Bandai Namco Addresses Censorship Found in New Tales of Berseria Trailer

Bandai Namco released a new trailer for Tales of Berseria showcasing the game’s English voice cast for the first time, and fans are quite divided over a glaringly obvious change made to cover up a more graphic part of the original Japanese trailer.

The company has gone on to say that the change was necessary as it wouldn’t allow them to obtain the rating they wanted, restricting how many players could enjoy the game – due to the violence seen in the original scene. However, they pledged their commitment to keeping this the only altered scene.

“This is the only scene which has been altered from the Japanese version of the game,” the company said in a statement. “Everything else is exactly the same as the Japanese version including costume designs.”

A decision was made to alter the scene completely, while keeping the pivotal moment mostly intact so you can still get the gist of what motivates Velvet to become the vengeful warrior seen in later trailers.

This is a SPOILER WARNING as the alteration directly involves a story cinematic.

The original cinematic shows protagonist Velvet trying to save a character from the game’s antagonist, only to see the character be impaled with a sword. The western version doesn’t show the actual impalement, instead the character is shown floating in the sky with big slashes going through them.

Censored Gaming has a nice comparison between the two versions, with the altered western version seen first and the Japanese original seen last:

Here’s the entire statement, from the Bandai Namco Facebook page. This statement also contains SPOILERS, so please read with caution.

Dear Tales of Community,

We read about your concerns regarding some changes between the Japanese and the Western versions of Tales of Berseria, the next game from the Tales Of series to be released on January 27th 2017 on Playstation 4 and PC.

In the western game footage released on December 8th, you discovered a scene that has been reworked compared to the original Japanese game.

As a company, Bandai Namco Entertainment has to follow the regional regulations regarding video games content to allow the games to be released with appropriate rating. The violence depicted in the original Japanese scene in Tales of Berseria would not allow us to keep our current 16 rating. A major change in our rating wouldn’t have allowed to share the game with as many fans as we’d like and it would have prevented us many opportunities to show the game on social networks, websites and even during events. Therefore, instead of deleting the sequence, we decided to rework a portion of the scene to keep its importance in the story. We’ve ensured its impact in the story is the same. Even if the exact actions are different, their consequences are exactly the same: the defining moment changing Velvet’s Story and opposing her to Arthur Collbrande, the moment it becomes a tale of emotions versus reason. We made this modification out of necessity, be sure of that.

You may have read in an interview that we had promised not to censor the game in the West. The statement applied only to the Velvet’s outfit at the time, and we did our best to keep the game as close to the Japanese version as possible.

This is the only scene which has been altered from the Japanese version of the game. Everything else is exactly the same as the Japanese version including costume designs which you will be able to see for yourself once we release the demo on January 10th.

Tales of Berseria is launching for PlayStation 4 and PC in North America on January 24th, followed by January 27th in Europe.


Brandon Orselli


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  • Fear Me I Am Free

    While I still hate censorship, at least different countries aren’t getting a separate version. Though a sword stab seems like it wouldn’t give a high rating…

  • SuperDuperSenpai

    What’s with Bamco lately? First DB Fusions, now this? I thought they were decent.

  • Nagato

    Hopefully this leads to something good.

  • This is the ESRB’s bullshit where they treat western developers with kid gloves while taking a massive dump on anything Japanese related.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    Fuck this bullshit. If the content deserves a higher rating, GIVE IT THE FUCKING HIGHER RATING. If people want to ignore that rating, then let them choose to do so. Don’t butcher the fucking content. That’s why we have fucking bullshit that is PG-13 now! At the very least, a patch to uncensor the work (like the blood code in MK, way back in the day) should be put forward, 100%, no “possibilities”, just DONE.

  • This seems like the dumbest censorship I’ve seen in a while, the kid still dies… it’s just one is stabbed with a sword, and the other with an elaborate magic trick.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    It’s also because it’s a child.

  • Guin

    A stabbing? Really?

  • Bandai Namco potentially taking responsibility and uncensoring a game on PC. Yes please.

  • Master Bating

    Its still fucking bullshit if it happens

  • darkgamer001

    When companies address these issues with 18+ patches and/or not come up with feeble excuses as to why the PC Steam ver ends up censored as well, then…I’ll start taking these statements seriously.

  • Guest

    I’d prefer it not be censored at all but I’d rather it be for violence than a costume change or something along those lines. At least that’s more sane in terms of priorities. Can’t blame them for not wanting to get an M rating slapped on a Tales game. Thanks ESRB.

  • Madbrainbox

    In that patch I hope he’ll cleave the kid in half.

  • No one on console is worthy of the benefit of the doubt frankly. Even Senran Kagura had some games selectively censored through missing subtitles in the Dressing Room on Vita.

    Between console regulations, rating limitations and all. I basically either buy the original uncut release or search to see whether any game is censored in advance.

    It has gotten that bad.

  • darkgamer001

    I saw that tweet. No promises.

    Which will probably translate to one of the following:
    Game sells well = auto-assume that means people aren’t bothered by censorship = don’t feel the need to uncensor
    Game sells fewer copies than expected = auto-assume that censorship had nothing to do with it, the game is too niche = not worth the time and effort to uncensor

  • Uncle Ocelot

    One possibility is that the patch comes at launch.

  • darkgamer001

    Btw nichegamer staff, I’ve said it before during the NISA saga, I’ll say it again here. The ESRB and other rating agencies should be contacted and be given the opportunity to tell their side of the story.
    We can’t expect this kind of journalism from mainstream sites who celebrate censorship, so it’s up to you guys.

  • Miragos

    There’s an English subbed ASIA region release up for preorder on playasia (in addition to a Chinese subbed one, which is already out now). Seeing as this version is probably based on the previous Chinese one, it’s most likely uncensored. But it might be a good idea to reach out to playasia for information about this particular release.

    That being said, an 18+ rating for this one scene is kind of ridiculous.

  • Didney Worl

    It’s nice that they’re considering all of their options so as not to alienate their fans. Though this will mean that the PC version will be the definitive version.

  • Lepito

    You’re joking, right? Japan is usually way harsher about age ratings because of violence. How is this different from NISA’s widely criticized claims that they redid entire scenes from Criminal Girls to appease ratings boards?

  • will somebody please think of the children

  • Audie Bakerson

    If true I might still get it, but nothing until it’s actually released (and confirmed not to be ass like the ToS port)

  • Cael

    Fuck them.

  • Dark Lord Ash

    They removed a stabbing… just replace with another stabbing, BUT WITH MAGIC! Who comes up with this hot crispy bullshit?

  • Mr0303

    Similar to the Criminal Girls 2 petition this is just a PR move to avoid heat.

  • Mr0303

    So Bamco’s recent policy is FUCK SWORDS. Great.

  • Migi

    Just fucking sub the japanese version so that we can import and make the DLC region free.

  • PEGI-18 is not the same like AO ESRB. So their excuse is bullshit on every level.

  • darkgamer001

    Many of us would take even a commitment at launch I suppose.
    “We’ll consider, no promises” at best doesn’t sound like they’ll have anything at launch, and realistically means “No, but we want to say something to shut up the people rightfully angry over censorship”.
    But hey, I’m open to being pleasantly surprised. Fingers crossed I guess.

  • darkgamer001

    True, but child deaths/killings are nothing new in T-rated games

  • scemar

    censoring to ensure a rating is at least not voluntary censorship, it’s censorship with a goal

    but it’s worth uncovering if it’s true what they say or not

    if it’s true, then be worried, the ESRB has become a censorship factor

    if it was true, there’d be nothing stopping them from releasing a non rated DLC for consoles, and a digital non rated version for PC without the censorship tho

  • Just get the PC version.

