Niche Gamer Fan Art—02/17/15


We have a mascot and her name is Mika, the Niche Gamer! Our fans love her as much as we do, and because of that, we had to create a special place to showcase fan art of Mika. It floors us whenever our fans show us how much they love us, and Mika!

Fan art of Mika can be anything—an original sketch, a 3D model, a customized avatar in a game, be creative! If you’d like a spotlight, please contact us with your Mika fan art, and we’ll post it here in the fan art column!

These are in no particular order:

mika 02-13-15-1

Creator: Charlie A. Taylor

mika 02-17-15-1

Creator: Divawho

Please write in to Fan Art @ Niche Gamer (click to open a new message with your preferred email provider) with your own fan art of Mika, the Niche Gamer—we’ll proudly display your love for Mika, and our website!


The staff at Niche Gamer are crazy passionate about the same games that we cover and play every day. Please feel free to contact us any time!

  • Cy

    Awesome art. I’d love to see someone create her in a game like Mass Effect or Soul Calibur.

  • Nonscpo

    I thought you guys stated on the podcast that she was a futa, doesn’t that mean that there should be a bulge somewhere?

    P.S. Those yellow eyes on the figurine really freak me out for some reason :(

  • LOL I never said she was a futa. Ahahahahaha, is that a rumor now?

  • Ryan Silva #2416

    She’s just a futa with a really small package, obviously

  • Mr0303

    For a moment there I thought the first picture was a figurine. Both pieces are awesome. Looking forward to new entries.

  • Some furf

    Well now’s your chance. Come on, make it official.

  • Nonscpo


    P.S. Welcome to the Nichegamer nation Ryan.

  • Ryan Silva #2416

    thanks, homie

  • Game Guy

    This is some really quality work. I oughtta throw my hat into the ring sometime

  • Badmojo7

    I love the art except for the location of the letters of NG. It isn’t that its on her breasts, it just seems off somehow. What about a small letters over her heart, or a armband with the letters? and maybe have them big on the center of her back? Besides that, I love it.