Invisigun Heroes Puts an Invisible Twist on Classic Bomberman Gameplay

Sombr Studio have successfully funded their Bomberman-like multiplayer game, Invisigun Heroes, on Kickstarter.

The game puts a twist on the classic Bomberman gameplay in that everyone is invisible – you only see yourself or your opponents when you shoot or use special abilities. You can, however, see footprints, environments move from player interaction, and more.

Featured above, you can view the pitch video for the game, which goes over its core mechanics, some of its playable characters, and more.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Compete with up to 4 friends or bots on a single screen
  • Mix and match local and online players
  • Control your hero using gamepads or the keyboard
  • Enjoy hand-crafted pixel art made with care
  • Battle your friends using a variety of heroes, each with unique special abilities
  • Explore 50 maps spread across 5 planets, each with unique interactivity, hazards, and weather effects
  • Choose from a variety of game modes playable on every map for deep replayability
  • Customize the game mode conditions with match modifiers
  • View hilariously revealing instant replays that expose tactics
  • Share instant replays as animated GIFs
  • Groove to the custom pulsing, ambient soundtrack composed by Paper Sound

The game did have a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U stretch goal at $40,000 but that was unfortunately not reached during its crowdfunding campaign.

With the game funded now, you can expect Invisigun Heroes to launch for PC, Mac, and Linux sometime later this year (tentative release is December).

Brandon Orselli


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  • dogmentation

    This sounds like absolutely zero fun whatsoever.
    And this is coming from someone who fondly remembers the “invisible tanks” mode from “Combat” for the 2600.

  • Fenrir007

    The game looks dynamic and hectic on the video, but I wonder if it wouldnt actually promote camping and a slow as hell gameplay instead.

  • Jack

    if it was like screen look maybe, but yeah, this is really dumb having everyone be invisible for no rasin

  • BurgerUnit

    Yeah I think the novelty would wear off really quick. Something like this would be fine as a toggleable option but to build a whole game around it… ehhh.

  • Uncle Slick

    I love Combat!

  • Uncle Slick

    Character art on select screen looks nice, but those sprites.


  • scemar

    Hey remember bomberman?

  • Grey

    Kinda strikes me as a game that might be fun to play once in a while, but not sure I see the lasting appeal.

  • Tubsiwub

    You can see footprints? Then what’s the point of hiding the players? To annoy us?