Kemco-Made Horror-Themed Werewolf Visual Novel Gets PS Vita Port

Kemco put out a horror-themed visual novel titled Rei-Jin-G-Lu-P back in 2015 for iOS and Android devices – and now the game is getting a PS Vita port.

The news was confirmed over on the game’s official website, where the company also shared a new trailer for the port, which you can view above.

The PS Vita port of the game includes new scenarios that are all fully-voiced, enhanced visuals, and support for touch controls alongside traditional controls.

Japanese users will get the game on January 11th, for PS Vita.

Brandon Orselli


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  • sanic


  • TT

    that theme is actually kind of good

  • Grey

    Mildly shocked that the werewolves appear to be real werewolves and not wolf-girl waifus. Like, I get this is a horror VA and those tend to have somewhat different standards, but I just got too use to the Japanese-version of almost anything monsterous being ‘fan service monster-girl.’