The Original Two RollerCoaster Tycoon Games Now Available for Mobile

The original RollerCoaster Tycoon games not only helped establish a genre on the large scale, they were essentially instant classics.

Now, the series creator Chris Sawyer has returned to his roots and has re-released both games for iOS and Android under Atari as RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic. Featured above, you can view a gameplay trailer for the new release.

“It was my long term ambition to bring the classic game to modern touch screen devices as its visual style and tactile nature are so well suited to smartphones and tablets,” Sawyer said.

“Working with Origin8 Technologies’ development team, we have been able to modernize the classic gameplay for touch screen devices while preserving the unique graphical style of the original RCT games.”

You can find RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic here on iOS and here on Android.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Chosen Unbread

    Hmm, with Chris Sawyer actually being involved this could be pretty great. Hopefully they’ll just update the controls and won’t throw in any microtransactions.

  • Kessek

    6 bucks? Eat a d:ck.

  • bdp

    That’s how much it is on GOG and steam.

  • Kessek

    Yeah on second thought it’s not that bad but I’m doubtful how well it’ll be ported.

  • Neat. I loved the Isometric games.

  • Jeffrey Richardson

    Clearly the person in the video has never touched a rollercoaster tycoon game before…Why would they post a video of someone playing who clearly has no idea what they are doing?

  • totenglocke

    Plus there are microtransactions.

  • Kessek

    Ah, then let the d:ck eating commence.

  • Devin McCrea

    I have it. I like it. It isn’t perfect, but the mobile version does what it sets out to do. Also – the IAP are the expansions (Wacky World and Time Twister). The base game is the complete game. It’s legit.

  • totenglocke

    It’s a fucking mobile game, of course they’d let the casuals pay-to-win.

  • Rheese G

    Why don’t you do some research before you start throwing crap, the in-app purchases are two expansion packs (adds a few more levels to the many that are already there) and the other purchase is a toolkit to take your PC RCT save files and import them into mobile. Absolutely nothing about it is “pay to win”

  • totenglocke

    If that’s what it really is, they’d include it in the product description on the store instead of just adding “has in-app purchases”.

  • Rheese G