Peaceful #GamerGate in D.C. Meetup Receives False Bomb Threats

Last night, a group of pro-#GamerGate supporters, including Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopoulos and feminist-scholar and critic Christina Hoff Sommers, had a false bomb threat(s) called upon their gathering.

The call for the bomb-threat evacuation had come in roughly at 12:15 AM, according to SuperNerdLand. Reportedly, the local Washington D.C. police arrived telling everyone to evacuate, saying that it was a “fire drill.” This soon changed to reports of a potential bomb threat. The above video is a recording via Twitter user Lord Twinkie, which occurred soon after everyone was evacuated outside.

It’s worth mentioning this is the first major pro-#GamerGate meetup (that I know of) in the Americas, following a similar event that Yiannopoulos held in London this past week. Prior to the #GGinDC meetup, various Twitter users had made attempts to pressure the group’s location of choice, a restaurant/bar called Local 16, to prevent the group from meeting there.

gamergate 05-02-15-1

(Pictured: Lizzy Finnegan, writer for The Escapist, Christina Hoff Sommers, and Cathy Young, writer for The Daily Beast)

Despite the recent timing of the events, it’s strange that mainstream gaming and tech websites aren’t quick to report on the events, when they were so quick to report on similar false-threats made to feminist critics. “It’ll be very interesting to see what coverage an actual bomb threat made to police in an effort to disrupt the #GGinDC gathering will get,” wrote Stardock CEO, founder and president Brad Wardell.

“Wonder how many news outlets will cover the bomb threats against #GGinDC. not holding my breath.” wrote Chloe Price, a pro-#GamerGate and #NotYourShield Twitter user. “Someone made a bomb threat against #GamerGate meetup in DC last night, prompting evac. Should dispel notion that other side is 100% saintly,” said Robby Soave, staff editor at

Throughout the entire planning and aftermath of the event, the management of Local 16 never backed down in keeping their doors open to all walks of life. “Owner of bar called me after getting scary warnings not to host #GGinDC Spoke with accent:”Would never keep any group out. This is America,” said Christina Hoff Sommers, when recalling the preparing of the event.

Following the eventual clearing of the false-threat, Local 16 re-opened to the public and even offered a free round of shots to everyone in attendance – thankfully no one was hurt in the entire ordeal.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Luis Eduardo

    They were jealous because we had the most fabulous party of all DC

  • Madbrainbox

    Are you sure it was peaceful?I mean look at that picture of Lizzy,prof Sommers and Cathy Young.They are clearly plotting the demise of all women in tech right there.

  • Azure

    Beyond petty. Acting like a child with the mentality of if I cannot have it then no one can.

  • logan_mac
  • Carl B.

    Love the comment from the bar owner. “This is America”. Yes, and from my experience, it seems only the children of immigrants, or immigrants themselves realize this anymore. They still have that classic idea of what America is and can be. The land where all people can make their own decisions about their life and don’t have to tolerate people blocking them from organizing. Beautiful. Makes me weep.

  • Postcards

    I could have gone but I decided not to. Place looked packed.

  • masterninja

    A story full of such inconvenient truths won’t be covered till they find the right way to spin it…

  • Dr. Evil’s Brother’s Evil Twin

    Watch someone blame it on Gamergate. These anti-side play the victim, but they are more hateful than anyone I’ve seen on the GG side.

  • dsadsada

    Yeah, this is pretty much what I’m expecting too just like with all the sock puppet comments and internalized misogyny comments.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Children of immigrants who work their ass off to come here legally, find work, be a part of the culture and be proud to be American, yes.
    My mother and grandparents are first generation immigrants from Dominican Republic who had to memorize the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    To this day she’s infuriated by this erosion of our national pride, the political and academic targeting of our race and long-standing institutions, and she despises the same faux academic bullshit that we deal with.

    Not to toot any horns here, but I understand what you mean completely, Carl.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Damn fine article, mate! Nicely done!

  • Random Marine

    Strange that no-one said yet that it was all “a fake attempt of Pro-GG to blame anti-GG for the threat”.

  • Landale

    From what I’m seeing there’s at least one lunatic saying Slade did it to frame Chu. What does the lunatic base this on? Him sending information to the police about Chu desperately trying to shut it down before it could happen before finally declaring that it “ends tonight”.

  • Zanard Bell

    It’s funny a few people from the other side taking Arthur Chu to task for his attempt to have GGinDC thrown out. Also, as much as my spidey senses are tingling, I don’t want to pin this yet on Chu. Let’s wait for a proper investigation for it to shed light on the subject.

    In a better, but somber news, I wish I was in that meet up. Sucks that I live half a globe away from where it happened.

  • Landale

    I don’t think Chu did it, but I’m pretty sure he ended up causing it. Going nuts trying to get it shut down, getting other people in on it, it was bound to happen by then.

    I’d love to be able to go to such a thing as well. Sadly I’m stuck out in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota, not much opportunity for any offline socializing here.

