Sunset Developer to Stop Making Games Following Commercial Failure

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Sunset developer Tale of Tales have announced they’ll no longer be making commercial video games – due to the commercial failure of their game.

According to a blog post written by Tale of Tales’ Michaël Samyn and Auriea Harvey, the game just didn’t sell enough copies to recoup their debts and development costs.

In the end, we spent more money than we had on the production of Sunset. Because we wanted to make it really good and reach a wider audience. Compared to the ambitions we had for the game, the extra $40,000 seemed like a relatively small sum. “Surely we can make that amount back in the first month of sales!”

The duo reminisced on how they were able to work completely towards their “artistic ambitions,” although this may not have been what the “gaming masses” enjoyed.

Abandoning some of our more extreme artistic ambitions actually made work easier and more enjoyable. And that’s when we should have realized that we were on the wrong path. Because whatever we enjoy is never, ever, what the gaming masses enjoy.

As far as actual copies sold, Tale of Tales claim that Sunset sold only a bit over 4,000 copies. This includes the 2,228 people that backed the game on its Kickstarter, so in actuality, only 1,772 copies were actually sold post-release, to new customers.

It seems like Tale of Tales are confused as to why their were so many praiseworthy reviews, while the game itself didn’t connect with the larger market:

It’s hard to deal with this intense feeling of disappointment in a context of glowing reviews and compliments and encouragement from players. A small group of people clearly deeply appreciates what we do and we curse the economic system that doesn’t allow us to be pleased with that.

In a final point, both Samyn and Harvey made it clear that if they make another game, it won’t be a commercial one:

We are happy and proud that we have tried to make a “game for gamers.” We really did our best with Sunset, our very best. And we failed. So that’s one thing we never need to do again. Creativity still burns wildly in our hearts but we don’t think we will be making videogames after this. And if we do, definitely not commercial ones.

While it’s always sad to see a developer not doing well – it’s a reminder that not all games are for everyone – and in this case, making a game that is purely artistic in nature, or rather purely narrative driven, may not always jive well either. It’s worth mentioning both Samyn and Harvey have both opened their own personal Patreon accounts, to further their artistic endeavors.

You could even argue the game is an example of the broadening disparity between the gaming press (who stridently wish for games to be ‘art’), and the gaming enthusiasts who just want “good” games. Have you played Sunset, and if so, what did you think of it?

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  • Kyouraku

    They’re not making games anymore? When did they start making games?


    You should see the devs Twitter feed. They are going full Phil Fish now.

  • Guest

    “We’re not coming back until the game industry gets rid of the vermin that it enables and encourages.”

    “Wow, you say FUCK GAMES once in a conversation and suddenly your BLOCK finger starts hurting.”

    “Perfect. Goodbye, gamers! May you die in the same agony that you caused to thousands of defenceless virtual creatures.”

    “Hahaha. I’m so free. Look at me. I can say FUCK GAMES! FUCK GAMERS! FUCK THE GAME INDUSTRY! DIE! DIE!DIE! And rot in hell!”

    For some reason, I don’t really feel bad

  • Rachnee

    Make a good product and maybe people will give a fuck.

  • TWE

    Had a good giggle at the defenseless creatures thing.

  • Carl B.

    Art’s nice, but if you want people to play your game for more than a day, it’s better to give us something to shoot the shit out of.

  • Raziel Barkrai

    Why be mature and silently bow out of the industry you were in when you can insult everyone on social media?

  • Cy

    At least Phil Fish made a game people actually bought.

  • Carl B.



  • Cy

    I smell a Polygon editorial or five coming.

  • Dewey Defeats Truman

    If you want games to be art, you have to make GAMES as art.

    I don’t inherently hate walking simulators or however you wish to refer to them, but so many artsy-fartsy games these days take that approach since they don’t actually care about the gameplay aspect. It feels shallow, and makes me personally believe they’re only telling their story as a game because it’s the easiest route for them.

