Majesco Leaves the Game Industry … to Work in Medical Tech

Majesco Entertainment, the New Jersey-based publisher known for putting out games like BloodRayne (and its sequel), and Psychonauts, is no longer operating as a games publisher.

The company has merged with PolarityTE, a company developing tissue regeneration technology, in a bid to completely focus on biotechnology.

While Majesco will see Polarity become a “wholly-owned subsidiary,” Majesco will operate under the Polarity name following the merger. Further confusing things is the fact that Polarity will retain Majesco’s stock symbol on the Nasdaq exchange.

Majesco was founded back in 1986 in Edison, New Jersey and saw a multitude of titles released under their company throughout the years. Sega even licensed the Genesis name to Majesco, after which the company actually produced Genesis reproductions in the United States, known as the Genesis 3.

The company’s last published games include an HD port of A Boy and His Blob, as well as the console port of Fullbright’s Gone Home.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Sad to see them go.

  • NeoTruth

    “The company has merged with PolarityTE, a company developing tissue regeneration technology”

    I don’t see how a game company converts to a medical one.

  • Lucky

    An arguably better cause. Industry is pretty shit for smaller companies at the moment, anyway.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Not from my favorite companies, still they are from the oldest companies in the industry that produced and localized many great games. So it’s quite sad to see them leaving the gaming industry.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Bioware did it the other way around (it’s where the name comes from and why the founders were all doctors).

  • dogmentation

    Let’s hope their medical tech is better than their game tech, or a whole buncha folks prolly gonna die.

  • Dewey Defeats Truman
  • Mr0303

    “as well as the console port of Fullbright’s Gone Home.” – good riddance.

  • Loli de 42 Anos fazendo doces

    that’s… random. but then again, I gotta remember that the Anime Studio Gainax is now making Tomatoes.

  • Casey

    So, believe it or not, many video game companies have done work in the medical field. Sometimes it’s to create a simulator for doctors to try a new procedure, sometimes it’s for training. Believe it or not, there is a firefighter simulator only for government use that costs several thousand dollars.

    Believe it or not, one of the first uses for the kinect was medical stuff. God forbid your ass is ever so bad off that you need a doctor trained by a kinect.

  • Dr.Weird

    Fuckin burn

  • Bitterbear

    The company has merged with PolarityTE, a company developing tissue regeneration technology, in a bid to completely focus on biotechnology.

    I guess they’re in the foreskin restoration business.

  • Bitterbear

    So.. Circumcision Mama simulator? Mohel is DLC though.

  • I hope so.

  • Joshua Anderson


  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    It’s a sad day when doctors contract terminal cancer.

  • edge

    Damn it, I bet they acquired them just so they could get their “cool” stock symbol ;-;

  • ScarredBushido

    sad, i liked bloodrayne…hottest vampire out there.

  • Daryl Corey

    so anyone want to start a charity to raise money for the families of their future victims, I uhh mean patients

  • dogmentation

    I’m already prepping a “malpractice” section for their Wikipedia page.

  • Random Dude


  • malbhet

    That’s dark, but funny lol:D

  • Jesus Zamora

    So what happens to their games now, what few of them were worth preserving? Do they sell off the IPs to other game companies, or hold onto them to collect the occasional check from GOG and Steam?

  • Waifu Engineering

    Wish it were Bioware reverting to their original business.

  • Zufield

    Thanks, Doc.

  • You didn’t like the first BloodRayne?

  • bimmyz

    damn, somebody should buy the bloodrayne ip from them

  • Uncle Ocelot

    What? Okay, I guess…

  • Uncle Ocelot


  • Audie Bakerson

    Most of the “Bioware docs” left long ago, some before the purchase and others as soon as they legally could after it.

  • Madbrainbox

    BloodRayne 1 was good.I’d love to see that IP come back.

  • 2501

    There is no middle market in games anymore to support publishers like Majesco, it’s a shame but at least they are moving onto something more positive.

  • Phasmatis75

    It was nothing but delusion on the part of Bioware’s founders when they thought they could rise in EAs ranks and take it over. EA nipped that in the arse by forcing them to have to take credit and thus responsibility for their poor decisions.

  • Phasmatis75

    Yes there is. This market thrives on PC and some of thee best games this year came from it. The problem is Majesco didn’t adapt to the digital revolution in gaming and got left behind.

    That and they didn’t know how to reach their primary market which is normies and casuals on the phone. Tip: Market, they’ll play anything provided it has a TV spot.

  • Didney Worl

    So what does this mean for all of their IPs? Are they going to auction off their games? I don’t see any reason for them to keep them. I can imagine Nordic buying all of them.

  • DrearierSpider

    Nah, the worst we get from them in the games industry is shitty games. Do you really want Manveer Heir to have control of an operating table, especially if white people are gonna be on it?

  • Master Bating

    Probably the only thing I enjoyed from them, and it was unfinished and rushed out the door.

  • NuclearKangaroo

    thats very interesting

  • Kakaku

    Apparently so. Though in their case they’re still an animation company. They just decided tomato shops were the best way to expand their business.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Well, fair enough then.

  • Lea Pastillaroja

    >God forbid your ass is ever so bad off that you need a doctor trained by a kinect.
    This comment made my day

  • Audie Bakerson

    I don’t think they did. Leaving as soon as they could after selling tells me they wanted to get a bunch of money and retire quick.

  • Lea Pastillaroja

    Not gonna happen
    All Doctors in Bioware left for greener pastures
    now the company is run by hippster and poo in the loos with humanities degrees.
    I wouldn’t trust them to pick up my garvage

  • Lea Pastillaroja
  • Donwel

    Holy shit that’s a frightening thought.

  • dogmentation

    Did you ever read about how the molds for the Atari Jaguar were converted to be used as Dental equipment?

  • Loli de 42 Anos fazendo doces

    yup. they farming now.