    I’m going Yo-ho-ho on their ass anyway.

  • scemar

    I’ve never heard of a censorship that made sense

  • Pegi-18 == AO.

    M ratings sell the same like T ratings.

  • No promises is a no.

  • scemar

    what an awesome idea

    if they actually did that they’d have my full respect and support

    it’d be a huge middle finger to the ESRB and a big show of proof to everyone that censorship can be avoided if the publishers actually want to

  • We need a mod that makes everything excessively gory.

  • What a diffference. Truly…. This is just soooo stupid. dissapointed in you Bandai Namco. Rating shouldn’t get in the way like this.

    The Agria scene censor was pretty stupid too and now this. you gain nothing by pissing off the fans with censorship.

  • Miragos

    Exactly, a 16 rating is completely appropriate for this kind of scene. I don’t understand game rating boards anymore: Just imagine they would hold crime and action movies to the same standard! Everything with a 12 rating now would suddenly get an 18+ rating. And they can’t even argue that games are different because immersion and interaction, if it’s a fucking cutscene.

  • Cael

    Literally think of the children.

  • Leandro Teixeira

    First of all they are being dicks because they only addressed the censor when fans found out about it, they could have just come clean and say it. Second “The company has gone on to say that the change was necessary as it wouldn’t allow them to obtain the rating they wanted, restricting how
    many players could enjoy the game”, how the hell does a rating restrict the number of players that can enjoy the game? The game is already pretty niche, I never saw any kind of adds on TV and on the internet nobody cares about ratings, people just grab the game they want be it PEGI 16 or PEGI 18, that will not change how regular players see the game, plus Japan is pretty strict when it comes to violence so I really doubt a PEGI 18 would affect the sales at all in the west

  • Smug

    reminds me of this

  • Leandro Teixeira

    Well they did censor the flip off in Xillia, up to this day I still don’t know why

  • Limbo is also involving silhouette child deaths that are a lot more spoopy and brutal yet that didn’t get flak either.

  • magicalfollower

    He should get stabbed with a stick. :^)

  • BaronKrause

    What the fuck bizzaro nonsense is this? In the US we have LESS restrictions on violence then in Japan as far as ratings go. Usually its US games getting their violence censored when being localized there.

  • They never respond to me. I didn’t contact the ESRB / PEGI this time b/c I’ve honestly given up expecting a response from them. From now on I will always contact them regardless, you make a good point and I do want us to set a better standard.

  • magicalfollower
  • dogmentation

    I really would like to hear exactly what and why this change needed to happen.
    I’ve SEEN what 13 year olds are watching and playing. Even a graphic
    stabbing/impalement is nothing, especially in a cartoony fashion like
    I honestly believe it’s because of some tricky ratings dodge, sort of like how you can do all the “chems” you want in Fallout, as long as they don’t call them “drugs,” and you can carry a dozen cartons but never actually smoke a cigarette.

  • dogmentation

    Sephiroth is not impressed with your 2016 shenanigans.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Find something recent with a child being killed on screen.

  • BaronKrause

    Wait, so this is changed on all versions? Japan doesn’t have an unaltered version?

  • magicalfollower

    2/3 years isn’t that recent for you?

  • Uncle Slick

    Why does this only ever happen to Japanese games?

  • dogmentation

    You’re not going to pirate it, you’re going to do some roundabout magic that causes the game to appear on your HDD.
    Even if the exact actions are different, their consequences are exactly the same.

  • darkgamer001

    I really appreciate you giving it a go, and I genuinely had no idea that you’ve tried contacting them before.

    May I also suggest adding this as a footnote to any articles where it is relevant.

    Example: We’ve contacted the ESRB for comment/clarification but no response was provided at this time.

    Something of the sort anyway.

    Anyway, please keep trying, you never know….and thanks once again!

  • orbo

    Oh come on, this is almost 4kids level of censoring.

    And doing it because they didn’t like the rating it would get?
    Please, the esrb rating will have no or next to no effect on sales.
    Besides, haven’t you seen GTA and COD games?
    M ratings, ironically, make kids flock to them.


  • John Smith.

    Because western games are butchered from the get go thanks to SJW infiltration of nearly every single development team out there.
    So its only Japanese games that goes through these changes to please “everyone”

  • John Smith.

    It’s SJW pandering to the max.

  • Choppinfoot

    Not that I’m sympathetic to censorship – I never am – but I just wanted to say thank goodness it’s not costume censorship this time around. If it’s just a stabbing being changed to icicle impalement, I can live with that, albeit tentatively.

    I really hope I don’t regret this in the future, though.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    So butchered that GTA V and other gory as fuck games get made no problem?

  • John Smith.

    Sorry Bandai Namco, but with each of these changes that you make to your games all you really archive is to drive me and my wallet even further away from you.

  • Ax

    oh THE NISA EXCUSE! also that tweet is “Yeah Yeah we look in it” tier, they will not release any patch and we both know it.

  • John Smith.

    I said NEARLY EVERY SINGLE DEVELOPMENT TEAM out there. Clearly some major developers still has the iron clad balls to produce games for men instead of cucks and SJWS.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Did anyone tell them Xenoblade Chronicles X had a graphic impalement with a zoom-in on a bloody claw and nobody gave a fucking shit? Fuck you ESRB.

  • ChazDragoon

    I see what you did there Dog…you clever bastard. :3

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    This is not Bamco’s fault, it’s ESRB

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    They responded on Twitter saying they may look into an age-restricted patch but “no promises”

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    “Didn’t like the rating it would get”, no. They wanted a T for Teen game to get more sales this holiday which is entirely fair, and ESRB dug their heels in and said this one specific thing had to be removed or no T rating. It’s the ESRB’s fault this time.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Aren’t those teenagers though?

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Dude you have no idea what you’re talking about. Your passion to espouse wrong information is inspiring and all, but no, it’s a LOT more complicated than you think.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    No child gets graphically impaled with swords in GTA. Ragdoll and mild blood spray is nothing.

  • John Smith.

    Why are you covering for Bamco? That excuse is nothing but pure BS to prevent a backlash from their consumers over their “progressive” pandering to the SJW infested game media.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Pink blood was required to allow that series, and they have no visible wounds on the child. Come on, be rational.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    They don’t kill Chihiro onscreen.

  • That’s the same bullshit excuse that PQCube had. I have the same response: I am not going to buy your game if you continue to treat me like a child.

  • ChazDragoon

    Show of hands…. WHO REMEMBERS DRAKENGARD?!

    Now who remembers Cavia’s fetish for child violence in their games? :3

    Far worse shit has made it to the west Bamco…a kid getting put into an obnoxiously elaborate Magical 300 Sacrifice Pit and the game’s antagonist being a lazy fuck, stabbing said kid with a sword through a Mini-Aperture Magiscience Portal Hole is not even comming close to what Drakengard did years ago.

    Rating’s mean fuck all for your Tales Franchise at this point…you have an established fanbase that loves your games, said fanbase are OVER 18 i can assure you, a rating over “16”/”T” is not going to make your game sell any less…you made a game that’s supposed to be DARK…don’t be fucking bitches and go against it for any reason.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Even FO4 and etc, remove the option to kill kids.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    It’s a small child. Not exactly the same thing to the ESRB.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    If they had come forward and said it before releasing the trailer the backlash would have been EVEN WORSE.

    Also, it IS still illegal to buy a game you aren’t old enough for, although people have been forgetting that lately… Business world isn’t as simple as you all think it is.

  • This form of censorship is far worse than giving her a bra.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Why are you disappointed in Bamco when the fucking western ESRB is the one who demanded it?