    People love, praise and remember games like Shadow of the Colossus, Katamari Damacy, Nights into dreams, or Vib Ribbon not just because of their stories or because of their aesthetics but because their gameplay sticks with them and their gameplay helped create a world that wouldn’t have been the same if it was just a walking simulator.

  • TheCheeseMan

    Well maybe they could develop a game more inline with people’s tastes, if they were in it for the money…

  • Jesus tapdancing christ. I didn’t know they went that crazy.

    I want to write an editorial about this now. Thank you.

  • Dewey Defeats Truman

    If you insult people that play videogames you have zero room to complain when you fail as a videogame company due to lack of consumer interest.

  • Master Bating

    “Gamers dont want art, only to have fun, gamers are braindead entitled soulless mysogynistic creatures who did not buy this beautiful piece of art, RIP walking simulator number 324”

  • KidSquid

    Just doing my duty for vidya.

  • Anderino

    I felt sympathetic towards them until I saw that. Why can’t people just humbly bow out?

    It’s like if I was being let go from some company becauae I wasn’t good enough. I could either say thanks for the time I had there and leave quietly, or I could shit in a bag and light it on my old desk as a walk out flipping the bird to everyone and yelling ‘Fuck this company and fuck all you faggots working here!’

  • BlueLight

    Please tell me they didn’t really say this…. Oh god they must be salty.

  • Cred

    And now in the Immortal words of The Simpson’s Nelson Muntz

    HA HA !!

  • Cred

    They’re the ones calling people to die in agony.
    Those poor indie unprivileged victims of the EVIL GAMERZ right?

  • Dr. Evil’s Brother’s Evil Twin

    *rubs fingers together* Money.

  • BlueLight

    /GamerGateHQ/ here! Dance editorial?
    Also is check my dubs even a thing in this part of the internet?

  • Cred

    There’s a word for this and SJW like to throw it around so much it has lost its meaning…entitlement

  • Dr. Evil’s Brother’s Evil Twin

    You keep on listening to SJWs, devs.

  • BlueLight

    Lets be fair here. They paid SJW.
    They didn’t ask for this. They paid for it!

  • Guest

    It’s pretty hilarious how people like this talk about how mature and grown up their games are, while acting like petty children constantly in public.

  • Guest

    On a side note, I don’t even understand why shit like this gets appreciated for being ‘art’. It’s egotistic, masturbatory self-expression. David is art, the Mona Lisa is art.

    Show me a video game that is so expertly crafted you couldn’t call it anything but art, and then I’ll give it recognition.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    That game also got mad, mad, mad promo on it though. Hell, Indie Game:The Movie was almost 50% the feel bad for Phil movie.

  • Neojames82

    Well, I’d say I feel not one bit sorry for these fucking losers. Sorry that your pretentious; artsy garbage game didn’t sell and made you millionaires.

    Oh but we gamers are the IMMATURE ones here, right? We don’t appreciate what “true” art is and we act like children right? Take a good look in your mirrors you uppity hipster fucks.

  • Neojames82

    He didn’t even really make the game, it was the other guy that did most of the work.

  • Neojames82


    In all seriousness, I’m sick of these small; pretentious indie studios that have everyone dye their hair pink and have ten piercing in their ears and tats all over their bodies and think they are “deep” and “artistic” when in reality its just them jerking themselves and each other off in their each chambers.

    Say what you will on some AAA developers; at least some are TRYING to make things right. Sure, it isn’t a shit ton of improvement but at least there is some signs of progress. And there are also true and respectable independent developers like CD Projeckt and inExile studios that put out quality AAA titles that gamers actually want to buy and play.

    I really hope a lot of these pathetic little cliques that pretend to professional developers like these jokers get shut down so actual talented groups don’t get dragged out by fools like these.

  • Fenrir7

    Hahahhaahaha fuck ’em!

  • It’s funny how much they’re blaming gamers for their failure when, in the end, it’s pretty much all their fault. You can never, EVER, blame consumers for your own shortcomings. To make something successful, the onus falls squarely on the creator and how they market their game. And from the looks of it, they failed hard and made some terrible choices. Hell, there’s probably some of us out there that would probably like to play something like Sunset. I liked the hell out of stuff like Journey and Flower. But their marketing, practice, and attitude did them no favors, and they only have themselves to blame.

