Mario Kart 64 Now Available on North American Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo has released Mario Kart 64 on the North American Wii U Virtual Console.

The classic entry in the arcade racing franchise brings with it a true Mario Kart Battle Mode, Grand Prix, and more. The game will set you back $9.99 on the Virtual Console.

This release comes a few weeks after the game’s original launch in Japan, which saw its 20th anniversary back on December 14th.


Mario Kart 64

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  • Nagato

    Worst Mario Kart ever, and to think it went up against the significantly better Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing that gen too.

  • KissDisqus

    Did they say yet on whether virtual console titles purchased on your wii u would be free on your new switch based on some kind of account system?

  • porkbun

    Laura or Emily said you need to pay a ‘small fee’ to transfer VC titles to your NS account. So nintendo is gonna make you pay again.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Those aren’t reliable sources.

    Remember when Emily said female Link was going to be a thing, causing all this SJW backlash towards BOTW?

  • sanic

    Really cause everyone seems to suck that ones dick.

  • SNesticles

    You’ll have to pay for them all over again. Nintendo has no concept of “digital rights”.

  • totenglocke

    True, but any Wii virtual console games required a $1 to $2 fee to upgrade to the Wii U version, so I’d fully expect to have to pay at least $1 per game to get any of your current virtual console games on Switch.

  • Joe

    Yeah I’m another one who hated 64. The joystick controls felt weird, the graphics were muddy and blurry… bleh. SNES original is still the best followed by MK8 IMO.