  • Juhata

    It’s totally about fighting evil misogynists and brainwashed sockpuppets literally raping women in tech guys. It’s okay when we do it!

    Talking seriously, it’s pretty nice to see that people were taking it well.

  • d19xx

    Worst place to make a bomb threat. That’s like sticking your dick in a blender.

  • Harlem Ball Z

    it is a shame that some of those immigrants and son of immigrants don’t respect america by doing a mess to the country they are allowed to live

  • Ricardo Lima

    Lets hope they catch and arrest the person(s) responsible

  • DeusEx

    I’m going to curb my enthusiasm and wait until when (or if) we find who did send those bomb threats and warnings. If it is from a salty aGGer or SJW, then release the kraken.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t say this is surprising. Not at all.
    Feminists have been doing that all the time to any active movement that does not fit their ideas and SJW overlap and borrow a ton from feminism.

  • Anonymous

    That’d be a fun accusation to hear coming from them considering that fake threats are their bread and butter.

  • Eralun

    A bomb threat against 300+ people, and not a word about it?


  • Fenrir7

    aGGro is full of petty vindictive cunts. I’m glad GG and Local 16 stood their ground.

  • Chino Gambino

    Some migrants, its politically incorrect to say so but Islamic theology tends to divide some migrants from the greater population. When you are heavily invested in a political ideology this generally trumps any nationalistic feelings(strictly speaking nationalism isn’t the most rational of values either, I enjoy it anyway).

    What you find though, at least where I live is migrants are slightly more nationalistic than the natives. They come here with no real assets, just some cash reserves and their skills but they come from places where they never had opportunities or freedom of expression. They work hard and recognize the things westerns take for granted, things like not getting shot and freedom of speech which they don’t understand because they’ve never had it denied to them. I’ve had experiences with Chinese students, they can vent for hours here in the company of westerners about things that would land them in jail on the mainland. Its insane how soft and disconnected “social justice” advocates are from what serious human rights abuses look like when they advocate for the suspension of due process rights and mock “freeze peach”. They wouldn’t last a day of the totalitarian regimes they support.

    I would say you have more to worry from your decadent foolish countrymen who live in a different reality to you than any migrant going with the flow.

  • Fenrir007

    John Walker from RPS is already applying his double standards to this. “Do you have any proof????” – completely ignoring the pictures of the police in the event and the testimony of maybe 300 people there (while he “Listens and Believes” when he sees a screenshot of an egg account saying some terroristy things to his clique). Let’s see if they will cover this like they covered the Utah “bomb threats” (deemed non credible by the police).

    At any rate, I’m glad Niche Gamer reports fairly on such events. I’m surprised you guys didn’t go in person, actually. Busy schedule?

  • Ricardo Lima

    Lets wait and see how many of the so called journalists of other sites and media in general will report a bomb threat against 300 people in the US capital.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah definitely, and the funny thing is how crazy it all sounds, yet how true it.

    The right way to spin it?
    Sounds like all the other websites have some sort of agenda going on.
    Why would they not cover it? It’s not like they actually have mailing lists where they coordinate who not to report on, which matters to ignore and which events to ban from being reported on right?

    That would surely sound like a crazy conspiracy if it had not already been leaked and was open to the public on wikileaks.

  • buddyluv324

    Yeah, Chu’s too pussy whipped as it is to do anything on his own after his statements on GG at his panel at Mag Fest ( think that was the name of the con he did a panel on). He’ll talk big, but he wont do much to back it up. If anything he was just enabling the drama. Even some people on twitter that dont like GG were against what he was saying. As for the threat itself, credible or not, it was a plain dumb ass move on their part calling a threat anywhere in Washington DC. Clearly not the most well thought out plan.

  • Tyrannikos

    Hats off to the bar owner, the police and everyone in attendance for this meet up. You all handled it spectacularly. I’ve heard nothing but positive things of this hate mob gathering.

  • buddyluv324

    Seems like no matter what gets tossed towards GG, they can still be chill and laugh about it while making new memes while standing their ground. You have to be a special level of dumbass to sent a bomb threat to Washington DC though. At this point its like watching a Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner cartoon unfold IRL. Thanks again for another eventful weekend in gaming AntiGGers (and the possible troll who sent the bomb threat).

  • Gaspar

    Well, being able to gather with people of the same ideology like that is a basic human right that most countries respect and protect, not really an american thing. If anything America would be behind most of the world in that aspect if people could easily pressure venues into refusing attendance like they tried.

  • Psichaos

    Now I’m upset I didn’t go. Would have loved to be part of the group while shenanigans were happening, but I had work and couldn’t get out for the day.

  • Nonscpo


  • Throwingrocks

    In one of the pictures CHS is holding up a FIST! I AM TRIGGERED!!

