Niche Gamer Plays—Clive -N- Wrench

Niche Gamer Plays is an ongoing video preview series where our staff take an in-depth and yet concise look at classic and upcoming games across all current gaming platforms.

With Clive -N- Wrench being on Kickstarter, we’ve gotten some hands on time with the game’s somewhat meaty demo. Featured above, you can view and listen to our Editor-in-Chief, Brandon, playing the game’s early alpha demo—he tends to swear a lot when playing video games.

In case you like what you see, you can fund Clive -N- Wrench on Kickstarter here.

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  • Sergio Nacher Fernández

    Oh, nice, a collect-a-thon on the style of Banjo Kazooie! Will have to give it a check when(if) it ever comes out.

  • Anonymous

    For pre alpha it looks really good and has a nice 90’s vibe with inanimate objects with googly eyes, a camera that goes through walls and useless stuff to collect everywhere included.

  • Carl B.

    Wish they still made platformers in this style. The retro 2d thing is getting old IMO.