Ariana Grande Joins Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius as Playable Character

While recently getting notoriety for her song about getting the D so hard you have trouble walking, Ariana Grande was also recently confirmed to be a new playable character in the iOS and Android game Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius.

She’ll be playable in the game during a limited-run event, with further details coming sometime towards the middle of this month.

Featured above, a new trailer was released showcasing a Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius-style remix and arrangement of Grande’s song “Touch It” (Editor’s Note: This is not the song about getting the D).

Square also confirmed the game has broken nine million downloads worldwide, and to celebrate they’re giving players a noticeable boost of daily log-in bonuses, for a limited period.

Brandon Orselli


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  • DrearierSpider
  • Captain Vidya


  • NuclearCherries

    Christ, why. I don’t see this making any sense.

  • Loli de 42 Anos não leu SnK

    nice song but…. for a a Mobile game?

  • eltonBorges

    This is how FF makes their fans just go “NOT!”. All the interesting cameos they could add, and they do this?

  • ProxyDoug

    But… why?

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    People wonder why I gave up on this series after part 9

  • Wade Wilson

    Doughnut licker!

  • NukeA6

    They are seriously adding a trash celebrity to a Final Fantasy game? This is why I don’t respect mobile games.

  • ActivistZero

    10 was pretty good, and 15 is awesome from what I’ve played so far

  • PixelBuff

    >sings a song about getting fucked so hard she can’t walk
    >does photoshoots in skimpy undies bending over
    >goes on twitter “Don’t objectify me gross men!”
    Fuck her.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    im more of a turn based guy, and I cant stand the gratuitous cinema that 10 started(dat laughing scene)

  • ActivistZero

    Fair enough, though I will say that laugh scene was bad intentionally

  • Deatrathias

    That’s how you please both the normies and the SJW, since no one cares if you’re a hypocrite.

  • AR7777

    Pathetic, just let Final Fantasy die.

  • ProfessorFluffy

    “getting the D so hard you have trouble walking”
    Sounds like her views on America if the D stands for doughnuts.

  • catazxy

    Its the one thing I ever wanted, oh wait….

  • LibidinBoy

    I always wondered why you gave up on FF after 9. Now I know

  • Guin

    Extra points that she’s a, wait for it…NIGGER!

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Not even Mobile FF fans deserve this…

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    And knowing is half the battle!

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    It’s Square; they don’t moonwalk, they moon run.

  • SunsetHaste

    Exvius was more of a Final Fantasy game for me than anything past 10… which, I know, is not much, but it sure is a nice game.

    Her having no relation to FF world… it just kinda makes me sad.

  • SunsetHaste

    Apparently, the context is that her song is gonna become Exvius’ “theme song” (a’la “Simple and Clean” for Kingdom Hearts) and her becoming a unit is just a “bonus”…

    I’m not sure how to feel about any of this.

  • Didney Worl
  • David Curry


  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Pick up a pitchfork and torch.

  • sanic

    Who cares?

  • SunsetHaste

    That sure as hell is one of the most popular options I’m seeing people around choose.

  • Sean Sharpe

    You’re the sort of guy that falls in love with porn stars and feels totally betrayed when when she fucked a black dude, aren’t you?

  • Sean Sharpe

    G.I. Joe!

  • Sean Sharpe

    The real question is, is her character going to be worth it? I mean, I’m already running Cecil and Refia for healing and support. What is she going to make me even contemplate giving her a spot on my team?

  • Guin

    Jokes on you I don’t watch 3DPD porn.

  • Uncle Ocelot


  • That’s because it actually was intentional.

  • No Logic

    Disgusting 3D fake loli

  • LaTaleFan1985

    I rather drill my eardrums than listen to her shrilly voice and her so-called ‘music’. 😛

  • I know that games was probably single audio but I still wonder why people are still too lazy to Google and find out whether the Japanese performance is similar which is one of the best signs of if something was intended.

    The context is clear, the Japanese performance is similar and the English voice actor has explained it multiple times in video form.

  • AR7777

    I think he meant the scene was conceptually shit not the voice actor was bad

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Some of the FF games have really talented voice actors like John DiMaggio or Tara Strong, its mostly a problem with the direction.

    I personally don’t like to see voice acting unless its on par with like GTA or MGS, id rather the voice acting money just go straight to gameplay innovation, and judging by FFX’s linearity, it clearly shows that it was a burden having voices.

  • I think part of it is general laziness on their part, as well as not really caring about context so that they can continue to laugh at it as an example of bad acting.

  • Dio Brando

    I know mobile users usually have shit taste, but they don’t deserve this.

  • larverto365

    I don’t hate Ariana Grande (though I don’t care for her music), but her being in a game like this feels so out of place I actually laughed.

    I remember her during her Nickelodeon days, when she was playing as a dumb redhead. (dumb isn’t supposed to be insult, said character is supposed to be a idiot)

  • if only Jackson would have been around to be added instead

  • Or democrats! schwiiiiiing!

  • RomadE

    With that intense a reaction she gave, I expected comments towards her to be a lot worse than “I’d hit that” (which is apparently what she responded with “Don’t objectify me gross men!” to)

  • RomadE

    What did the comment say?