New Bloodstained Gameplay Shows Off a Village Environment

Full Disclosure: I have financially backed Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on Kickstarter.

It’s a new year, and to celebrate Inti Creates and creator Koji Igarashi have shared a new development update for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Featured above, the new gameplay for their Castlevania: Symphony of the Night spiritual successor shows off a village environment under siege by a demon, where protagonist Miriam proceeds through the crumbling buildings. The game really looks like it’s shaping up nicely.

Much like the games inspiration is drawn from, Igarashi notes this village is located right before the castle where the game takes place. You’ll have to make your way through the village to get to the castle entrance. It’s also worth mentioning there will be enemies in the final version, as well as a shop run by a character named Johannes.

While Bloodstained was delayed to the first half of 2018, it got picked up by publisher 505 Games, and enlisted the help of developers Monobit and DICO to aid in work on the game. Despite those two studios collaborating on the title, the majority of gameplay will be handled by Azure Striker Gunvolt and Gal-Gun studio Inti Creates.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is slated to release in the first half of 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux, and PS Vita.

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  • SuperDuperSenpai

    Please don’t be a blunder.

  • Slo

    It would probably look better with 2d sprites over 3d backdrops, kind of like Shantae does it.

  • Zero Eternity

    Well they give more updates than M#9 did so that is good but you can never judge the full game play by the development trailers thanks to blunders like No Man’s Sky.

  • Uncle Slick

    Can’t wait for this.

  • Tubsiwub

    That area design looks awful. :( Obviously they’ll change it significantly by the time of release.

  • No Logic

    Looks floaty AF

  • porkbun

    Why not change the release platforms to PS4/XB1/PC only and save the money for a pixel artist? This 3D style looks like shit.

  • TT

    Hopefully that’s not the final design.

  • 2501

    oh god it sounds like another IGA game where you just explore a castle, i was hoping there would be more outdoor environments.

  • Andres

    feel sorry for the folks that fell for the iga-ruse

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    agreed, I wish they went with pixel art instead, this game kinda gives me Mighty No 9 vibes with its sluggish and floaty gameplay.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    At this point Playtonics is the only team of former pros who can make a very promising looking indie game

  • Migi

    I’m also a backer and i gotta say i’m a bit disapointed with the style they chose, Cause the test footage showed it being full 2D art instead of this 3D/2D mix.

  • Viredae

    They never said it was going to be full 2D art, they stated from day one it was going to be a 2.5D game.

  • Viredae

    Trying the demo, it controls pretty much like a Castlevania game.

  • Viredae

    This is in a village outside the castle, and the game begins on a ship at sea.

  • Migi

    Sorry but their build showed a 2D gameplay version even if it were 2.5D this isen’t even remotely looks like when they showed the first footage.
    The first footage was more Blazblue in art style and not with this lame full on 3D/2D which makes and 2d platformer look ugly.

  • Viredae

    Actually, this was pretty much what this showed from day one, there was a little choice of shaders, but nothing else, the only thing that was 2D was the concept art… Which is always 2D regardless of what they plan to use, even storyboards in movies are 2D.

  • Viredae

    You can see the first shader build right here, like I said, it’s pretty similar.

  • Viredae

    This is an image of the first shader build, as you can see, it’s pretty damn similar.

  • Deadmoonking

    I do too, but I think the reality is, it’s just much less expensive and easier to do.

  • Phasmatis75

    So it plays well, but looks awful?

  • Phasmatis75

    Just grabbed this from the kickstarter page. All assets for the game looked like this, not like the visuals they’re showcasing now.

  • Phasmatis75

    Goldhawk Interactive made a great game with Xenonauts.

  • Viredae

    Did you miss the big “concept art” label in the lower right, mate? These aren’t assets, these are depictions of what they would like them to look… Once they make assets.

  • Migi

    You do know they promised the old castlevania style not this half breed garbage!

    Also this is the first footage they showed while the kickstarter was still running as a preview.

