Burnout Paradise, Rayman Legends, More Now Playable on Xbox One


Microsoft has announced three more titles joining the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility list on Xbox One.

The new games to join the ongoing list of backwards compatible titles include: Burnout Paradise, Rayman Legends, and Pure.

You can find the now updated list of games backwards compatible with Xbox One here. It’s worth mentioning that Pure will only be playable on Xbox One via the disc version.

Burnout Paradise is one of my all-time favorite arcade racers, so here’s another excuse to load the game up and go wild in Paradise City.


Brandon Orselli


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  • Luis Diaz

    Waiting on Tales of Vesperia and the Saints Row series and I’ll finally pack away my 360 and get a One.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Seems like it won’t be too long until most 360 games become playable on the bone. Hopefully we can start seeing OGX games in the future.

  • Pillbugable

    “Rayman Legends now playable on Xbox One”

    You mean since 3 years ago, right?


    I wish they’d add Binary Domain and Vanquish for BC. Both incredibly fun shooters.

  • csgardner

    I kind of wish they would put in backward compatibility for all original Xbox games. The Xbox One has a nearly identical hardware architecture, so original Xbox games should be trivial to get working.
    I guess probably no one cares.

  • csgardner

    Eh, I doubt it. The 360’s support for original Xbox games stopped well short of full support. And in this case they have licensing issues with 3rd party developers to deal with. At some point the testing and licensing burdens exceed the value of adding less popular games.

    I actually kind of suspect the licensing issues are the primary bottleneck. My guess is that the emulator is nearly flawless.