  • Shin Megami Tensei

    my nigga

  • Where are the children in GTA V?

  • I get it.

  • John Smith.

    Please, I know what I’m talking about.
    If they gave no fucks in the past about game ratings and just released their games with no changes. Why would they then suddenly start to change every single one of their new games now, if it is not to appease the likes of Nathan Grayson and the rest of his game hating peers in the games press who throws massive temper tantrums over anything they don’t approve off?

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    “Then be worried, the ESRB has become a censorship factor”

    Jesus Christmas… Every bit of censorship ever is practically ALWAYS due to CERO or ESRB. This is how it’s been for DECADES. Please learn how these things work…

    Berserk Musou is coming out in the West uncensored since it’s M for Mature, however in Japan CERO demanded they censor it because there is humans chopped apart or decapitation, which instantly gets their highest adult rating (CERO Z), which is considered “sales suicide”

  • Uncle Slick

    But games like GTA V are edgy as hell, and no one complains.

    Well, except for the whole prostitute killing thing.

  • Guest

    Apparently it’s a kid though, which is a big no-no. It’s why the kids in Skyrim are invincible.

  • Jack

    Remember kids
    Winners don’t do drugs
    they do Psycho

  • Jumanji Joe

    I don’t by this for a second. The esrb alows so much worse and this gets censored.

  • Leandro Teixeira

    I don’t think it’s illegal, ratings exist to kinda recommend the age you gotta have to play the game, so it is kinda like “We recommend that you must have 18 to play this” because not everybody has the same mental growth, I have seen 14 year olds with more brains than adults (SJWs of course). If it were really illegal by law it would be mandatory fr you to present ID when buying a game for example

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    Yeah…. Wonder if thats the only change we will find

  • Terminus Est

    It’s not the ESRB they’re talking about. The 16 rating very obviously is referring to PEGI, not ESRB. T is more like 13 and older. M is 17 and older, AO is 18 and older.
    Could also be referring to Australia’s ratings board (which seems to be ridiculously strict now, even more than the past), but it’s not referring to the ESRB.

  • John Smith.

    So I guess Australia getting it banned in supermarkets is nothing then, I guess everyone in the US media saying it the cause of mass shootings in nothing, I guess Germany ministers blaming it for Jihad style killings is not complaining.
    Start reading some news dude, GTA V was targeted for its violence across the western world. The Main Stream Media accursed if of being a rape simulator, a tool for teaching young boys it okay to hits women and fingered it as a leading cause for mass shootings.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Has nothing to do with SJWs you fucking retard. When you scream bloody murder at everything without even considering context you are only ensuring nobody actually takes you seriously when your outrage is justified. In this case your accusations are misplaced.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    How, exactly? Children being impaled is not acceptable for a T Rating and all the games people are saying “are allowed to have violence!!” are M for Mature

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    “Every single one of their games”? Do you think one company makes everything? CERO has been harsher than ever on games, the ESRB has also gotten more anal about what is or isn’t allowed. They let Velvet keep her sexy clothes which were the thing people originally feared they would change.

    The fact you are even mentioning Grayson of all people shows you are an insane person who is mashing bits of everything they’ve heard vaguely over the past few years into a completely wrong understanding of what’s going on in the world.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    I would love to see that

  • scemar

    funny how it works

    no visible wounds + bright pink paint = 100% ok and perfectly fine family friendly fun

    I don’t even know what’s supposed to be the point of the ratings and the censorship anymore at this point

    it’s all a big joke

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    “If it were really illegal by law it would be mandatory fr you to present ID when buying a game for example”

    It… It is. Stores may not enforce it anywhere near as much as they should, but a 14 year old boy can’t walk into gamestop and buy COD Ghosts or something, are you dense? That’s literally illegal for stores to do. If they were caught doing that they would be IN HUGE trouble.

    Ordering shit off Amazon, obviously they can’t really control that– but to buy Grand Theft Auto, for all intents and purposes, if you’re not obviously an adult they are *supposed* to ask for ID at the counter or no sale.

    “Mental age” lmao that’s a good one man

  • scemar

    preach on my friend

    this is stuff that’s worth knowing and remembering

    so it’s censorship for ratings, on a global scale

    no matter where we are, nobody is safe

  • Ax

    that is exactly a “Yeah Yeah we look in it” corporative answer, it gives you hope so you shut up but does not commit at fixing anything, later they just say “it was not possible, but we tried!” and you get disappointed but hey at least they tried!( no they didn’t and did even intent to, it was just so people like you would shut up).

  • Uncle Slick

    Australia is cucked, so no surprise there.

    All of that happened, but did the game get censored? No.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Nnno…. basically a kid getting stabbed by swords is a no-no for a T-rated game. I assume icicles make it seem less like a person just murdered a child in cold blood which is what got them trouble.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    They just said it was.

  • John Smith.

    Why are you defending them?
    Why are you okay with unneeded changes being forced on people?
    Why do you resort to childish insults, don’t you know that just makes look you have nothing of value to add to the conversation?

  • John Smith.

    Go back and read my previous statements for your answer.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    “Guys this game from however long ago got in so obviously the ESRB uses the exact same standards they did for Drakengard nowadays and this should be allowed!”

    Drakengard was also M-Rated so I don’t know why you would use that as an example. Also you really think every person who likes “Tales of” is over 18? Why, cuz it’s an old series? Come on, man. Chill the hell out.

  • magicalfollower

    The one in Tales of Berseria doesn’t have any visible wounds too and there’s no blood on the top of that.

    How come i’m the one not being rational here?

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Atlus said the exact same thing when people demanded dual-audio on Twitter (“looking into it, no promises”) and now we have Dual Audio in Persona 5.

    Not every single company is out to fuck you over 100% of the time. The hilarious thing is people were praising Bamco just a while back for promising no outfits would get censored– something they still promise here. They had to changed one goddamn thing and it wasn’t their decision. It’s not like the “breast slider” in XCX where having or removing it made no damn difference, a child being killed onscreen by a guy is not going to fly with modern ESRB on a T, that’s just how it is.

  • Smug

    “a child being killed onscreen by a guy is not going to fly with modern ESRB on a T, that’s just how it is”
    never played limbo, have you?

  • John Smith.

    Do you have any citations or proof of the things you’re mentioning here or are you just defending unneeded changes made to a game because you support censorship in gaming?
    No, I don’t think one company makes everything, but every single games Bandai Namco has released or are planning to released has been proven to be under going changes or getting censored doing the past several months.
    Bandai Namco is clearly on some kind of crusade to remove or alter the content of their games for the western market releases, despite our own freaking standards being less severe than their own when it comes to violence.
    That you’re defending these changes ad throwing childish insult at everyone that doesn’t agree with you leads to me to suspect you’re one of those people who are actively pushing for games to be “progressive”, “Inclusive” and “Diverse” for anyone but gamers.

  • Smug
  • Funtime Happysnacks

    I’m telling you you’re a fucking retard because apparently your friends and family haven’t bothered to.

    I am aware of the presence of SJW idealists in video games. I know largely where the worst offenders are and what companies are honest about it and which are not.

    Think about the stuff Bandai-Namco publishes. They are not PC, they are not SJW. They made this decision to get a T rating. It was a BUSINESS decision. They didn’t change the script, or remove revealing outfits, and I am pretty sure plenty of non-SJWs would want the scene censored if you tried to explain it to them. People don’t like kids getting impaled bloodily on swords in their T-Rated game. Fallout 4 was M for Mature and you couldn’t kill kids in that either.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Well, for starters, Aeris is a full grown adult (not a small child) so I don’t think the ESRB will care?

