Glory of Heracles IV Finally Gets English Translation by Solo Fan

Data East’s Super Famicom RPG Glory of Heracles IV has finally gotten an English translation.

The new translation is by a fan, Nanashi, over on While the script is massive in size, the translation covers the entire game. It’s worth mentioning Nanashi also translated the previous game, Glory of Heracles III.

Here are some screenshots of the translation:

Lots of effort went into even changing up menus themselves for the new fonts:

The hacking work for this translation employs VWF (aka proportional font) throughout all dialog and menus. Over 200 menus underwent 8×8 VWF conversions pushing the boundaries of what was possible to do with the game. The result is full uncompromised dialog, and sliding menus looking like those from future generation consoles.

If you’re looking to finally get into this classic, never-before-translated game, you should follow this guide to properly get the game translated.

Editor’s Note: The featured image is from the 2008-released Glory of Heracles, the fifth game in the series, which actually got a western release

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  • Jack

    I admire the dedication

  • vonSanneck

    Idk what Paon might think of this. Hope they take it with strides. They are the continuation of Data East who got to keep a few IPs, like Glory of Hercules.

  • Feniks

    I only know of this series because of the usual standard Nintendo censorship treatment. I love fansubbers: in their hands our destiny rests.

  • tccboss

    Wow hats off to that translator.