Niche Spotlight – Balrum: a Hardcore, Tactical, Survival Fantasy-RPG

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Balcony Team did a successful Kickstarter campaign for a hardcore, tactical, turn-based, survival-fantasy-RPG named Balrum.

If that isn’t niche enough for you, perhaps it’ll do you some good to sit down and learn about this open-ended sandbox experience – start by viewing the above trailer.


The game is old-school both in visuals and somewhat in its mechanics – you’ll be able to customize and build your character in any way you see fit.

Alongside this, players will be able to craft their own items, farm crops, build a home, and ultimately try eking out a life in the twisted world of Balrum.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Real-Time world with Turn-Based Combat
  • A huge Open World with dozens of Dungeons to explore
  • Spend your learning points to create a pure class or a hybrid class
  • Dozens of Side Quests and an Epic Main Quest
  • Three separate paths leading to the end
  • Building
  • Farming
  • Tame various animals to be your loyal Companion
  • Deep Crafting System which allows you to create custom items
  • Day/Night Cycle with Weather Effects
  • Survival Mechanics


While there’s quite a bit of side-quests that you can pursue, there’s also a main storyline that sees you returning to the land you once fled with your family – only to now discover its horrors and wonders as an adult. The developers pose a question: what will you do with the freedom granted in this lawless world?

Balrum is now available for PC, Mac and Linux over on Steam and GOG.

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  • I’ll try this out.

  • Slants Draws

    you had me at “farm crops”

  • John Beeks

    looks like shit

  • Lucky

    Personally I thought it was a dull, simplistic slog with unbalanced combat and an empty overworld – but hey it’s a like a western Rune Factory and/or Stardew Valley.

    I stilll prefer Rune Factory.

  • DDD-kun

    Minediablo. eh, worth a look when I put my new rig into effect.

  • DannyB

    I don’t think this is worth playing. Just my opinion tho

  • Stardew Valley without the fun but better mechanics?

  • Uncle Slick

    Those visuals look amazing.

  • Grayares Fakcot

    looks fucking amazing holy shit
    even has building your own home

  • Grayares Fakcot

    we might be the only ones here that thinks this looks amazing

  • Wait I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or a genuine love of old isometric CRPGs?

  • Grayares Fakcot

    i genuinely think it looks great and i really want to play it

  • word. I’ve been wanting to play it too. It’s been on my list. This column is basically games that I said “hm, that looks cool. I’ll save it for later”

  • Grayares Fakcot

    if not for this article i would have never discovered this game, thanks

  • Smug

    At least prettier than your mom

  • Elkhazel

    It’s fairly good, but the combat is pretty weak.

  • Uncle Slick

    Very true!

  • Alexx

    you got taste mah bhoys, it does look amazing and nice. Hope for more isometric games!