Niche Gamer-cast Episode 19—The Nanny State of #GamerGate

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Niche News

  1. Mighty No. Nein – #GamerGate Censorship
  2. The Engine and Map Editor of Mount & Blade II is Insanely Powerful
  3. Is Guerrilla Games Developing a Sci-Fi RPG Filled with Robot Dinosaurs?
  4. Dragon Simulator Takes Flight on November 7th via Steam Early Access
  5. Zodiac is a New RPG Collaboration from Final Fantasy Veterans
  6. The Main Cast of Final Fantasy XV is a Group of Bros on a Road Trip and Final Fantasy XV Director Wants the Game more Casual with 1-Button Combat
  7. Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires is Heading West in Early 2015 and Toukiden Kiwami is Coming West Sometime in 2015 and Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War & Nightmare is Coming West in Q1 2015
  8. Xbox One is Now Cheaper than Playstation 4 in the United Kingdom
  9. Australians Get the New 3DS on November 21st and Xenoblade Chronicles on 3DS is Confirmed for Australia in 2015
  10. Total War: Attila is Revealed & Pillaging PC and Mac in 2015

Topic of the Week

Should we settle for a middle ground with GamerGate? Or does this simply deflect attention away from the real problem, which is that the parties who have allegations against them are simply not doing anything?

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  • Topgeartony

    Dammit guys. I have work in the morning and now this is up.

  • Razma

    Nice gonna start listening now. I skipped ahead on accident and heard you mention the 3DS in Australia… I’m so salty about it. Apparently Iwata mentioned early 2015 or something for NA/EU but I’m sure it could change who knows. They just released 3 new 3DS XL models in America so they probably want to sell through old units before releasing new one.

  • Do you guys have an RSS for itunes? I am ultra lazy. I still listen, but… you know.. effort…

  • Brotagonist

    I gotta say you hit the nail on the head with the fact that most people have no clue what’s going on. The bulk of my friends have no clue about any of the gamergate stuff. The sad thing is that the people who do know think it’s just stupid and people whining. I only know a couple that really seem to care about it.

  • Alistair

    Great podcast guys, about nanny state that what UK is, basiclly it everything bad for us.

    There was a stream by king of pol did you hear it guys.

    Their had a special guest, SJW a anti gamergate & few points I pick up on is…

    1. he agree that gamers are dead

    2. He was asked if gamers are dead what are his tag ID he said VGP (video games “player”) he went on saying gamers are dead was about hardcore gamers & didn’t put casual in the same basket with hardcore gamers.

    But there is a flaw with number 2 I highlight it the word player.

    In the UK the word player is many things a guy cheating on his girlfriend/ have lots of girlfriend playing with their hearts.

    & player in “play the game” dating whores I could be wrong it either guys dating whores or the sex worker that playing the game.

    3. He brought up ISIS into the debate couldn’t belive my ears.

    But the hightlight for me was the guy for gamergate was his size of his cock lol he said it right out.

    I post a link here later on I need to find it again & have a watch 5 hours of women for gamergate on YouTube there got more sense then these SJWs.

  • Alistair

    I couldn’t find about play the game, but it still a player.

    Any how here that vid it much later in about 2.30.00 approx.

  • Alistair

    So no more excuses for SJWs to preach us.

  • nonscpo

    Hey you guys talked about “GG” but forgot to mention the whole Dina/Comcept story.

  • I was waiting for someone to notice this LOL.

    Yeah talk about getting off topic, I completely forgot to bring it back up since we moved past it.

  • nonscpo

    Oh okay then! By the way this is off topic but please tell me you guys are going to talk about the new Windows 10 that was anounced. It seems twitter is filled with confusion over this:
    “What happened to windows 9”
    “cause windows 7 eight 9”

  • youareivan

    hey guys! love the website.

    i found your site through listening to internetaristocrat and the gamergate situation- so at least one good thing has happened on account of that terrible situation.

    i enjoyed listening to your podcast but disagreed with one issue in particular. while the anti-gamergate “journalists” in this particular instace may be democrats there are plenty of issues that involve outliers of the republican party trying to control how people think about things. for a timely example i would point to the conservative republicans in colorado that are trying to white wash american history for high schoolers. i would also remind you that jack thompson was a far right anti-gamer long before people like “literally who” was trying to co-opt gaming.

    the urge to compel people to think “the right way” is neither a democratic or republican platform. it is the platform of the most reactionary and extreme parts of both parties and i’m very sure you could find libertarians in the extreme fringes of that group that would be willing to do the same thing given the opportunity.

    it is unfortunate for me, a democrat, that parts of my party are so willing to try to control people’s beliefs and to vilify those like me that disagree with them. however i would remind you, as you pointed out on the podcast, based mom christina hoff sommers is a democrat and there are lots of other democratic gamers like me that support gamergate too.

    as far as what we the gamers should do about it i think a boycott of games is a mistake. it’s the “journalists” that have behaved so badly and insulted gamers personally. we should continue to boycott the websites that participated in all those insulting gamers are dead hit pieces. further we all should try to spread the word with our gaming friends about the terrific alternatives like niche gamer that exist.

    at first i was worried that i would miss out on the timely gaming news that is so important to me by avoiding sites like kotaku and all the rest but then with the help of other concerned gamers i found sites like niche gamer and others that have the same timely news with out treating me with such contempt.

    i haven’t missed the other sites at all and i encourage everyone reading this to spread the word about the websites that love and respect our hobby. those other sites only remain powerful and influencial as long as they have a stranglehold on gamers but with a little help all gamers can discover web communities that will embrace the diversity that makes gaming such a fine hobby.

  • Patrick

    No surrender! No Middle ground! No retreat! They made this into a jihad, So we give them just that! They think we are Satan? Make them regret that notion!

  • Great show keep up the good work folks

  • RandomDev

    Just an FYI but Satan means the opposer/questioner/obstacle so being a Satan isn’t bad at all especially in regards to #GamerGate.

  • RandomDev

    That guy they interviewed was insane :s

  • Patrick

    True indeed… If who we were talking about were rational and learned. They are irrational, and would use this brand of image making to paint us as a black heart mustache curling villain. I say we turn up the heat and in their eyes, indulge their wishes and let the sensible onlooker to decide.