    Lemme put this into perspective. These dudes are more or less and “art house” developer, meaning if they get out of that house and into the general public, they are essentially newbies regardless of how long they’ve been in the business. They have to re-introduce themselves. How did they do? Well, it didn’t register with me that they were developers until… now. Every time I heard a fleeting mention about Tale of Tales beforehand, I thought it was a new “Tales of…” game, or compilation of the “Tales of…” games. I’d like to apologize for the confusion, but with their near Phil Fish-like meltdown on twitter, I’ll save my sympathy for someone else (and probably look forward to Tales of Zesty).

    In the end, it ain’t my fault they failed nor is it anyone else. We got lives to live and shit to do.

  • Only if you check back and your timestamp says 11, 22, 33, 44, or 55 minutes/hours/days ago.

  • Man, if I wasn’t busy, I’d write an article just like I did on Phil Fish’s “choke on it” tweet. TIGsource couldn’t stop linking to it! This is some Prime AssAnger on display.

  • Mr0303

    Given that Leigh “I am journalism” Alexander was an advisor for this game is anyone really surprised? I guess the Megaphone isn’t as far reaching as Tale of Tales thought.

  • LenLovecraft

    Bye Felicia

  • dsadsada

    Never even heard of these guys. The only Sunset I know is Sunset Overdrive and I don’t even Xbox.

  • tetrisdork

    In our hearts, we want to do the latter. But, in our minds and in reality, we do the former because we know “blaze of stupid” will bite our asses in the end. Sadly, they’ll might end up with more hipster welfare bux because of their “FIGHT CAPITALISMS!” rants.

    Wonder if Leigh Alexander will support their Patreons.

  • Godmars

    Kind of feel sorry for them. How could they not know that when they were making the game that there was a chance that it wouldn’t do well?

  • dsadsada

    The most common example given for artistic and well crafted games are anything by Project Ico. Heck, that’s one of the reasons why The Last Guardian has been so anticipated.

    But ehh, it’s all opinions at the end of the day. Games shouldn’t be art for that sake alone. They should be art by happenstance instead.

  • Godmars

    Apparently they were doing this from the anti-GG side. From a hug box which only ensured them that the game would be popular and recognized.

  • tetrisdork

    I think how much they are charging for their games could be a factor as well. Sunset was on sale on Steam for $10, $5 less than what the minimum Kickstarter reward was to get a copy of the game. And also $10 less than what they are normally offering Sunset; so yes, it is another $20 walking simulator a la Gone Home. For an Andrew Jackson, I kinda expect more content with my games, especially since I got some massive playtime out of games that cost less than that. I got insane mileage out of Castle Crashers, Scott Pilgrim, and Bejeweled Blitz on XBLA.

  • Gamergater #7230

    Hmm why didn’t I think of that

  • Gamergater #7230

    I pirated it right after he dissolved his company. Haven’t played it yet though.

  • TheDVI

    >a small group of people clearly deeply appreciates what we do and we curse the economic system that doesn’t allow us to be pleased with that.

    Wait, are they seriously blaming capitalism? I don’t think any of the alternatives are that much better for making profit from shitty arty games.

  • Kraken

    never heard a single thing about this game till today.

  • Gamergater #7230

    So… seems we’re all sitting here with Tales of Tales’s spittle dripping down our collective faces.

    God, us gamers are all such assholes.


  • Evropi

    Well… to be honest, the avant-garde mainstream consists almost entirely of Kojima Productions and Team Ico (and the latter is questionable). A few years ago I would say Maxis for their innovative gameplay (they had the occasional flash of inspiration even after the EA acquisition). I can’t think of many more than that. I’m not sure if GSC Game World and 4A Games qualify as mainstream.

    Most AAA stuff doesn’t have much of an artistic drive behind it. If it does, it is significantly watered down because they’re almost always very large-team efforts. Assassin’s Creed Unity was worked on by 10 studios across the globe and over 4,000 people! That’s more than the town I grew up in for god’s sake.

