Tetsuya Nomura: You’ll Have to Wait Awhile Longer for Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake

In a new interview with Famitsu, Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura was asked about the progress on the two titles, and it sadly sounds like we’ll be waiting a while. When asked about Kingdom Hearts III, Nomura-san said:

The development process is different than what we’ve done until now, so I can’t give you a general summary, but I can confirm that there are entire worlds that haven’t been touched. We’re progressing to developing the worlds that haven’t been revealed yet, so we can’t show them now. In terms of development status, there’s awhile to go still.

Later on, when asked about the progress on the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake, he also said:

We’re making continual progress on its development. We are definitely working on it, but I think you’ll have to wait awhile longer for both Kingdom Hearts III and the Final Fantasy VII Remake. I apologize for this, however we’re making up for it by developing games that will meet fan expectations. We didn’t reveal too much info for either game last year, but I hope we can show off our progress sometime this year. The releases for both games won’t be for awhile. We do have lots of titles releasing this year, however, and I hope you look forward to potential “surprises.”

Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake are two of the most anticipated RPGs currently announced for this generation. While development may be slow, fans will be able to keep themselves busy with Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 and Kingdom Hearts I.5+II.5 HD Remix, coming later this year.


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