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    If you think that is the same thing at all I am laffin, dude. There was no onscreen impalement in Limbo because NOTHING is ‘onscreen’. The entire game is silhouettes. Not even close to “graphic” like this is. Also you have to consider “ratio of adult content”– It’s not JUST “a kid got stabbed so you’re M”, there is other ‘adult’ content and that COMBINED WITH the kid being stabbed, something has to go or you are bumped up to M.

  • John Smith.

    And we’re done here.
    Whatever you have to say regarding the matter has now been rated as completely worthless thanks to your childish behavior.
    Continue pestering me with insults aimed at me and my family and I’ll simply block you to avoid having my infeed box clocked with your “responses”

  • Smug

    “There was no onscreen impalement in Limbo”
    and that’s just among all the several gruesome ways to die in the child-abuse game

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    That isn’t onscreen, they’re silhouettes. Nothing graphic here at all.

    Also no blood (if it’s not red it isn’t counted as blood).

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Yeah man, take the SJW way out and cry off into a corner because your arguments hold no water.

    That’ll show those liberal crybabies!

  • Smug

    Just like the kid being impaled by the sword in Berseria is portrayed as a silhouette

    But I dont think you know what the word “onscreen” means

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Everything he says is insane gibberish. He ate a few too many of the “red pills”.

  • Ax

    i would take you way more seriously if you were not jumping at every comment critical of BN defending them.

  • John Smith.

    I have no idea what your issue is, but you’re blocked.

  • Arenegeth

    Well here’s my take on this.

    1. At least this isn’t a SJW related censorship for once, given the recent trend. But good ol’ we want a lower rating so we can sell to this phantom audience when the majority of people actually buying this product are a niche fanbase in their (mostly) 30’s.

    2. I personally hate the fact that child violence in games is treated differently than adult violence, especially since is being used in movies (and other media) for a while and to a great effect, and there’s a reason for that, since it tends to have a stronger emotional impact, if we want the medium to ever evolve we have to do away with shit like this. #killallkids

    3. Rating systems have gotten to be obsolete relics and honestly should be done without, especially the annoying German and Australian ones that keep fucking over other countries when Publisher’s can’t be bothered to alter the game for specific regions.

    4. I was interested in this game, but now, I think I’m going to just ignore it, or at least wait to see if they actually patch it in (doubt it). Not that this case of censorship is that bad, but when there’s so many things vying for my money and attention I can afford to be picky like that.

    5. At least Bamco addressed the concerns and fainted interest in fixing it with a patch, that’s more than we get in censorship issues from the likes of Nintendo.

  • Smug

    You should lay off on the blocking button and stop enabling your little safe space because someone said some mean words on the Internet

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Well I will admit, I was not aware of the DBZ Fusion censorship– I can only surmise it was something to do with the show coming back on TV as DB franchise is revived although the fear of swords is… very strange.

    Regardless, I hate this SJW bullshit as much as you do, whether you believe that or not, but I am also capable of exercising perspective on a case-by-case basis of censorship. I don’t WANT any game to be made “more inclusive” or changed in any way, and I never said I was glad about it. You dingus.

    I was telling you there was a RATIONAL REASON in THIS ONE CASE that has nothing to do with SJWs. I can only surmise, that you go into every article with the word “Censor” in it and rave about how much SJWs are ruining everything.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    A sword going through a kid is a visible wound.

  • gwadahunter2222

    Japan CERO is stricter than ERSB and PEGI with depictions of violence in video games but Bamco want people believe the scene is too violent for western audience. A higher rating doesn’t affect sales, the most selling games are mature of PEGI 18, try again

  • magicalfollower

    The wound itself is never shown on-screen.

  • NukeA6

    This reminds of that one censored scene in Xenosaga where they change Albedo cutting his head off with a knife. In that case, the change was actually more disturbing since Albedo rips off his head with his bare hands. The “mystery arm crack” for the Kirschwasser was pretty stupid though.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    “At least this isn’t a SJW related censorship for once…”

    I wish more people commenting on this were capable of understanding that.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Fine. You win whatever argument we’re having right now, it’s all Bamco’s fault, shut it all down because Limbo did it so killing kids is obviously fine and Japan are SJWs

    For the record, I am not happy about this but I am only surmising the context of a silhouette kid being killed by another silhouette is fine if the entire game is that style and there is no blood.

    In this instance, regardless of the stylization, ESRB obviously were not thinking “it’s just the art style and there’s nothing particular graphic”. They were thinking “That guy just stabbed that kid in the center of the screen with a sword, remove this”

  • When it comes to really sensitive / controversial things, esp. with direct names / games / etc., I always do try to reach out to them for a comment, and I do add an addendum saying if I do. But yah I will do it every time this sort of thing comes up from now on :)

    Mind you, sometimes it takes days, if not a week to get even a response from a publisher / PR firm. ESRB / PEGI… never so far @[email protected]

  • Leandro Teixeira

    Well, if it is then I have witnessed a lot of crimes, be it in the US or even in my own country I saw countless15/16 year olds buying CoD and GTAV on stores like it was nothing, even in japan you only have to present ID when you’re trying to buy porn or something. Nevertheless, the rating card doesn’t even stick on this case.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    It very clearly is a guy impaling a kid and killing him onscreen, it’s a fucking plot point that sets the entire game in motion.

    Frankly I was surprised they allowed it in the Berseria anime let alone in the game.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    You are witnessing crimes. If you see a store clerk selling a kid (with no parent or adult present) a copy of an M-rated game that is a literal crime.

  • Leandro Teixeira

    I don’t really know if it can fit in the crime category tough, when you see PEGI 18 on the cover if you read the game manual it says something like “Recommended ages by rating” now the word recommended here can work both ways, it literaly means you don’t have to be 18 although it is recommended you are, words are tricky

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    I imagine they did not reply because this is just a job to them. They go down a checklist and tick off things the game does or does not have.

    According to Masahiro Sakurai during development of Smash4, nowadays the first thing CERO does with every game character is flip them to see if underwear is shown, which is “problematic”. He was not allowed to have Peach or Zelda’s panties visible, for example. Palutena’s design didn’t permit a void so she was given little booty shorts instead. (Yet ZSS in a balloon-titty skinsuit was fine.)

    As another example, Kairi had pink panties with a bow in KH2 (only visible by hugging up camera against a corner of the final rest area), in 2.5 they are gone. Things have gotten bad in both Japanese censor boards and ours.

  • Nagato

    Pfft, an 18+/Mature-rated JRPG would never sell, just look at Persona…

  • Arenegeth

    ESRB ratings are not legally binding. That’s what Jack Thomson was trying to do. Neither is PEGI, though the USK German and I think also the Australian ratings are. UK’s BBFC used to be, for a long time, but they have since joined PEGI.

    I have no idea about Japan.

  • magicalfollower
  • You are indeed correct that the game didn’t get censored, but that kind of behaviour from the mainstream media is what causes developers to be fearful of creating games with so-called “problematic material” in the future.

  • Leandro Teixeira

    I have some insider info on the japanese ones, ratings like Z which is basicly one step below AO, games that have that rating to get much shelf exposure like say C rated games do (17+). However if you want to buy an eroge you got present ID, some shops even ask for ID b4 you enter the store, and even in bookstores and video clubs there is a curtain with a 18+ sign blocking the view from porn material

  • But it quite clearly depicts a scene of violence towards a defenseless female!

  • “According to Masahiro Sakurai during development of Smash4, nowadays the
    first thing CERO does with every game character is flip them to see if underwear is shown, which is “problematic”.

    Things have gotten bad in both Japanese censor boards”

    I take it that this is a recent change in the Japanese censor boards?

