Niche Gamer-cast Episode 18—Revenge of the Misogynerds

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So you’re a regular visitor at Niche Gamer? The obscure games, the niche games, the weird games, whatever you want to call them—we love them and we know you love them as well. We only cover these games on our regular feed, and we only cover them on our podcast, too.

Niche News of the Week:

  1. Koji Igarashi Puts Dream Game On Hold, Returns to Mobile Games
  2. Tales of Zestiria is Coming West by Summer of 2015
  3. Bloodborn is Coming West on February 6th
  4. Tetsuya Nomura Steps Down as Director of Final Fantasy XV
  5. Final Fantasy Agito+ is Revealed for Playstation Vita
  6. SteamWorld Heist is Revealed, Set for 2015
  7. Failed Clang Kickstarter is Followed by Tighter Policies for Projects
  8. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is Embracing PC via Steam
  9. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth V Century is Revealed for Playstation Vita
  10. Project Scissors is a Spiritual Successor from the Creator of Clock Tower

Topic of the Week:

We talk about the current happenings of the #GamerGate movement, Tokyo Game Show 2014, and what we’re doing behind the scenes to further the message.

You can enjoy our podcast below, or you can download it here (right click and save as).

New Giveaway

We’re giving away an unopened copy of Tales of Xillia 2, courtesy of Bandai Namco! We know a lot of you probably have already bought the game, but all you have to do to secure this copy is to comment here with your feedback on our podcast/website.

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Big Papa Overlord at Niche Gamer. Italian. Dad. Outlaw fighting for a better game industry. I also write about music, food, & beer. Also an IT guy.

  • Razma

    I’ve been very happy using your website in the last few weeks since I started using it at the start of all the drama. You guys manage to put out a lot of info each day with no fluff as well as do some actual journalism with your pieces with indie devs. I even turned off my adblock on here which means to me that you guys are actually a really legit website that I will keep coming to. Hope you guys keep growing and having success!

  • Ryan Marshall

    Niche Gamer-cast is the neat. I’m glad to see it growing in popularity!

  • I came for Final Fantasy Agito+, I stayed for the bad news about castlevania clone

  • Spooker

    I’m liking the site, I’m glad to have found all these great little gaming sites that aren’t trying to push some political agenda that I wouldn’t have known about before following the whole gamergate fiasco.
    Nice informative podcast, looking forward to all the JRPGs coming out so I’ll have a reason to get a PS4. I wasn’t even aware of this new Castlevania you talked about since I’ve just covered my ears and eyes regarding Castlevania pretending that nothing after OoC exists.
    But keep up the fine work, you’ve made a new fan.

  • Pepper

    Did someone say game? :D

    But I am so loving this site. Finally a website I can trust for news beside Youtubers.

  • Siveon

    Really enjoy this site guys. I’m pretty sure I’m not interested in 70% of the news, but I can get that one tid-bit of stuff I won’t find anywhere else.

    This place doesn’t even have a hivemind yet, which is fantastic.

  • Terry Ferguson

    I’m growing to love this site. While I enjoy and regularly play the more popular, AAA games, there is a niche gamer inside me, and this site has directed my attention toward some games that I likely would not have otherwise heard of. I really appreciate this. But what I appreciate even more is that the focus is on the games, not on a pushing social agenda. Sad to say, but it’s refreshing to read a review that is actually…well…a review and not sophomoric pontification.

  • Bushkiliki

    Really enjoying the site so far. I’m glad to have another site to go for the games I enjoy.

  • Lin

    The articles on this site are informative and well written. Best part is, it works on mobile unlike some other sites I visit *coughsiliconeracough*. This is my now go to site on my phone

    Keep up the great work guys. The podcasts are a nice listen when working a boring shift too.

  • Neptuna

    Great job, thanks for keeping posted on TGS and staying involved in the community.

