Niche Gamer-cast Episode 20 – #GamerGate Powered by Intel Inside®

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Niche News of the Week

  1. Intel Pulls Ads from Gamasutra in the Wake of #GamerGate
  2. Sword Art Online: Lost Song is Revealed for PS3 and PS Vita
  3. Twitch is Making Broadcasters Who are Paid by Sponsors Publicly Disclose It
  4. Steam is Now Enforcing Full Disclosure of Paid Recommendations
  5. Larian Studios Not So Adverse to Crowdfunding Again?
  6. Introducing a New Indie CRPG, Crimea
  7. Battle Chef Brigade is Funded on Kickstarter
  8. Official Themes for PS Vita are Now Available via Update 3.3o
  9. Empyrion is a Survivalist Minecraft Set in Space
  10. The Producer of Dragon Quest X Wants the Game on PS4

Topic of the Week

Intel has dropped advertisement support of Gamasutra due to their stance against gamers. This is a monumental achievement for the campaign and for the naysayers that continually spew forth hatred and vitriol towards the gamers that have given them jobs, and a way of life. It’s a conundrum that has continued and we try to disseminate our thoughts in an attempt to decipher the insane backlash towards Intel’s decision.

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  • Zet

    B-but you said episode twenty would be a streamed event! Maybe 25 or 30 for that? Know with all the GG news its sorta hard to get something like that all set. Well hope ya’ll can figure out something for that, keep fighting the good fight.

  • Anbutou

    Watch the stream here, but don’t forget to check out !

    TotalBiscuit, Greg Tito, and Janelle Bonanno on a 1:15 stream, it’s really sublime if you enjoy reason and intelligence.

  • I apologize for that dude. I’ll update the OP with this but we’re going to do a livestream for the 25th podcast, and the date is definitely November 9th. Come hell or high water, even if it’s just me and another person, we’ll livestream :)

  • Carl B.

    Sorry I couldn’t be there last night for this one. The missus stayed home, so that changed things.

  • nonscpo

    I agree with Chris people need to get over Alfheim Online because the bulk of the SAO story appears to have it on the background. The real tragedy with that whole Fairy Dance arc is that it was forced into the first season of the show rather than being given its own season and allowing the audience to reset there expectations for the series.

  • Guillaume T Beaumont

    I think there’s something wrong with the RSS feed ( ). The last episode one the podcasting software on my phone picks up is episode 11. The RSS for the podcast seems to be missing links to the MP3s for all the episodes after that.

  • 33

    (20mins) “Japanese Kickstarter” Was it Camp-fire? I don’t recognise the game though.

  • Chris Gregoria

    Could you imagine though, if they had ended the first season with SAO stuff only? Assuming they showed that Asuna hadn’t woken up before the season ended…oh, the riots that would’ve happened.

    …Now I kinda wish they did, just so I could’ve spoiled it for everyone who didn’t read the books. :3

  • Thanatos2k

    They didn’t do that though. In episode 14 he just staggers down the hall. You assume she woke up. You assume they all did.

    Would have been perfect to stop right there.

  • Chris Gregoria

    It certainly would’ve been a great place to stop. I mean, it’s right where the book ends if I recall, and it’s clearly the scene that ends the first half.

    Just would’ve been more fun for a massive cliffhanger.

  • Brotagonist

    I find my self waiting every week for the next podcast, which is a really cool thing and shows that I’m really starting to love you guys. One thing I would mention so far is that the audio levels are crazy off this week. Everything seemed really quiet to a point where I was maxing my volume out and it sounded at about 20% Not sure what the problem was or if it was on my end(hopefully it was that.)

  • Alistair

    Sorry I’m late I’m been busy with dangaropa-2 & some Akiba strip.

    It good Intel pull their ad, also twich & steam put in place disclose of funds from sponsors etc.

    Another good game to get under the skin of SJWs is senran shovoi this week for EU.

  • artemisthemp

    The only 3 American Football team I know is Dallascowboys, Eagles (The Emperor doesn’t approve) and Cleveland browns