  • Mr0303
  • Smug

    Z-rated games can only be paid with a credit card from what I heard, which limits the access for youngsters (though that also sucks if you just want to pay in cash). Not many games have this rating besides western games and a bunch of visuals novels (like Chaos;Head on Vita and Shin Hayarigami)

    D-rated are 17+ and C-rated are 15+

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    Yeah, i know they said it, and i hope its true

  • Indeed. Can’t have anything negative happen to a member of the superior human gender

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    They have become more strict in the past few years yes. They have always hated human mutilation or graphic sexual content in games, but lately they have gotten more aggressive about what is not allowed.

    Hence, Berserk Musou is only censored in Japan, but not worldwide.

  • Leandro Teixeira

    You’re right, just check my shelf and D is 17+, and I don’t really know much about the Z rating because like you said it is pretty rare, I remember the evil within got Z and got censored but hey offered a restoration patch through PSN, and that is actually well played the credit card payment only, I know that stores like AmiAmi only take payment in credit cards if you want to buy erotic goods but I didn’t know that applied to Z rated games too

  • luggage lad

    that’s considered a spoiler!!!! >:(

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    That’s not what this article or this game’s censorship was about at all so I don’t see how it’s relevant.

  • Demias

    Sounds like complete bullshit to me. Windwaker should be rated M, seeing as how Link actually stabs Ganon in the head.

  • “They have always hated … graphic sexual content in games”

    That comes as a shock to me, when you consider the amount of games made in Japan that “sexualize” and “objectify” female characters (don’t worry, I’m not a SJW/feminist).

    I wonder if the current trend of SJWs in Europe and the West caused the sudden strictness in Japan’s CERO? Or have the Japanese feminists managed to worm their way into the Japanese government I wonder.

    Nevertheless, I think the video games industry is quickly being flushed down the toilet anyway. Video games going mainstream in 2006 has virtually killed it as a form of entertainment.

  • Whoosh.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    >a higher rating doesn’t affect sales

    Except… it does, because legally no one under 17 can buy it, genius. I was about to agree with you about CERO, too. They ARE strict. In this case it was ESRB. Japan and America are different companies. ESRB and CERO are different entities.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    I’m aware you were being facetious, the other people in this comments section are not, though.

  • FrankieL

    The new one is a bit more “flashier”/cooler looking and in a way a bit more dramatic that the original. It’s still a cool scene after the change. The original on the other hand has a lot more impact in regards to emotion and character/player reaction. So… I’m torn between the two versions. I’m ultimately okay with either one. As said before, seeing as this change wasn’t based on SJW BS, it’s a hell of a lot more tolerable.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Because you need to kill kids for a game to be violent?

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    I don’t think even Saya No Uta, which had graphic sexual encounters with a very young looking character, got CERO Z cuz they blurred certain things. It is really weird how these censors work.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    You’re the second person to mention Limbo like this and that are even remotely the same thing.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Keyword is silhouettes, genius…

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    And? Are you really going to sit there and tell me this one this scene is more violent than GTAV because an anime kid dies? Come on. Western games are not “butchered” when it comes to violent content. They’re regularly more violent in tone and content. This is Japanese companies being afraid to tell the ESRB to get off their nutsack in comparison to shit Western devs make.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    When I say “graphic sexual content” I mean stuff a bit more extreme than you are probably thinking.

    As an example I mentioned elsewhere, Saya no Uta was a graphic novel with explicit smut and gore everywhere and it didn’t get a Z rating because

    -they blurred some CGs
    -they don’t show any humans being explicitly gored onscreen (despite that happening in text several times).

    Devs always aim for lower ratings because it means more potential sales. CERO Z is pretty much sales suicide.

  • No I am pointing out how you over looked how rockstar said that thier will never be children in a GTA game as they are afraid of the backlash. So GTA V isn’t so immune as you thought.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    It’s more the child being stabbed than the stabbing.

  • gwadahunter2222

    in theory but not in practice because many shops doesn’t apply age check, I saw kids younger than the legal age bought GTA V. PEGI which the official reason the censor happen doesn’t forbid or impose age check but only recommend.

  • Uncle Slick

    Well I say fuck em.

    I wouldn’t let media control me.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Try again chump. You said “Because western games are butchered from the get go thanks to SJW infiltration of nearly every single development team out there.”

    Most Western game devs don’t get “infiltrated” when it comes to violence. Most Western games didn’t get “infiltrated” at all.

    Not even close to “nearly every single” one. Don’t use hyperbole like the SJWs do.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    I feel sorry for them that they were forced to give their fans such a go-around due to oversensitive Ratings board.

  • magicalfollower

    Okay sorry, I put a warning on it….

  • Uncle Slick

    Hey, I’m red pilled as fuck and I understand it’s a bit blown up, but most of that actually did happen.

  • Because censorsing nudity is mostly done because of religious dogma. But censoring violence is done as they still see gaming as a medium for children. And that is worse.

  • But that is ok as it’s a kid stabing an adult.

  • Zero Eternity

    Your point is moot my friend because he gets stabbed in either version defeating the point if it was because a child was stabbed.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    That’s bullshit, since Atlus said the EXACT same thing about Dual-Audio in Persona 5– (Atlus having a LONG history of voluntarily removing it out of pride for their localizations), and guess what surprise they are adding it now.

    People seriously think the Tales of Studio is trying to piss off fans after the Zestiria debacle?

    For example, Senran Kagura has always had to remove ages from their game but since they don’t announce it on Twitter every game, nobody cares. It’s still censorship they are FORCED to do by Ratings board, but they don’t draw everyone’s attention to it. (Really funny seeing people yell about it recently when they finally noticed in recent games that the Senrans had no ages in US despite that always being the case)

  • People under 17 useally don’t have money to even buy games genius.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    It’s not… at all. Criminal Girls has some REALLY questionable shit even by JP standards. In the case of CG2 most wondered why they bothered to localize it at all.

  • Narmy

    >Senran Kagura has always had to remove ages from their game
    >they are FORCED to do by Ratings board

  • This form of censorship is worse.

  • Isn’t it always? :-)

  • Mr0303

    It’s a great example – a boy killed in horrific ways and yet it got a T rating. Exactly what you described in your post.

  • Kengofu

    They’re actually lying. A Mature rating has never been shown to impact sales negatively. “Mature rated games take up less of the market than Teen rated games and are still purchased more”, according to this Time article:

    So, this is purely due to some level of external influence based on their perception of Western sensibilities, or- more likely- someone at Bandai Namco US straight up told them that this would be “offensive” to western audiences.

  • Mr0303

    I said it is similar, because there was also an organised petition to uncensor it for PC. No game no matter how “questionable” should be censored.

  • Casey

    ESRB/PEGI are notorious for not saying much when it comes to situations like this. Regardless, the effort is well appreciated.

  • N64iac

    Offer a patch
    Or I keep my money

    All Im going to say

  • GabetheGEN

    There better be no more changes after this. I don’t want another FE Fates after this. I doubt they’ll go that far but the worry still exists

    On a random note, to Bandai-Namco: if you are concerned about having a number of players to experience the game, I suggest you advertise the game better so more people are aware of the game. Just saying.

  • Meanwhile in Blazblue, Izanami stab little Carl Clover chest with her bare hand.
    Rating you say? Still Teen. PEGI 12. CERO – C

    Bandai Namco are afraid, This censorship make no sense.

  • buddyluv324

    It’s not surprising. It’s not the first time Bandai Namco tried to go with the “muh M rating” excuse when censoring their games. Never mind the fact that the age of the average gamer is 35. Their statement just reeks of desperate PR bullshit .

