Wii U Production Officially Ends in Japan

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Nintendo has officially stopped production of the Wii U in Japan.

The news comes via the company’s official Japanese website, which lists both the Splatoon Wii U and Premium Wii U models as having their production halted.

We previously reported that Wii U production would be ending soon in Japan, and now we’ve gotten confirmation several months later.

The Wii U initially launched in Japan on December 8th, 2012.

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  • Mr0303

    Not surprising. I expected them to end it after the NS launched, but I suppose they want to cut as many costs as possible.

  • Heresy Hammer

    And the homebrew has only just begun.

  • PS3 – Released in 2006, still in production

    Wii U – Released in 2012, production has ended already

    This shit is too hilarious. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6bd1a616cd70cfdc754c75fe81a6e2f3a5fb8d8cd34d82ecf320954b24ec4283.png

  • The king is dead; long live the king.

  • rBeowulf


  • DrearierSpider

    A grave worth pissing on.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    I’m honestly surprised it didn’t already happen.

  • Lucky

    A good time as any to start hacking the thing, I suppose.

  • AR7777

    RIP Nintendo’s Saturn

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    There were rumors this was supposed to happen end of last year. Likely delayed to appease investor confidence.

  • Nagato

    Doubt it; it’s not nearly popular enough for a decent homebrew scene to take off on, not when there’s bigger devices that would be significantly easier to work with.

  • InfectedAI

    I think the unique hardware could attract people wanting to do things on it you can’t on other consoles. If only Nintendo hadn’t screwed it up in so many ways. The Switch will probably make similar mistakes.

  • chaoguy

    Get it in the second-hand or bargain bins for cheap later on.

    While the library is limited, the cheaper you can get it, the more it’ll be worth it for the 2 or 3 decent games it had.

    I’d recommend Bayo 2 and… Erm…

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)
  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)
  • David Curry

    An insult to Saturn, aside from a couple decent Platinum titles

  • David Curry

    And Wonderful 101. And…. uh

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Too bad the price hasnt been slashed due to the overpriced tablet

  • totenglocke

    I haven’t seen a new PS3 in about two years, only refurbs. Where are these new ones?

  • scemar

    good riddance you terrible little monster

    you abomination

    I could have told them it was a bad idea for free and I’m glad it’s over

    I’m still salty over having to spend $140 for a replacement gamepad because nintendo couldn’t be bothered to make the system’s interface function without it, I didn’t even need it for any of my games

  • scemar

    at least the new thing has a justification for the screen, the system is in there, it’s portable, it offers something of value for its gimmick

    the wiiu offered= ?

  • scemar

    emulation will get there soon anyway

  • Clicks Clacks

    Free online play?


  • Clicks Clacks

    I just realized I bought more games for my Vita than I did for my Wii U.

    Fuck, I got more games for my god damned Virtual Boy as a kid than I did for my Wii U.

    What a miserable failure of a system it was for me, and now I won’t even have free online play to look forward to with the Switch.

  • Production still has not ended. You can find brand new PS3s around the world.

  • gwadahunter2222

    More Vita has been sold than Wii U

  • AR7777

    Certainly, I said saturn since some people call it nintendo’s dreamcast which is a bigger insult lol

  • David Curry

    WiiU is Nintendo’s 32X.

  • Joe

    No, that would be Virtual Boy. The Wii U had a bunch of quality first party titles but no 3rd party support, so it’s very much a Dreamcast.

  • Joe

    Knock the Wii U all you want, in Xenoblade Chronicles X it still had the best JRPG to be released in the last 10 years. I judge that by how many hours I’ve sunk into the game (over 750), and I’m still far from bored. No other single player game I’ve ever played has come close to giving me that entertainment value. Not even Skyrim. It more than paid for the system many times over.

  • Captain Vidya

    Tropical Dong.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Argentina is full of them, so is Europe~.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    A bunch is an overstatement. It certainly got a decent amount of First Party titles, moreso compared to its competition in the same timespan, but the DC not only had a lot more both in terms of quantity and quality, it achieved that in only two years~.

    Calling it a Dreamcast truly is an insult to Sega’s console~.