    The most artistic, avant-garde games you hear about
    are highly authored ones. Kojima. Suda51. Levine. Yu.These are recognisable because they have a trademark style, structure, aesthetic, thematic exploration. Above all, they are all highly authored experiences and show the marks of their creators inside them. When you have to make lots of decisions by committee, like you typically do in a large business, you will always lose some of the artistic spirit.

  • dsadsada

    I believe that to be the logical conclusion as well. That’s why I consider the games even your hardcore “games are supposed to be fun, not art” type of people recognize as works of art to be more happenstance. I believe even the names you mentioned look more towards creating a good experience rather than just trying to tell a good story or just have pretty visuals.

    At the very least, I doubt any of them look at concept art and then blurt out “yes, this matches my vision perfectly!” and are more likely to say “I think our audience will like this, think we can get feedback on it?” They still have an idea of what they want but they probably also make compromises in order to better cater to their target market.

  • Nani Sore


  • MaidKillua

    You left out the parts where they ranted about how awful gamers are and how capitalism is evil and totally to blame for their failure

    You know, the hysterical parts that make the whole story significantly more enjoyable to read

  • deadeye

    I would have had sympathy for them, if not for their descent into lunacy where they insult everyone that didn’t buy their game.

    I really want to know what goes wrong in a persons brain that convinces them that people are obligated to buy their products. Any normal person would have just said “well I guess maybe we need to make something that would resonate with more people” or try to market the game in some way maybe. Because I have not heard of this game or these folks at all until now.

    They blame people, they blame capitalism, they blame everything but their own selves. Honestly, I doubt such people could create anything noteworthy anyways.

  • chizwoz

    They made a game in a very niche genre and did absolutely nothing to make it stand out from its more highly rated competitors. It’s hardly a shocking outcome. If you’re gonna make a game like this, you need to either have a really unique selling point, a big marketing budget or just make it on a much smaller budget to mitigate the risk.

  • chizwoz

    Based on who they had advising their team, it seems they’d thought that gamers didn’t need to be their audience :-)

  • MusouTensei

    Good riddance.

  • They are (and their followers) making it out to be “Gamergaters fear indies and artful art” (whatever that means.) Coincidentally, they blame Gamergate, consumers, gamers, capitalists, free markets…. and a slew of other things to deflect that it wasn’t a good enough game to sell well.

    Their pride and smugness at their “art” makes me nauseous. It’s as if they are too “good” for us plebeians. May their future “capitalistic” ventures fail as miserably as this.

    It’s hypocritical that they blame capitalism, yet they participated in the process of a free market and expected people to buy their game. If they had such contempt for capitalism, why didn’t they give their game away? Capitalism only when it suits them, I guess.

    *edit* typos *edit*

  • DeusEx

    Girl protagonist too ugly.

    Wouldn’t play.

  • EroBotan

    there is this little info too about they advertise their game to SJW and that doesn’t bring money

  • EroBotan

    oh my belly dancing mohammed! they totally flipout!

  • Audie Bakerson

    Dat face.

  • sanic

    They were also featured in the “game loading” masturbation documentary.

  • RetroGamer

    How dare you! The whole point of a female protagonist is to demonstrate grrrllll power for the ignorant masses; they’re not sex objects made to look good for you. Misogyny!

  • Cy

    My boyfriend got pissed when it got added to a Humble Bundle he bought. Apparently he was the only one, because HB had to come out and say that no developer whose game was added later on would get any money from anyone who purchased the Bundle before they were added, lol.

  • EroBotan

    I checked their twitter feed, seems many people write review of their games .. after they declared bankruptcy … these fake fans are the one who ruin these devs career

  • GDI

    Alright, developer online meltdown aside (and the ensuing party train on KIA), I just want to highlight some facts.

    Yes, this is a significant event since Tale of Tales is essentially one of the SJW posterchild indie dev teams. Aside from less influence by the journos and the advent of Steam refunds, they were hit hard by the pulling of Belgian government grants.

