New PS4 / PS Vita Death-Game Visual Novel Exile Election Revealed by Nippon Ichi Software

The latest Famitsu has fully revealed the recently teased game from Nippon Ichi Software.

Titled simply Tsuiho Senkyo, or Exile Election in English, the new PlayStation 4 and PS Vita visual novel is set within a “closed theme park” where characters have to vote on who lives and who gets to die.

Details are scant, but we know there will be at least a dozen unique characters and a mascot named Alice. Featured above, the magazine shows off the protagonist (left) who has black and white hair.

The story begins when the mysterious doll mascot Alice, who refers to itself as the administrator of the theme park, presents a game to kill each other known as “discussion.” This leads the player to enter the game filled with intrigue and rumors.

Development on the title is roughly 90% complete, and it’s set for a release on April 27th in Japan.

Brandon Orselli


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