Fault Milestone One on PS4 and PS Vita, Root Double for PS Vita All Set to Launch Q1 2017

Sekai Project published a development update for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita ports of Fault Milestone One.

The publisher confirmed the development work on the PlayStation versions is wrapping up, and they’ve now moved on to update in-game assets, as well as implement new features.

One of these new features is an original score by Brazilian composer Luiza Carvalho. The developer also showed off how the user interface was overhauled:

Speech Type

Narration Type

Thought Type (Extra Tails Shown)

StP – Adia Travel Scene

Sekai Project also had an update regarding Root Double: Before Crime After Days Xtend Edition, for PS Vita. The game is in QA testing right now, and is on track for its planned release in the first quarter of next year. Fault Milestone One is also set for a release in the same time window.

Finally, Sekai Project teased several new console releases across next year – this includes previously announced games and “some surprises lurking in the shadows.”

Brandon Orselli


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  • InfectedAI

    Are these games any good? I saw Fault Milestone on Steam and it looked semi interesting, but wasn’t quite sure if it was worth it.

  • if you are wondering about getting this game but are not quite sure, Dodger has a letsplay of it up on her youtube channel. PC version though, but i suspect it matters little in these narrative games

  • Daniel Roberts

    Most people (including myself) seems to like it. The general reception ranges from fairly good to excellent.

  • Mr0303

    I’m not a huge fan of visual novels, but I’m glad that they are available on more platforms.