Daily Niche – Monster Hunter Direct, Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gameplay, Gal Gun VR, More

What’s up Niche Gamer Nation, and welcome to Daily Niche, our daily video news segment. As we regularly put out our news recap, you can expect us to cover the hottest stories for that day!

News included in today’s video update include:

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  • Spooky Jack

    I hope it’s another mainline in MH, instead of a Cross style mess

  • Mr0303

    The is still the desynchronised audio and there is an small repeat of footage in the intro. Both of those issues are present in all news videos so far – it may be a problem with the editing software you are using.

  • patyos

    The MH Direct could probly be updates / DLC

  • Just watched the video, no desynch issues, also no “repeat of footage” I am not sure why you are seeing these issues, as staff and others have not noticed them. There is an echo from me recording in a boxy room, but that will eventually go away when we get more funding for audio foam in the future.

  • Mr0303

    That is quite strange. I’ve downloaded the video and it runs OK, but the YouTube version is the one still playing tricks on me. Perhaps it is something on my side.

  • Evja

    May I ask who the Niche Gamer mascot is?

  • 22

    Her name is Mika

  • porkbun

    I’m guessing they will announce MHXG for 3DS and MH5 for Switch.