    Specifically, it was something like this keeping them afloat:

    Also notice the tech specs for Sunset… it practically requires the best gaming rig you can build! What Social Justice Warrior has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980? Who the hell builds gaming rigs? Gamers. Not casuals who like non-games… you better serve those on iPad. If you require a beast of a machine to play the program, you better provide a beast of an experience.

    So here’s a tip: publish on iTunes. That is all.

  • AnarKreig

    Salt prices plummet due to surplus, temperature changes the reason for abundant harvest. This is why thee free market is glorious.

  • PenguinPlayer

    I was getting kinda sad because I remember Tale of Tales from when I was younger, playing The Path and believing that if anyone could push gaming towards an art form it would be them.

    Now I grew up, they’re actually dicks and pushing games as art might have been the worst move gaming fans ever made.

    I’m not sure how I should feel right now. But hey, at least we can thank Twitter for showing people’s true colors since 2006.

  • Bedarb

    I think a lot of these indie developers are deceiving themselves about their actual motivations. True, uncompromising art only leads to financial and social success when we’re dealing with extraordinary works under the rarest of circumstances. The fact of the matter is that most of these indie developers aren’t really “indie” at all in their attitude or outlook. They
    aren’t underground or doujinshi. If they were, we’d see more guys like Daisuke Amaya and less guys like Phil Fish. What these people want is the same things the average person wants: “success”, popularity, status, wealth, prestige, etc. but they want to pretend like they’re somehow different and special, that they’re artists, intellectuals, or visionaries. These are the quintessential gaming hipsters, using “art” in order to make themselves look important. We’ve seen it before and we’ll see more of it in the future. Cancer.

  • Nin

    >Make artsy game that doesn’t appeal to the mainstream
    >Don’t sell a lot
    >Blame the mainstream for poor sales
    Please, every time.

    Obviously, if you make a niche game, it’s a huge risk and you get a low amount of sales.

  • orbo

    There’s technically nothing wrong with making an artsy fartsy non-game with no gameplay, unless you’re actually expecting people to pay for it.

    What is it with these kind of people and burning all their bridges?
    If I was hiring for a company and saw this and then these people come to my company to apply, I would not hire them.

  • Derek

    Thags because we would buy a panty quest or a true murder sim before a artistic walking sim.

  • dsadsada

    *looks at copy of Moe Chronicle*
    Guilty as charged.

  • Shaded Lumikko

    Dear lord i have not seen anyone career suicide so quickly :/

    Having things like this on your name makes pretty sure that there’s no work outside indie waiting for them.

  • Shaded Lumikko


  • And the worst thing about their wanting of success is that they want it fast and want it now. They come into the scene like “Yo I’m the new hot shit right now. You know Notch? Pixel? Danny B.? Blow? Well I’m the next one.” What these people need to understand is that that kind of overnight lighting-in-a-bottle success rarely happens, and some devs have to work harder than others to market their game. They set their expectations so high (and are so arrogant in doing so), that they’ll set themselves up for failure.

  • buddyluv324

    Nice find there. Seems like not only that the devs are pulling a “Phil Fish” but they think capitalism is evil also.

  • Neojames82

    Capitalism is evil eh? I’m sure these are the same kind of hipster assholes that also buy the new iPhones every year.


  • landlock

    Never heard of them.

  • Thanatos2k

    I’ve never heard of this game, so, uh, that might be part of the problem.

  • Thanatos2k

    If Gamergate is somehow responsible for making these people fail….thank you, Gamergate.

  • Thanatos2k

    Suddenly I am even more glad they failed.

  • Raziel Barkrai

    That’s a girl? I legitimately thought that was a guy.

  • mrwizeass

    Can I get a link to that article?

  • mrwizeass

    Only 5?

  • mrwizeass

    “But their marketing, practice, and attitude did them no favors” That’s what really irked me about them.They release one game and all of a sudden they think everyone should play it and tell them their shit doesn’t stink? Who the fuck to they think they are!?

  • CoarseHock

    People who hate games and gamers leave gaming. What a loss.

  • Minohoro

    So….. was it any good?

