New Unadulterated Base-Building RTS Reconquest Now Available

If you’re like me, you frequently think about the golden years real-time strategy games saw in the 90s and 2000s, only to get washed away by eSports-fodder like DOTA and League of Legends, or worse, freemium Facebook games.

Thankfully, game developers are still trying to keep that fire burning, and now Hungarian developer StormCube Games (who are made up of mostly ex-Crytek Budapest veterans) have put out a no-nonsense, base-building real-time strategy game they’ve simply called Reconquest. How was that name available?! Featured above, you can view the game’s release trailer.

The game features two playable factions: the urban forces and the outlaw clan. The story (yes there’s a 10-mission single player campaign for each faction!) is set after the devastation of World War III, where humanity was nearly wiped out. Your new goal is to literally reconquer and restore order to the now lawless world.

There’s also a classic skirmish mode, as well as a “Trapped” mode, which lets you choose among eight pre-determined challenges to work through.

You can find Reconquest here on Steam.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Anon_Amous

    Man, after picking up the AoE II HD edition during the Winter sale I realize how much I’ve missed RTS campaigns. I wish MOBAs didn’t shift the market from RTS so hard.

  • Zanard Bell

    As per the reviews I perused, has potential but a lot of kinks still needed to be worked out. I’d really want it to be as good as ol’ CnC Red Alert, but I guess we need to wait.

  • Queen Cheng

    “How was that name available?!”

  • Queen Cheng

    “How was that name available?!”

    Yeah, I can’t believe either it was not used by anyone before.

    “only to get washed away by eSports-fodder like DOTA and League of Legends, or worse, freemium Facebook games”

    I agree, gone are the days of real RTS. Glad that there are still developers who believes that we need another true RTS. So to the dev team, keep it up!

  • catazxy

    My interest in RTS games died 10 years ago….I only play total wars games, but thats a bit different…

  • MT Silver

    It looks like a ripoff of Command and Conquer…

  • john

    Well, it’s worse than that. Mobas ARE this markets rts: dumbed down, simplified, much lower skill floor for far greater accessibility, designed for shorter attention spans, works with free to play business models and the carrot on a stick grinding people love. Runs on anyone’s garbage laptop. Etc.

    Yes, I am bitter and rightfully so.

  • Anon_Amous

    Yeah I don’t blame you but it’s hard to fight the market’s tendencies. I don’t blame developers for catering to the market. Gotta get people interested in the fuller RTS experience.

  • Crizzyeyes

    The market is in this painful period where every single big budget former-RTS publishing schmuck has jumped ship for the MOBATrain, and there’s a giant hole in the market which tiny indie developers like this one are desperately trying to fill and unfortunately failing because most of them just aren’t that experienced, and none of them have gotten lucky yet. Meanwhile you have the big time schmucks sitting on their pile of cash saying, “HAHA! I TOLD YOU RTS WAS DEAD!” even though all they did was switch demographics. Eventually there will be a killer app RTS that leans more towards classic design that will be very popular again because it combines all the good things modern game designers have produced (interface design etc) with a more classic game design. Like Cave Story was for platformers, for example. I’ve watched it happen a million fucking times, it’s pretty much the story of marketing trends. I hate marketing people, that entire career field seems to be one giant case of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

  • john

    I agree with you mostly but you’re forgetting a very key factor: the market has changed vastly the past 6-7 years as there are tons of new consumers. Because the gaming market has expanded and become much more mainstream. That coupled with the recent generation getting older and gaming more.

    So there are many, many new users. And they do have new preferences. Aside from that though even older more serious gamers preferences are gradually altered with the changing market (by choice or not).

    The point is I disagree that there have been 0 quality rts games. There’s definitley a massive glut but the audience just isn’t there right now :(

  • Phasmatis75

    Westwood C&C or EA C&C?

  • Optimal Supreme

    1 problem is quality to many lies ..flat repetitive true 8bit crap.. Thats what it is ..thats what the truth is . Not that its continual same real-time..which it cant be .as there s no true real-time multitasking,but thats beside the point. They promise ,but can’t deliver ,and they know it. They let you think its the genre ..when its actually the limitation of the architecture the programming.. Then they promise oh get this bigger/better cpu /gpu Still no improvement..wake up people wake up. Same for he GPU/CPU stil arcane tech.