Gal Gun: Double Peace Worldwide Sales Break 100,000

Inti Creates has announced that Gal Gun: Double Peace has sold over 100,000 units worldwide.

The game’s localization director and producer Matt Papa talked up how the game finally got a western release, noting the game’s localization was proposed before it was even finished. He was told the developers had low confidence it would sell well overseas.

Papa later sent out a Tweet from the official English Twitter account for Inti Creates, posing the question:

“Today is Gal*Gun II release day in Japan! Would you like to see Gal*Gun localized some day? Let us know!” The tweet surged in popularity, and we naturally reported on it as well.

Following this, Papa again proposed the western release and localization, and he finally got the project greenlit.

In case you missed it, you can find our review for Gal Gun: Double Peace here.


Brandon Orselli


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  • Uncle Slick

    What a lewd picture.

  • sanic
  • Fear Me I Am Free

    I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did.

  • Mr0303

    Great to hear that it was successful – the game was very light hearted and fun. Hopefully this will be a sign to other Japanese devs that the West is a viable market. Curious to see how the VR project will turn out – a modified rail shooter could work quite well in VR.

  • GrimFate

    Definitely a fun game. Too bad it’s now illegal for me to possess here in NZ -.-

  • Fenrir007

    Hopefully this paves the way for even more of the “filthy gaijin would never like this ecchi-moe masterpiece” games being localized.

  • Mr0303

    Weebs are the gangsters of today.

  • Bashtarle

    Damn it now Weebster is going to be a thing :/

  • Games like these are what makes a lot of people love Playstation consoles. Just so out of one’s comfort zone.