Super Famicom Inspired Custom Air Jordan 4 Sneakers Revealed

Do you like retro video games? Do you like Michael Jordan’s iconic Anti-Gravity Machines? If so, this new custom shoe may be for you.

UK based custom sneaker company Freaker Sneaks has released their first custom of 2017: a Super Nintendo inspired Air Jordan IV.

Retailing at $950 and having a production run of only ten pairs, the sneakers feature Super Nintendo branding on the heel and have the D-Pad and Buttons from a PAL Super Nintendo implanted in the heel.

See the shoes for yourself below:

As of writing, there are seven pairs left for sale. If you want one, you can order it here.

Matthew Sigler


Currently interning at Niche Gamer. I've been playing video games since I was three years old.

  • Didney Worl

    The shoes look cool but they can go fuck themselves for charging that much for a pair of sneakers.

  • Mr0303

    And yet they still can’t help you run away from the censorship.

  • Bitterbear

    Oh, they’re already turning yellow.

  • Dewey Defeats Truman

    I will never understand why someone would ever spend more than like $30 max for any piece of clothing besides something special for specific jobs or a nice suit or something.

  • Like with many other stuff, there is a market for this. On the other hand, shoes are prone to wear over time compared to other pieces of clothing, so I get that some people see this as a bad investment.

  • Gin Tosh

    Probably wouldn’t be that hard to make them yourself.

    needed: old controller, sewing thread and needle, scalpel, clear waterproof epoxy or glue, duct tape and two heaping dollops of autism.

  • LOL

  • 真・女神転生

    Pretty sure most people that buy shoes at $100 dollars walk alot and would go through $30 shoes in about a month

  • Fenrir007

    It would look a lot better without the dpad and buttons. It’s just dorky like that.

  • Sean Sharpe

    When it comes to shoes, if you don’t spend at least $50, it’s going to wear out before the end of the year if you do anything.

    My $20 pairs of sneakers wear out in like like two months. My $150 pair of Doc Martin’s are in their tenth year.


    Nintendo lawsuit in 3… 2… 1…