  • Guin

    Kids die in terrible ways all the time. Why shouldn’t it be shown in a video game?

  • Guest

    It really does bother me that the entire industry is stuck under the thumb of groups like the ESRB. We don’t know what kind of politics are going on in there, who’s biases end up polluting the decision making process, it’s just a strange situation to be in. If the groups weren’t there to threaten to put such or such rating on something, it would do away with the entire problem of ratings in the first place, which is marketing and businesses. You don’t need a rating for a parent to look at Call of Duty, or Doom or whatever and know what it’s about. The whole situation is like this 90’s evangelical fear-mongering that’s clung on just because we’re so used to it being there. Why do we need a third party to tell us what to think about the things we buy?

  • Guest

    Maybe it is, I could be taking it for granted.

  • Holyfox25

    That’s because in Japan, PC games are rated by a different organization,The EOCS. Saya, like all the other Eroge get what they call “R-18” rating.

  • Guin

    Well for starters, there is no end when it comes to censorship.

  • Guin

    So much for “realism” in games right?

  • Choppinfoot

    I disagree.

  • Kaijuu

    I find it quite odd that it’s not the other way around. Japan is usually hyper-sensitive when it comes to violence, so seeing that it’s the West this time that had to be spared from the clutches of video game depictions of violent activity is a little rare.

    On topic, the change isn’t particularly huge as it doesn’t really impact the emotion or purpose of the scene but I can’t help but feel like the villain (forget his name) looks less malicious not having done the deed by his own hand.

    I’ll still be grabbing the game if they’re true to their word and nothing else changes, but I will definitely be on the lookout for more changes now.

  • What are you talking about!? The change gives a totally different emotional response. Don’t support crap like this.

  • How so?


    Don’t forget Inside. Now there’s no silhouettes there to defend with.


    What about Inside then?

  • Alister

    But everybody and there families all watch the walking dead together on Sunday and thats fine right. This is bull shit.

  • Loli de 42 Anos – the Return

    considering that kid got a giant Ice(?) shuriken splurge out of his body and impale him in 4 diferent directions from the inside out, I’d say the “Censored” version actually seems MUCH more brutal.

  • Didney Worl

    Two words: Arkham Knight

  • Still Here

    The big issue is that they wanted to keep their PEGI 16 rating and I have seen multiple people mention limbo. If anyone wants to properly contribute to this conversation try and answer what happened here As you can see limbo was originally a 18+ game but latter versions became 16+ why? To my knowledge PEGI has actually become more strict over the years not less.

  • BaronKrause

    You genuinely believe that they were forced to do this and not them playing it safe ahead of time to avoid possibly having to submit it again?

  • It seems some ratings boards are getting stricter and stricter fast (maybe aside from ESRB) now.

    I’ll bet that it’s that group of leftist fucktards that are causing it.

  • BaronKrause

    It sucks that these Steam ports of Japanese games are almost always western market only or reverting changes would be a trivial. Wouldn’t make it OK though.

  • Badmojo7

    “This is the only scene which has been altered from the Japanese version of the game,” the company said in a statement. “Everything else is exactly the same as the Japanese version including costume designs.”

    So the ONLY part that was censored just happens to be the part found out about in the trailer and nothing else was changed? BULL FUCKING SHIT.

    Welp, was planning to get it, but sense we get the censorship bullshit, it is going strait to the bargain bin before I get it.

  • Sylveria Shini

    Its amazing how twitchy censorship boards (And given the current state of things I think that’s a more appropriate designation than “ratings boards”) as soon as a child is involved. Something that would get an E if it happened against an adult, or better yet a monster, suddenly gets an M rating when its a kid.

  • CRES

    Noticed how quickly Bandai Namco responded to this? I guess they saw how fast their pre-orders dropped.

  • dathip

    Couldn’t care less about censorship. The Tales franchise is trash anyway.

  • Would be nice if they considered it for consoles as well…

  • TT

    Not to mention there’s plenty of parents, who would be the ones that would typically buy the game since most 17 and younger usually don’t have the money for it, are ok with buying games like that for their kids.

  • What proof do you have of PEGI becoming more strict? If we take Limbo alone (which is the same for all version AFAIK), you seem to be showing a trend of them becoming more open.

    PEGI don’t even ban games or have a death rating like CERO Z or ESRB AO.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    Uh, way to cherry pick. E and E10 games not only make up more of the market, according to the article 27% of the million+ sellers were E/E10 while only 12% were M. Add T (3%) and its 30%.

    It also refers to “big budget action games” which Tales definitely isn’t.

    So if anything, it seems that under M is the majority of the market, but M rated games make up for it with big sellers.

    The issue is also who they can market to, since you generally can’t market Mature content directly to minors, and there are parents believe it or not who don’t allow M-rated games.

    So they aren’t lying, they have better odds of selling more copies with a lower rating. That may apply especially to series like Tales of that have always had a family-friendly rating. Not many games cross that road.

  • I can confirm that I’ve worked with primary school kids who not only played Saints Row but showed interest in GTAVI (making their own art).

    If kids playing or being very aware of M rated games was a thing in the Mortal Kombat days. That goes triple ten years after Youtube and when you consider online purchases.

    I managed to get a 18 game or two just by asking a friend to buy it in my place or a parent who didn’t check. Shops only cover for so much.

  • TT

    “a child being killed onscreen by a guy”
    The kid still gets killed though. So it’s ok that a kid gets killed, just so long as it’s not done in a “problematic” way?

  • So the PC version still isn’t the definitive version of that one?

  • Lea Pastillaroja

    ESBR should be purged not contacted

  • Kengofu

    Actually, the issue is not who they can market to, rather it’s who they choose to market to. Ratings have never stopped companies from marketing to an audience outside of their product’s demographic.

    Exhibit A:

  • Choppinfoot

    The alteration of a costume is something that affects your play experience over the entire course of the game, whereas the alteration to this scene carries minor weight at worst. The character is still killed, you still get to see the murder, and it’s carried out by the same person, giving you the same impression.

    I put more weight into titty garb than the delivery of a stabbing, personally, so I’m thankful we still get to see Velvet in all of her risque glory. It’s an extremely odd choice of things to censor, but ultimately one I don’t care about.

  • ScarredBushido

    Lol u owned him.

  • tccboss

    Yeah if this is a peggy rating then I shouldn’t be concerned because she’s a cunt who hates fun. ESRB however might need to be contacted on this.

  • Travis Touchdown

    I bet Nintendo made them change it.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    No, not quite. Who you choose to market to absolutely effects how and when you can do so. There are guidelines and even laws governing that depending on the location, including the ESRB.

    You’re ‘exhibit A’ only talks about “younger consumers”. That’s a rather vague way of wording things, and is likely deliberate.

    Either they know alluding to anyone under 17 intentionally being apart of their target audience could get them into some hot water, or they’re referring to this generation of young adults.

    Since we’re talking about EA, look up the Dead Space 2 “your mom hates this” ad controversy. That’s exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about.

  • BeardTech

    ESRB doesn’t even play the games they rate. Publishers/developers provide a summary with screenshots/video clips of what kind of content is in the game, and ESRB provides a rating based on this summary. It’s also a kind of industry self-policing, and not a government ratings board like you might find in Australia or Germany.

    I think the only reason any publisher still worries about ratings is brick-and-mortar retail, and physical copies. If you look at PC gaming and Steam, half the games on there never even bothered to obtain an ESRB rating at all, because it’s not required. The future of gaming lies in digital distribution, and on PC that is the present of gaming. In our entirely digital future, I think you’ll find far less emphasis placed on what rating a game receives, if they even bother to get a rating at all.