    And it looks more like the concept art and less of what you claimed to be the first. Actually the image your using is after they asked fans to pick between 3 types of style’s and most ppl alrdy said they felt tricked cause they promised it be old school and not the garbage we ended up with.

  • 2501

    I saw the demo with the ship and i found it to be promising, I’m just not very fond with IGA’s post-SOTN metroidvania games, l enjoy SOTN as much as the next guy but boy did everything after it feel like copy and paste. I just thought that Bloodstained would offer something different.

  • Viredae

    “You do know they promised the old castlevania style not this half breed garbage!”

    First off, “old castelvania style” is more than just using pixels, but hey, it actually takes more than five seconds of consecutive thought to realize that, so I’m not surprised you didn’t.

    Second, you do know that they said from day one that this will be in 2.5D, and only chucklefucks like you had any other assumption:

    Note the date, jackass, but hey! Why let tiny things like facts get in the way of your outrage fueled entitlement.

    “And it looks more like the concept art and less of what you claimed to be the first”

    Except it doesn’t, it looks like 2.5D model much like the one they’re using in this video, and the demo they showed in E3, and the current video, get your eyesight checked, at no point did any major complaints about the shading come up, the biggest complaint was that the animation was a bit floaty (it still is), and the kicks being a bit lacking in impact.

    “Actually the image your using is after they asked fans to pick between 3 types of style’s and most ppl alrdy said they felt tricked cause they promised it be old school and not the garbage we ended up with.”

    Except no one did outside your delusional fantasies, remember the screenshot above? Yeah, we were all aware that it was in 2.5D, nobody (except ADD riddled dipshits like you) were caught off guard by them “not using the oldschool style”.

  • Migi

    I can see your trigger by the fact that yopur post about IGA is very inaccurate considering all he mention those other imagies are concept art and gives you a rought idea how it would be yet the first footage he shows looks more like ti and yet the imagie you showed looks nothing like it so who is actually lying then?

    In other words Iga was just lying his ass off on the style and some dumbass like you are defending most likely cause your also a backer and you need to justify your support to a game that isen’t anything liek it was meant to be.

    Also i am a backer and i looked at the feedback when they gave those 3 ugly options and everybody was screaming they assumed IGA was making it like Blazblue and not this cheap way of making 2.5D. You must not have followed the Developers upfate cause i do.

    I can see youyr just starting to get triggered by my facts and you don’t doesn’tshit and are just talking out of your ass or else you’d know these facts instead of just inserting your bullshit opinion.

    Did you even follow their update’s? or are you just making shit up just so you can justfy your backing of a project that is nothing more lthen another version of Mighty number 9.

    You sire are full of shit! but seems your diselusional ass is full of it. Even your bullshit post only says it gives ya a rough sketch with the concept are and yet it looks nothing remotely like it.

  • Viredae

    … Okay, dude, run your shit through a spellcheck, or get your five year old brother off your keyboard, you’re losing your grip on reality… Even more than before, at least, judging by your eye for graphics.

  • Viredae

    kinda yeah. I hope they give the animation a second run before it launches, honestly.

  • Migi

    Wauw you seriously have no live do you? only a lazy scumbag that is unemplyed has this much time to amaze only the comments he wants to see.

    Also like i said the image you posted is nothing more then a disclaimer to avoid any problems during Dev so they can change anything they like and throw that into fans faces like Inafune did.

    Only facts your showning are the ones you wanna see! Like i said your a very triggered loser that can’t even take the fact that they still lied and your triggering shows it. Ppl always whine on my grammar when they can’t get over the fact that the first footage that was shown looks nothing like the bullshit your spouting!

    Losers like you are why the gaming industry get’s away with lying cause losers like you would defend them with their ass kissing and excusing ways.

  • Hirasugi

    Kinda glad I decided to not get on the bandwagon. Ill get it if its good tho

  • Phasmatis75

    If the toxic crowd defending this shuts up and they get a chance to hear the majority of their audience then maybe they will. I don’t know if I’d refuse to buy a game because of graphics, but at the same time it looks so bad an amateuristic without the creative spark amateurs bring.