Strategy RPG Legna Tactica Gets a Western Release on 3DS

While most Japanese RPG developers mostly adopted 3D graphics and seem to be forever chasing the uncanny valley, Kemco has survived by mostly sticking to their roots and putting out no-nonsense RPGs for mobile and various other platforms. One of their latest strategy RPGs, Legna Tactica, is getting a western release on the Nintendo 3DS.

To be clear, the game has been available for iOS and Android devices since later last year, however the Nintendo 3DS game mostly seems to be identical to the mobile original. Featured above, you can view a trailer of the game’s mobile version to give you an idea of what it plays like.

There’s even an official Nintendo page for the game, complete with some screenshots and details. Here’s a synopsis on the game, via Nintendo:

In the lands of Feyzum, where the Kingdom of Legna is drawn into the chaos of battle against the Empire of Izmoot, Leck and his friends Miana and Astar are engaged in field training as trainee soldiers. Suddenly, it is decided that they will accompany the Hero of the Kingdom of Legna, General Varrius, and the Azure Hawk Brigade which he leads, on a mission to suppress the bandits. However, they know nothing of the inescapable destiny that awaits them…

Legna Tactica is a full-scale strategy RPG with an orthodox system where players can choose party members to join turn-based tactical battles on isometric grid.

Not only the game features multiple endings based on the player choices during the story, but also titles to achieve and engaging skill tree system to customize characters as you like!

It is time to witness the fate of the lands of Feyzum!

A release date, price, and so on weren’t announced – however considering the mobile version costs $8, we’re expecting it to be somewhere around that price tag.

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  • sanic

    This doesn’t look very good.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    So who’s localizing it?

  • Kemco.

  • Tubsiwub

    Ported mobile game? :'( Why are they so mean?

  • Lucky

    Kemco has a long line of mobile RPGs, and the 3DS has a lot of mobile ports. Match made in mediocrity, I’d say.

  • Ninjagai

    Let’s be real, Japanese devs have been in the uncanny valley since they went into 3d. Mainly because they want their characters to look like dolls.

  • EroBotan

    it’s the west who is like that. Want to make realistic 3D but not enough skill resulting to the appearance of ugly people in video games. They’re saved now that they can capture face via camera instead of modeling it from scratch.

  • Joe

    Oh look, a Kemco RPG where they finally bothered to animate their enemy sprites. Slightly.