  • Adohleas

    Too bad the pc version still has that altered scene. Steam doesn’t use the rating system so it makes no sense for them to also put the censored version on the pc as well other then keeping it on par with the PS4 version.

  • BeardTech

    You’re thinking of the first Xenoblade Chronicles where the Mechon-with-a-face impales Fiora. That game maintained it’s T rating. There’s a couple of reasons why.

    1 – Fiora wasn’t a child.
    2 – They didn’t show her actually getting impaled. Her body was hidden by the mech she was driving. It does show the bloody claws though.

    Xenoblade Chronicles X is the one where the censored Lin Li Ku’s outfits because she’s only 13 in the game, which would have been more tolerable if they actually spent some time modifying the offensive outfits. Instead they just changed the textures to make her look like she’s wearing bicycle shorts under a bikini, or a wet suit under the armor to cover any skin.

  • SullenSamurai

    Assuming BN is not lying, it was almost certainly PEGI, not the ESRB, as they said they wished to keep their “16 rating” (there is no 16 rating in the ESRB; there’s 13, then a sizeable leap to 17).

  • SullenSamurai

    Not that I really believe Bandai Namco on this one, but assuming a ratings organization is even to be partially blamed for this, it sounds like it was PEGI, not the ESRB. They specifically stated they wanted to keep their “16 rating;” there is no “16 rating” in the ESRB, but there is a “PEGI-16.”

    The entire European continent is on a SJW binge at the moment, so it’s possible PEGI decided to “think of the children” it up, and Bamco, not wanting to make more than one western version of the game, decided they rather play the “hey, guys, it’s not our fault; they made us do it” excuse (which, for some reason, many publishers continue to think is some kind of “Get Out of Jail Free” card) and hope everything would be fine.

  • Guin

    Walking Dead is not animu so it gets a pass.

  • magicalfollower
  • Still can run better than the console versions as it is not locked at 30fps.

  • consoles continue to hinder games reaching their potential.

  • Narmy

    He is really white knighting for bamco hard for some reason.

  • Feniks

    You have failed me for the last time Bandai…

    This is a game for weebs outside Japan not children.

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    LMAO! Why spend the money to alter the scene like that? Completely fucking unnecessary, fuck you Bamco.

  • John Smith.

    So you can actually read and respond in an understandable way to my comments, that’s good to know.
    Sadly, I now view you as just another run of the mill pro censorship leftie who pretends there is no problem with SJW infiltration of game publishers because there is still a few major game companies still push out violent games.
    Maybe once they too has been crushed under the “progressive” hammer of “Social Justice” you’ll start to complain about it, but I seriously doubt that will happen since so far you have given me the impression that you have no issue with censorship in videogames.

  • John Smith.

    Getting it banned is censorship.

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    Jesus fuck.


    Sounds like they can do without….wait a sec, this is the Tales series. Have they even made a playable, much less fun game since, I dunno Vesperia? Even my sister gave up on them after Tales of the Abyss.

  • Keyword is “also”, shill.

  • You win.

  • Guin

    Regardless, I’m glad you brought this game up considering the death scenes for this are more gruesome than anything Berseria has.

  • No, they’re lying and you’re contradicting yourself.

    “but M rated games make up for it with big sellers.”

    “The issue is also who they can market to, since you generally can’t market Mature content directly to minors”

    M rated games are 29% of the best sellers, not 12% and the fact that they’re majorly best sellers shows that your reason to dismiss them is contradictory.

    ESA 15/16 also shows ratings to not matter to customers and most customers are actually adults or young adults.

  • They didn’t demand shit since that’s PEGI and 18 PEGI isn’t ESRB AO.

  • Cats736

    The majority of times when games like these are censored, it’s self-imposed and not at the request of the ESRB. The ESRB won’t have much or anything to say in cases like these.

  • SiliconNooB

    A major change in our rating wouldn’t have allowed to share the game with as many fans as we’d like

    Well now I’m not going to purchase your game. Are you happy, Namco?

  • Cats736

    >For example, Senran Kagura has always had to remove ages from their game but since they don’t announce it on Twitter every game, nobody cares.
    It’s still censorship they are FORCED to do by Ratings board, but they don’t draw everyone’s attention to it.

    No, Tom explained this before. A suit at XSEED wanted to raise the ages, an argument happened, a compromise was reached to just remove the ages instead.

    They were not FORCED to remove or censor anything, they chose to.

  • SiliconNooB

    IMO there’s no point contacting them if they never respond. Better not to waste your time…

  • Espurr Muffin

    If were talking about by esrb standards then yeah impaling a kid is worse ragdoll genocide

  • Maria Maasaa

    At least it’s not as bad as NISA

  • Migi
  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Not if the tone is vastly different. An anime style game has to go out of its was to look even half as bad as a GTA game. Art style is a factor.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    You overlooked my point on how the uncensored child death isn’t worse than average gameplay in God of War or GTA, or (insert shooter here). Kinda hard to say anime game character deaths look gorier or more violent then the games I mentioned in general.

  • Smug

    is that why you’re so salty?
    “omg how dare you say bad things to NoA”

  • Yaminoari

    The change to me feels more like a satanic ritual which i’m totally fine with also the changed scene is way cooler and flashier

  • chaoguy

    Dumb question- would getting more of us to email them asking for more responses help? Filling their inbox might finally provoke a non-neutral stance.

    Also, a rather interesting stance on the “uncensored patch” methodology: (other comments here have explained the risks of it better though)

  • Zombie_Barioth

    No, I’m not.

    Where the heck are you getting 29%? The article he cited quoted 12% broke 1mil. which is exactly what I was referencing.

    You also miss understood what I was saying. Of those games, M-rated games probably crack higher sales thresholds on average, so they keep up with E-T games which sell fewer copies individually but make up for it in shear numbers.

  • chaoguy

    I recall a few years back something explaining how Itchy and Scratchy or Family Guy got away with such absurd violence- the less realistic it looks- the more likely it’ll pass.

    So you can have a guy dismembered and butchered- but if the blood is candy red then no problem.
    If you have a guy suffering from internal injuries cough up dark crimson blood, then that’s “worse”.
    Also probably doesn’t help games are more scrutinized for violence and sex thanks to the various libelous scandals. So the ERSB pushes a little harder than TV.

  • chaoguy

    I think it’s the idea the publisher/dev wants the lower rating, so more people buy it. Younger audiences have more disposable money (usually their parents) to blow on a game. Even if it’s an impulse buy as oppose to heavily researched.
    Why sell to 5k people when you can sell to 7k- and 2k of it won’t complain if they don’t like it (they grow bored and move onto something else).

    Businesses do it for the money.
    SJW encourage it for puritanism.

  • chaoguy
  • Marc Duarte

    Whoever this SJW in a suit is, they need to be handed a pink slip and put on the unemployment line. Changing the ages of fictional characters in an artistic work is just plain stupid. I don’t buy that silly cultural sensibilities argument either, considering Western culture is built on artistic freedom. It’s even recognized as a right in my country’s constitution. If XSEED really wanted to show the proper respect for my culture, they would release all their games here completely uncensored.

  • Trouble Man

    Child murder is hardly an exclusively “SJW” point of contention, though.

  • Trouble Man

    No, shh, don’t disrupt the narrative! No (((western))) company has ever made a bloody or sexual game since the early aughts!

  • Ophel

    Well the only thing that needs to be done is to keep letting them know your dissatisfaction.And voting with your wallet.That’s the only thing that gets them at the end.I don’t know why but some japanese companies seem out of touch with their core fans.I guess years of being fed bullshit from most of the big gaming media sites alienated them from us.At least in the west.I hope they give sites like this a look or at least get in contact with their core fans in a more direct way.Oh well back to keep watching Cirno getting owned by blue kid ghost and skipping important notes in Corpse Party(i think he missed the Cannibal notes…i’m so triggered).