  • Phelan

    Kim Jong Un here:
    “we agree, we wont contact with you. We agree. You welcomed here. Come to Korea, we don’t have capitalism. You will be happy here. Come work in our fucktory”

  • Madbrainbox

    Twitter sucks.It allows people to say idiotic things when they are angry. That is never good.

  • Wand

    Get rekt

  • Raziel Barkrai

    I kinda consider Drakengard 1 to be art, but that’s because I think that the gameplay, music, and story compliment each other in having the player witness the world and its inhabitants descending into madness.

  • Llama


  • Erud

    The funny thing about all this is, that for all their hate of capitalism, if this was released under a communist regime they would have been payed a pittance while the state kept all the actual profits.
    Just look at the guy who made Tetris. The man should have been one of the richest people in the world if the USSR didn’t screw him over.

  • Raspberry

    Oh guys i have a GREAT idea! Let’s make a non-game, that most people will have to “get” to extract any enjoyment form and try to sell it. And let’s borrow money to make it better! What could possibly go wrong!

  • Viredae

    Bet they wish the gaming journalism industry wasn’t so corrupt that it gave them false hopes, eh?

  • Chino Gambino

    You must also be an MRA right winger because something something.

  • Evropi

    You’re absolutely right, 100% agree. I’m a business student, one of the first tenets of creating an environment innovation is letting it happen on its own. It falls apart when you introduce QA cycles, feedback for everything and above all, try to rationalise your supply chain.

    This is why McDonald’s for instance has declined in recent years — it has not been able to keep up with competitors because in the 1980s and 1990s, it took them a full 5 years (!) to create new roducts as they looked to lower their costs to the lowest possible point and make their supply chain as efficient as possible. It’s just not a good way to respond to market changes, and it certainly ain’t a good way to outdo your competitors by bringing new things to the (literal) table.

    Innovation is an inherently artistic process. It is not driven by rationalisation of everything, but letting your employees roam free. Perhaps that’s why
    Kojima is consistently successful at creating ultra-high budget but artistic games; Konami has a tradition of working with small teams and distinct but still interlinked cells. More importantly, management stayed out of the way, which is EXACTLY why Metal Gear Solid 4 felt like
    such a cookie-cutter, fanservicey experience compared to the rest of the series (not to say it isn’t a fantastic game of course).

  • PmcC

    My thought is they have the same mindset as the Kurgan from Highlander : “Its better to Burn out than to fade away !!”

  • Chino Gambino

    All the most helpful reviews on the steam store are negative, they are also highly detailed on why the game is bad even for people who enjoy walking simulators. There is a market for these games, Sunset is just a bad title and was rejected. This is certainly not “a game for gamers”, this is a niche of a niche; I enjoy adventure titles but have little interest in these first person presentations.

    The devs and their sour grapes though, you can tell they wanted to appeal to the hipster sojus crowd and they got heaps of pick up from all the usual suspects in the press. Which kind of serves them right, they were blind to the feedback of their customers and took refuge in the nice reviews. They have no business blaming the market system for their failure, they got far higher exposure than most can indies hope for and still failed; not entitled to our dollars sorry.

    All the best to them but I’m glad they won’t be gracing steam with anymore $20 3D model viewers.

  • Nani Sore

    Im okay with being evil you usually get to wear skulls -totally rad.

  • PmcC

    Apparently it got heavy advertisement from RPS, IGN and Kotaku with ads and articles, I guess it goes with what some ppl are saying that consumers aren’t really listing to them anymore.

  • Elkhazel

    looking forward to this

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    Burning bridges – Always a smart exit strategy.

  • Paganator

    Games development is inherently very risky. There’s a huge number of games out there, so competition is fierce and you need a hit to make a profit. For example, the last numbers I saw indicated that over 90% of mobile games fail to be profitable.

    If you make a game that’s mainstream, then you’re in direct competition with every other mainstream game. Will mainstream gamers pick your tiny indie game, or Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed or GTA5? This is rarely a good strategy for small teams.

