New Genesis Game Being Developed by Former Traveller’s Tales Dev

A new Sega Genesis game was recently funded on Kickstarter, and it’s set to get a physical release for the console sometime next winter – because how else would you commercially distribute a game for a discontinued cartridge-only gaming console?

Titled simply Tanglewood, the new Sega Genesis / Mega Drive (for you Europeans and Japanese fans out there) game was funded to help the sole developer, Matt Phillips, build the game to be as close as possible to a title released for the console roughly two decades ago.

Featured above, you can view the pitch video for the game. Described as a mix of classic Genesis games like Another World and The Lion Kingplayers will be traversing through the realm of Tanglewood as the young being Nymn. The game has a day / night cycle that drastically changes the world.

As you explore you’ll have to make use of your skills of evasion, trickery, and even traps to help overcome the deadly predators lurking in the environments.

While the game has been funded, you can download the prototype ROM of the game here. The game is also getting a Sega Dreamcast port, just in case you want to play it on more than one discontinued Sega console. If you want to be boring, you can also play the game on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning Matt and crew are looking into “slacker backer” continued funding options in the hopes of reaching the game’s Tanglewood HD stretch goal.

We’ll keep you guys posted.

Brandon Orselli


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