  • Feniks

    PEGI18 didn’t stop GTA or the Witcher from selling millions either.

    I’m getting sick of this industry still thinking all games are for kids.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    You’re right. I should really stop triggering the few people that frequent this site and do nothing but hate on Western games they they kidnapped their mothers.

  • Uncle Slick

    I’m talking about the US, not AUS.

  • Uncle Slick

    Better games to be played.

    Couldn’t care less.

  • randomdude

    The audio, I can understand with licensing rights, but they ruined their reputation after working with nintendo

  • Neojames82

    So a pretend child gets impaled for a few seconds and they get scared that it will get an M-Rating (which they don’t know for sure) resulting in them removing it. That’s just….so fucking stupid, I can’t even believe this…Bamco where did your balls go?

  • Michael Jordan
  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    This might come across as ignorant but are we sure that’ll be censored in America? There isn’t a 16+ rating system with the the ESRB this letter was addressed for the European release. Is there any evidence of this being censored for America?

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    I doubt it. IIRC back in the late 90s there was a series of gruesome murders in Japan which is what established CERO in its primitive stages. Even back then though there was fear among developers so they took pre-ememptive measures to censor certain games like Resident Evil 2 and Samurai Showdown 5 Special. Honestly what’s scary about Japanese censorship is that it’s self imposed by the people themselves. What’s genuinely scary is that censorship seems to not be imposed by anyone but the Japanese themselves.

  • Travis Touchdown

    I bet Nintendo made them censor it.

  • John Smith.

    Moving the goal posts to win the argument, how very SJW like of you.

  • Magus KilIer

    I’ve finally seen the japanese version in motion, and it is so much better, it is so much simpler, but it captures a lot more emotion with little details the other one doesn’t have

    Like the anticipation after the kid closes his eyes before being stabbed(which isn’t in the other version since it takes half an hour to kill him), the sound effects when the screen goes black, Velvet’s heart pounding, the really strong silhouette when the kid gets stabbed, how the antagonist is completely indifferent, etc.

    Some of those elements are in the censored version, but they aren’t nearly as strong because it’s not as well paced or compisited as the original, in which the anticipation has so much energy, and the payoff is so strong as a result

    The censored version doesn’t really have that, it’s just some flashy anime magic that doesn’t feel personal, and doesn’t have as much feeling behind it as a result

    I find it offensive that such a great scene was torn down in such a way, stupid moral guardians

  • Cats736

    Doubt the suit is a SJW, just overly concerned and paranoid about backlash or issues with their product. I’ll agree that changing the ‘ages’ of fictional characters is stupid, though.

  • Nakua

    Dude, rating don’t matter here, you really believe a shadowed and blurred scene like that is enought to turn the game AO or 18+?
    Be realistic here, is just bigotry over fictional pixel “violence” and to please swj and soccer moms even if the game is a niche.

  • Dark Lord Ash

    I also would like to add that where was this concern for the gae rating when Tales of the Aybss’s Asch the bloody became a human sword cushion? The amount of bullshit here rivals cattle pastures.

  • Evja

    This. I still wait for Xtreme 3 to be localized (if it will).

  • Neppers

    Source on the ESRB saying this, because Bamco specifically said their PEGI16 rating was in jeopardy.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    I really should follow this channel.

  • Migi

    Found out 2 days ago myself. I’m not all that hyped for Berserk anymore considring the graphics themselves look like a ps2 game and the impact of you fighting enemy’s looks totally Gay!!!

    They should have made the game Dark souls style.

  • Uncle Slick

    The US is all that matters, cuck.

    SJW? I think you need a life revaluation.

  • Obbliglol

    That’s a real shame, because what goes for America will go for Europe as well.

  • Donwel

    I find that odd as depictions of mutilations through text can quite often be more graphic and violent than in a CG, especially if done right.
    No matter how hard I try I guess I’ll never understand Japan.

  • VanFinale

    Why not fix the scene with optional DLC that alters the rating of the game? Like what was done in Japan with Evil Within/Psycho Break? I’m still against them changing shit so it could get the rating they want. M rated games sell more than fine in the west and I don’t see a need to censor the game for more PR opportunities.

  • Darth_Squirrel

    That’s pointless. When has the ESRB ever commented on something like that?

  • Darth_Squirrel

    It is stupid, but so are people

  • Darth_Squirrel

    That does seem to be pretty obvious.

  • Darth_Squirrel


  • DeeeFoo

    I think comments like this are the ones that game companies like Bandai need to see most. They’re absolutely clueless to the fact that by trying to appease some people, they’re just pushing away more, which is pretty sad.

  • Maria Maasaa

    The ESRB was self imposed too

  • Zero Eternity

    Actually I think it is the other way around in this case since they were trying for the 16 age rating which only PEGI has. PEGI is Europe and ESRB is America.

  • SiliconNooB

    Tales of games appeal to a niche of a niche – they are not going to get any casual sales, so it is beyond retardation when they drive away the people who actually do buy their games. That being said, if Berseria is anything like Zesteria then they have probably done me a huge favour by saving me the money.

  • John Smith.

    Fuck Murica!

  • stullz

    Bet there will be a restoration mod on the PC?

  • patyos

    Its to avoid a M rating of 17+ not a A rating to keep a T rating

    Just a stabbing like that won’t get it nowhere near A itll more likely need sexual content as well

    Although pegi rating are more strict then esrb and other countries like australia and germany

  • Cats736

    Gr8 b8 m8.

  • Yaminoari

    Ironically this is the same company that censored nudity in a sword art online game in Japan but left it uncensored in the west

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    They still show a Shish Kebabed shota sliding off a sword.

  • Nakua

    You really believe a scene like this get a 17+ rating? Nope, never close, even in the bigotry Us.
    Is just to avoid SWJ and trolls to make a fuss over pixels, as always. Rating board is just the often overused excuse, don’t fall for these blatant lies.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    You better believe they are when we’re talking about it being on screen, even as a silhouette.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    This is the fallacious theory that they use, yes. The thing is, a higher rating *doesn’t stop people from buying it*. It’s an absolute shit concept.

  • Ruto-hime

    As a Tales of… fan, this was a huge blow for me… I came only recently in contact with these censorship practices and such, and decided to avoid every game which contains it. In addition to this I also skipt FE Fates, Xenoblade Chronicles X (both had no dual audio either, which is an additional deathblow from me) as well as Tokyo Mirage Session FE.

    I rather put this money in a Indie or older game instead… or save it to learn japanese, and begin to import, quite an attractive option indeed.

  • Ruto-hime

    Indeed. People should stop and think a moment about the fact, that they try to give rights to fictional, non-excisting characters, or ‘moral’. It’s uncalled-for and, openly speaking, stupid. Censorship is an insult to the customer, an attempt to fraud (full price for a game which has technical less content in it than it’s original version *cough* FE Fates *doublecough* Mugen Souls *wheeze* is a severe case of it, in my book atleast…) as well has as an assault on the creativity and ideas of the content creators, whose creation is considered ‘harmful’ for the arbitrary feelings of someone they don’t even know.

    Bloody hell, comparing a game which has ‘minor’ looking, overdrawn characters in it in ‘risky’ situation, to something actual horrible like Child Porn is such a huge middle finger in the faces of the actual victims of this crime, just makes me sick in my guts…

    I apologize for this rant… It’s just so sad you know…

  • Mr0303

    I completely agree with pretty much everything you’ve written.

    No need to apologise – this is the purpose of the comment section.