    If you make a niche game, then competition is much lower, but so is your audience. There’s a very real risk that the reason nobody is competiting over that niche is because it’s not big enough to be profitable. This is generally a better approach for small teams, but still very risky (especially now that there are so many indie studios competing over previously ignored niches).

    It’s not easy being a game developer without millions in budget.

  • SolidSalamander

    So much for just leaving quietly and not making an ass of yourself.

  • Beatnik Revolution

    So basically they surrounded themselves with sycophants, got consultation from Leigh “blitzed” Alexander, had a major media push with glowing articles from the usual media clowns, somehow convinced themselves they were making “game for gamers” even though it was a pretentious walking simulator that no gamer wants, and now they are *shocked* that their shit game didnt sell well?

    Welcome to reality dipshits, this is what happens when you step out of your hipster bubble. Pretty classy to blame everyone except themselves for making a shitty game

  • Beatnik Revolution

    So basically they surrounded themselves with sycophants, got consultation from Leigh “blitzed” Alexander, had a major media push with glowing articles from the usual media clowns, made a pretentious walking simulator that no gamer wants, and now they are *shocked* that their shit game didnt sell well?

    Welcome to reality dipshits, this is what happens when you step out of your hipster bubble. Pretty classy to blame everyone except themselves for making a shitty game

  • inquisitormcsagington


  • Sylveria Shini

    It’s the standard art-snob reaction of “You just don’t appreciate what we made.” Even for the people who like this thing, by most consumer accounts, the game is poorly made and uninteresting. The reaction of these people comes off as someone not liking their post because they think they made the gaming equivalent of Citizen Kane, when really they made, at best, an episode of Gilligan’s Island.

  • Derek

    Alright going slap my faux intellectual cap here ad give you a op/ed.

    The audience that the tots tried to get was the proverbial microbrew audience vs the piss water audience that we had lumped with cod kiddies or whomever activ bungie had drinking year after year.

    Tots thought with the rise of indies and socjus they would rake in tons of cash. I mean look at the feminists shaming gamers and their choice of games. Cheap fanservice filth that probably would be a warning sign you will end up on a registered sex offender list down the line. So they waged war on the gamers. Offering Salvation if you surrender to the walking sim while casting the cross of damnation on anyone who refuses it. Seasons wax and wayne as we saw Japan give up on the west and the rise of walking sims. But in comes a bunch of actively defiant gamers who thinks this isnt ok and suddenly you are in deep shit.

  • Derek

    Gg did call out the walking game devs on their bs.

  • Derek

    And lets not forget “basic human decency”. To celebrate I propse we have a stream of perverted pg13 creepshit game livestream to thumb our noses at the faux intelllectuals.

  • Derek

    Or masturbate to

  • I’m actually a lizard person.

  • They fear the free market. :)

  • TheDVI

    People who think capitalism is evil tend to ignore the fact that it is what gives first-worlders such a high standard of living.

  • Thanatos2k

    Well, we now have conclusive proof that the “megaphone” is a fraud important to the industry only in her own mind. That’s something!

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Kinda funny that their swansong is named “Sunset”.

  • chizwoz

    Capitalism is fine. You just weren’t game designers.

  • TerriblePerson

    The tears are delicious.

  • YHomer

    I just want to point out this game uses loquendo, a program that 12 year olds use in their videos in my non-fictional latin-america country, that isn’t artistic at all, that’s just lazy

  • YHomer

    Oh no, I made a niche game and tried to shove it to mainstream but it didn’t work ;(
    Blame everyone except me for my poor decisions

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    And yet we still have shitheads like Phil Fish in the industry.

  • Jaqueline Gillis francine

    Some people fail to realize that, if you make games to sell, then you are dealing with market. Just like music in a comercial level, you must set your mind into making it with the objective of reaching and pleasing a great share of the public, way too diferent than making in your garage with friends, where you can concern freely about experiment new things and broader horizons.

    Those devs make the second one, and wants the results of the first one, and that is just not how the world works. Even niche things are made thinking about what a group of people want,
    you can’t just say “I do what I want” and still want people to waste
    their money on my projects.