Niche Gamer-cast Episode 49 – Are Remakes and HD-Ports Too Common?

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Are remakes becoming too common? Will there be a point where you’re playing a game and the remake for it is already happening? All hyperbole aside, we talk up the Resident Evil 2 remake, and if new games can stack up to old ones. This includes re-releases of games from the previous console generation, with simple HD-treatment for current generation consoles.

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  • flashn00b

    I imagine that remakes would be more well-received if they were much more than just a widescreen patch.

  • Reyhip

    I’m OK with remakes/remasters as a gap filler or a way to bring an end of life title to the new system (because some people just do a full cycle console switch for each gen). And something like RE2, which I assume will have to be a total teardown from scratch is cool if it gets new content and such to make it worthwhile. But that we are nearly two years into this gen and it isn’t slowing down is a bit concerning. That’s time that could go to new games.

    And idk who said it on the stream, but the perfect example was the Sleeping Dogs remaster for PS4. I feel like someone must have trolled a market research firm to get that game made because NO ONE was looking for that game.

    Hopefully this means we’re just one step away from a Cubix Robots for Everyone: Racin’ Robots remaster. I think it’s overdue, really.

  • Dr.wonderful


    As far as I can tell, they’re nothing more than ROMs and the like. It’ll be nice if they take the time out to add features they could not add originally.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Only when it comes to shit like “The Last of Us” where it got an upgrade for the PS4 within 1 fucking year. Capcom’s just doing it to regain their money after all that time getting bumps off of Inafunes coke lines. Who else is hitting it beyond Square Enix and Capcom anyway?

  • Badmojo7

    If it helps bring in more JGAMES to PC, I am fine with it. There are a ton of great OLD and NEW console (even hand held) games I would love to see ported to PC, especially JGAMES. More the merrier I say.

  • sanic

    REmake set the standard for what a remake should really be, better visuals yes but also adding the content the original couldn’t fit due to time constraints and expanding everything beyond its initial borders, anything less is pointless.
    Oh but respect to bluepoint for their solid work it just needs more ambition.

  • Nagato

    That’s the one positive I see in all this, as it helps add games to a permanent library where they would otherwise be lost to time.

  • Nagato

    Sadly you don’t need anything but the fancy new brand name of “remasters” to market a mere upport to the plebs.

  • DwightParkman

    as long as it’s a remaster or remake of a game that cameout BEFORE the ps3 and xbox 360, im ok with it. Yes i know, you agree with me <3

  • Vitor Santos

    I don’t mind remakes/remasters, in fact I love when I can play an old game with better graphics or maybe some old game that I didn’t get the chance to play back then.

    The problem starts when 90% of your console’s catalog is remakes and there’s nothing new.

  • djluke_1993

    I think a remaster should be exactly what Gear of War Ultimate is Or the Metro Redux series. Where pretty much everything is re done and upgraded for the better. Like Metro 2033 Redux running on a heavily modified Last Light Engine and Gears Ultimate being completely rebuilt.

  • djluke_1993

    Sweet another thing to listen to while playing Golf Club…

  • ショタボーイズラ☆ Madoka

    I only have a problem when a game like “Last of Us” gets an hd remaster when it came out last year -_-
    If it’s a game like FF7 where the original looks like shit imo, then it’s okay. I’d like to see more older rpg remakes.