  • Throwingrocks

    We’ll see. I hope you’re right, and that the bomb threat in DC will be acted upon swiftly and without bias… but it will depend on how much this actually cost the DC police to come out, investigate what they HAD to know was a hoax (but just to be safe, they have to investigate). If it cost the police enough, they’ll go after the perp to at least get the money back from the heavy fines that can be imposed and collected.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Dawn Blast

    Yeah that would be hillarious

  • Neojames82

    Chu only exerts any sort of effort to grab another bag of Cheetos and uses a typing stick from his bed to make posts on his Twitter.

  • Neojames82

    Course they won’t cover it, nor will Polygon; Kotaku, etc because they are all in a circle jerk together and they probably wish someone did get blown up at the event.

  • Tenebrae

    Great work Brandon.

  • Greg Nieto

    Kotaku has, actually. It was confusing to read the article, because they actually tried to be pretty levelheaded.

  • Reason

    Feminism IS terrorism. This is just a bomb threat, instead of the usual “campus rape threat”, “glass ceiling threat” and “lower wages threat”.

  • Random Dude

    Kotaku at least tried to win back some of their old crowd after the last shenanigans of “Gamers are dead”. It’s still a long way till everyone treat it as the old unreliable gaming website instead of GG circlejerk though.

  • ShepardRahl

    So all the aggros accomplished was to get all those in attendance free drinks. Smooth.

  • ShepardRahl

    And because 45x more people showed up for it than LW1’s fake congressional hearing. Actually I do believe more people showed up for this than any anti-GG panel at conventions or whatnot. At least those that I have seen.

    I wonder is 300 was the bar limit. I’m sure a hell of a lot more people would have shown up. Next time they should rent a large hall or something.

  • Thanatos2k

    B-b-b-b-b-but wait, I thought Gamergate was the one sending bomb threats. How could this happen!?!?!?!?!?

  • Nin


    Heck, my dad was an illegal who worked his way to legality through the military and he’s one of the most nationalistic people I know.

    I don’t consider myself very nationalistic, but I like this country way more than the one my parents immigrated from. For one, we can actually make caustic jokes against the president. Also, better internet.

  • sanic

    “I’ll prove those people are bad by threatening them with a bomb”

    Is like cartoon villain shit with this idiots.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    That’d be rather ironic, seeing as the Utah bomb threat was done by an anti-GG journalist in Brazil to frame Gamergate.

    I wonder how they would plan to explain away 300+ witnesses, the pressure the bar received via twitter (only morons would do that to themselves), and the police reports which can be traced back to them.

  • Dewey Defeats Truman

    I remember being in seventh grade and having to evacuate in the middle of gym class to the nearby elementary school along with like 500 other kids because of a fake bomb threat. Even then, I thought that fake bomb threats were an incredibly childish and immature thing to do, something only an idiot would try to pull.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Still not as bad as Sweden and much better than certain parts of Europe where the human right of “freedom of speech” is either absent or suppressed.

    Though yes, the cultural subversion is working it’s cancerous wonders here, too. All part of why we need to preserve our culture.

    The government is awful, manipulative and schizophrenic (hence why we need to be on-the-ball and keep it in line as best we can), but the country and it’s freedoms is great. That’s what we need to protect most, otherwise we’ll end up like Sweden.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    I agree. Barring those of entitled mentalities, it seems the legal and hard working immigrants are the most infatuated with American culture.

    And it’s not wrong to mention Islam, mate. It’s a religiopolitical ideology that is part religion and part culture unto its own, hence “Sharia Law”.
    Sweden has shown the result of rampant Islamic immigration and Social Justice cultural erosion.

    Now it’s not all Muslims, but many Muslim immigrants (here legally) want an Islamic state and will say so freely. That’s blatantly anti-American.
    Meanwhile other Muslims genuinely like the U.S., which is why they chose to migrate here.

    tl;dr The way to prevent complications from migrants bringing over their culture to override yours is to preserve your own culture. Social Justice uses Critical Theory to erode American culture, and some people take advantage of that.

    Most immigrants on a whole, though, at least from my mother’s time and those like her, are proud to be a part of the culture of the nation they came to and hate the same divisive nonsense we combat.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Your father was illegal but worked to become legal, and even did so through the military.
    That’s double-awesome. Effort and patriotism, man.

    I’d high five you through the internet but I’m not magic

  • Jon Snow

    That’s because we know the pansies who feel the need to make anonymous threats don’t have the balls to actually follow through

  • Madbrainbox

    THe horror!!!

  • Alistair

    Ouch so much for these High morals ground SJWs geeks on they high horses.

    Moral = everything must be law binding, living in peaceful existence legally with-out SLANDER all content are evil, misognist & sexiest, violent.

    above is perfect world but all very well to use moral high ground but every time they open they gobs it slander this & slander that.

    But a new low to use a bomb threat even it’s a false alarm they out of touch & losing the argument.

    You can do some of above tagged moral with all qustionable content if its extreme violence & sexual content it’s called freedom of speech & expression.