Watch the Gravity Rush Anime Special Right Now

Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally shared Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture, the anime special that bridges the story between original Gravity Rush and its sequel.

Featured above, the roughly twenty-minute long anime special features the series protagonist Kat, who packs new power via some new gravity-manipulating abilities obtained from the previous game. As this takes place directly after the first game, you should avoid watching this until you play that first.

It’s worth mentioning a playable demo for Gravity Rush 2 is now available worldwide.

Gravity Rush 2 is launching in Europe on January 18th, Japan on January 19th, and in North America on January 20th, for PlayStation 4.


Brandon Orselli


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  • Laytonaster

    Hell hath no fury like a woman starved.

  • Tubsiwub

    There were some great parts, and some mediocre parts. Overall, I loved it.

  • Mr0303

    That looked awesome. The end really went into the sequel with some possible minor spoilers.