New English Screenshots for Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy

Operation Abyss New Tokyo Legacy 2015-01-26

NIS America have published new screenshots of the English version of their dungeon crawler RPG, Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy.

NIS America’s blurb for the game:

From the studio that made Demon Gaze comes Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, a sci-fi dungeon crawler RPG set in a near future Tokyo. With the city under the constant threat of Variants—genetically engineered monsters—and the emergence of portals leading to a mysterious dimension called the Abyss, the government has established the Code Physics Agency to investigate these mysterious phenomena. The Xth Squad—a unique group of teens modified by the CPA’s Code technology—must evade traps, face down powerful monsters, and investigate the mystery behind the Abyss.

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy is set to release on the Playstation Vita on April 14 in North America and April 17 in Europe.

A sequel, called Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy, has been announced for Japan.

Dimi Gronnings


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  • handsomejack47

    Not going to lie: that headline pic was the reason I clicked to get to his article.

  • OverlordZetta

    Hope the dub will be above the usual NISA level since it’s going to be dub only.

  • Taedirk

    Source? This is the first time I’ve heard dub-only for it.

  • Game Guy

    Please dont let NISA fuck this up PLEASE dont let NISA fuck this up

  • wundermula

    Why do all these screenshots have the title in jap in the corner with the english text small?nn already seem to have a decent enough looking english title

  • Not sure.. some of these localizations are a bit odd with copyrighting/watermarking things. nnBTW, your avatar… is that an ass? :P

  • Dammage

    fuck, i was hoping it wasn’t true.nn

  • Omnistrand

    Slightly disappointing, but I can live with it. Hopefully if they get around to the sequel they’ll be able to implement dual audio… and keep the integrity of the original dialogue without butchering the translation.

  • ReaperX30

    Hehe I was wondering the same thing!

  • Guest

    NISA didn’t fuck it up but the developer did – it’s english dub only because of code issues.

  • Crazy_O

    Well… at least that freed-up some money for other games though.

  • Nonscpo

    Agreed Dimi did a great job with that headline pic!

  • Female Anime Face

    Greatly looking forward to this. I loved Demon Gaze and can’t wait to play EXP’s next game.

  • Female Anime Face

    what’s been wrong with NISA dubs? Disgaea, Atelier, Danganronpa, always been really above average.

  • somedude

    Dubs can be good. Just extremely unlikely.

  • Badmojo7

    I wish there was a PC port of these types of games, would buy them in a heartbeat. Sadly, I got out of trying to keep up with consoles and handhelds and just sticking with PC.

  • eltonBorges

    “The Xth Squadu2014a unique group of teens modified by the CPAu2019s Code technology” Japanese Weapon X? Hahahahahaha! Anyway, very interesting.