into VR and to be honest, a Fantasy RPG in VR if good would definitely urge me to buy VR.

  • malbhet

    Yeah there’s a pc version, I even have a copy of Chaos Legion saved on my hard drive.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    Yeah its more slow compared to Dark Souls, but its also more realistic. I like the fact that some weapons must be used with both hands because they are heavy.

  • fnd

    It’s not the slowness that is the problem but the seizures. Having to be turning around ad nauseum to have a opening in the enemies defenses is not fun.