Japanese Sales for Pokemon Sun and Moon Break 1.9 Million in First Three Days

pokemon sun pokemon moon 06-02-16-1

A new report via Famitsu has cited initials sales for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon in Japan.

According to the report, the games have sold over 1.9 million units within the first three days of sale, totaling an estimated 1,905,107 units.

While the pair of 3DS games launched in Japan on November 18th, this milestone also includes download cards and the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Double Pack, but not download sales.

In related news, a hot new rumor for the games points to a potential Nintendo Switch version, complete with upgraded graphics and exclusive content.

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  • MAGAto

    Will be interesting to see what the Switch can actually get when it comes to exclusive enough games; so far it’s seems like it’s getting updated versions of literally everything the Wii U got after 2013 + Pokemon, rather than just just obvious service games Smash and Kart, as well as the obviously Early Access Splatoon.

    On the other hand, even if it is mostly just updated ports from a system practically no one got, it’s not like either other console has anything to go up to that amount of content yet.

  • Travis Touchdown

    I wouldn’t worry about that. All those leaks are fake.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Let me stop you right there, Nichegamer.

    Do you really think I’m going to let you get away with pretending Nintendo Switch ‘rumors’ are believable?
    Take your nonsensical ‘Pokemon Stars!’ rumor, for example. Nothing about that rumor is believable in the slightest.

  • OSad

    It’s a rumor. The reader is the one that has to speculate on whether it has credence or not.

    Just like you’re doing now.

  • Jumanji Joe

    Nintendo is one of the worst publishers/devs right now.


    Speculate and discuss.

  • Smug
  • Travis Touchdown

    It’s sad that you genuinely seem to believe this.

  • Jumanji Joe

    My five talking points
    1. They censor games
    2. They killed paper Mario for sticker shit
    3. Jumped on board the mobile kike train
    4. Went full jew with dlc
    5. Locked game content behind jewmiibos

  • Smug

    It’s sad you genuinely believe the contrary
    Not like Sony is doing much better too

  • Narmy

    Are they really updated ports? I have my doubts that the Switch is even as powerful as the Wii U, considering the former is a tablet and the latter is a console.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    True, but the Wii U itself isn’t much bigger than the Wii, so form factor isn’t really a good indication.

    The other consoles also use CPU architecture designed for tablets and netbooks, and the Wii U isn’t much stronger than previous systems.

    There’s also the fact that Breath of the Wild is being made for it, and the screen is 720P so its pushing similar visual quality.

    When its docked who knows, it might scale up when used as a console, and down when running on its own battery.

  • Tyrone Jackson

    6. Abandon their consoles
    7. Lie about release dates so suckers buy said consoles
    8. Be superjews when it comes to YouTube content
    9. Peddle stupid hardware that nobody wants but costs consumers more (dual screens, tablets, etc.)

    Add more, folks!

  • MAGAto

    The last batch of consoles use dated and horribly underpowered technology, so there’s plenty of room to improve even with “just a tablet”: Wii U used archaic and underpowered technology at a point where everyone had abandoned it already, whereas Switch looks like it will offer some of the very best tech available today.

    Besides, X1 and PS4 also use inefficient tablet/notebook/netbook level processors made by AMD that were already getting long in the tooth by the time they came out (not nearly as much as the Wii U was, but still).

    Anyway, I’m digressing; It’s rather clear that Nintendo gave up on the Wii U after the 2013 holiday season, so it stands to reason that all of their bigger efforts henceforth with actually made with Switch in mind, just also releasing on Wii U because they couldn’t just outright stop supporting it just yet.

  • Psichaos

    As a game developer, they’re pretty good, but the Wii U itself was a disaster, and as a publishing arm, Nintendo of America is most certainly one of the worst if not the worst publisher and localizers currently on the market, and it honestly mystifies me how Platinum Games got lucky with Nintendo in regards to Bayo 2 and Wonderful 101 when current NoA would probably never dare release Bayo 2 in the States and somehow manage to censor W101. The Switch is really their last hope as a console developer, and quite frankly I feel they would be better off to go third party and focus on game development.

  • Nintendo can’t make good games anymore.

  • True Goddess Reincarnation

    So far the story is shit (surprise) and the pkmn are slow af. The ai uses pokemon that ignores the base stats (speed anyway) and is still easy. The characters are bland and god I’m playing this for the glorified cock fighting right?

  • Still Here

    I know right clearly they are going to call it Pokemon Eclipse.

  • Still Here

    They did not kill Paper Mario alright. They took him out back raped him, beat him, threw down down a well left him to die. Every once and while they pull up the bucket filled with his scraps to make people think everything is fine.

  • Travis Touchdown

    >Wii U was a disaster

    No it wasn’t. It still has all the best games this gen.

    >Worst publisher and localiser


    >Current Nintendo would censor Bayo 2 and W101!

    Current Nintendo released those games in the first place… when other companies would not.

    >Third party


  • Uncle Slick

    inb4 anti Nintendo dorks.

  • Narmy
  • Smug


  • Psichaos

    >No it wasn’t. It still has all the best games this gen.

    I’ve admitted that as a game developer, Nintendo was still good, but the Wii U console itself was completely bungled from day 1. It was entirely underpowered, had virtually no support from 3rd party devs, the tablet controller had god-awful battery life, and the casual audience didn’t even think it was a new console, but rather an extension of the Wii. The only reason the Wii U wasn’t dead on arrival is because of Nintendo’s skill as a game developer, and even then, in the end, the Wii U is going to be the first Nintendo console to not have an exclusive Zelda title.

  • Psichaos

    As far as worst publisher and localizer, you can’t tell me with a straight face after what NoA has done, particularly with their most recent Fire Emblem game and their crossover game with SMT, that they’re better than even NISA. When you butcher and censor a Nintendo game so bad, you convince people to mod their console and enable piracy on their device just so they can play a fan patch translation, you’ve fucked up bad as a publisher and a localizer.

  • OSad

    I agree with everything, but not with the notion that underpowered hardware is an indicator of failure. Bayo2 looked great and still managed to run on what’s supposed to be like, a single gig of ram dedicated to games and three cores at some pathetic-ass 1.2GHz speed. It comes down to art direction and how well the developers can work within the constraints they’re given.

    As far as replying seriously to Cody, don’t even bother, I think just about everybody has given up on it so far. It seems like he’s not used to online discourse so he retreats back to the Neogaf bubble as soon as any sort of danger reaches his integrity, only coming out when it’s opportune to pounce on a comment he doesn’t like to reconfirm the reality inside his own head, or when it’s to post a comment himself, sharing with us his *expansive!* knowledge of the gaming industry, about how we’re all wrong and Nintendo is the goddess of the gaming industry and she can do no wrong and treats consumers in just lovely ways.

  • randomdude

    I’ll keep bashing them til FE and FE X SMT get uncensored

  • randomdude

    nintendo truly died with Iwata

  • Not gonna lie, Sun and Moon is probably the most fun I’ve had playing pokemon in ages, those sales figures are well deserved.