  • 「Revis Dumas」

    「I usually only access this website from RSS feeds so I never see thumbnails, and I do not really care for DBZ games. But when the thumbnail for your DBZ article was mentioned, I HAD to go look and laughed for almost five minutes before reading the article.」

  • I always gotta laugh when certain devs and journos say “games gotta be more inclusive” as it it’s a requirement, and yet are too stupid to realize that, as you guys said, they’ll please no one. If anything, even if they make the all-inclusive game, someone’s getting excluded. Some may like Gone Home, others won’t. Some will like the melodrama of Spec-Ops The Line (like I did), and others may not. And I’m glad you brought up target markets.

    There’s one simple rule that devs and journos can follow, and make themselves all the more happy. When it comes to games, products, work, art, and even home and life: Nothing is inclusive, everything is exclusive.

    Speaking of videogames as art, I’ll leave you with a the wisest thing one of my Art History professors once said that I live by to this day: Art is what people say it is.

  • Daniel Pang

    I have an imported English-language copy of Xillia 2, it’s from Mexico.

    Good ‘cast. You seem to be getting better at this. The more you talk, the more comfortable you get, and the love for games comes through just fine.

  • Brotagonist

    A few days ago I noticed this website from some random link. I decided I would check out the main site a bit more, and it just blew me away what I was seeing. On a news site, I was seeing ACTUAL news about video games. I hadn’t seen anything in what seems like years now, and after looking through a few pages I saw about 10 articles that I was actually interested in reading and didn’t know about.

    So I want to say thank you for giving me some hope and earning a nice spot on my bookmarks. Adblock fully off and I’ll be checking in every day from now on. Keep on it guys. Good job.

  • The target market thing is very appropriate and as I mentioned in the podcast, games like Tomb Raider, Portal, etc. prove that the very gamers that all the journalists insulted will buy those games despite having the dreaded female lead *GASP*

    Also, I’m willing to bet money that if the next call of duty had a strong female lead, it would still sell millions.

    Gamers don’t care who the lead character is, as long as the game is fun.

    While I don’t agree with the whole Social Justice thing as I whole, I think if they were targeting anybody, it should be the game devs and publishers. If the next call of duty did have a female lead, as mentioned before, the cis white male gamers would still buy it in droves, and it would attract more females to the more hardcore games. I fail to see how them attacking gamers accomplishes anything.

  • Yeah, the DBZ pic was great. Also, the DBZ story in the podcast allowed you to see hardcore journalism at work after we got the original info wrong!!

  • Daniel

    Yup, it’s great that there’s a site that covers all of these smaller games.

  • Topgeartony

    La resistance lives on.

  • Xanados

    What a great website guys just like always unbiased no BS facts that’s it. Really want to contribute when I get down to afghanistan.

  • King_Darkside

    This is the first site in a long time I have actually enjoyed going to regularly to get news about my vidya. I even turned off adblock and I rarely do that for any site. I like the layout and how you guys are no bs. I wish great success upon you guys, keep it up!

  • pieta

    Daily reminder that gamers boycott 4chan now. As always, we don’t go to 4chan, don’t click on links going there. Want some imageboards? Try 8chan or others. 4chan is fully taken over, with m00t mass baning and SJW janitors.

  • cen

    I like that you link new articles on twitter

  • nonscpo

    Yup youse guyz were definetly mentioned by internet aristocrat, it was at the 30-minute mark; nice catch by the way Miles:

  • PistolPete7556

    I found this website during one of Internet Aristocrat’s livestreams, where he and others were sharing gaming news sights that hadn’t been co-opted by people who don’t care about games at all. In recent years I’ve been drawn more towards smaller studios and niche games, rather than the big AAA titles I used to play when I primarily played on console. So far this website has been a godsend to find some games I would have never known about otherwise, while creating a great open forum for discussion from people in the comments. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Dumped a ton of sites and pods over the GG thing, glad that I found this one in the fallout.

  • James

    Out of all the new gaming websites I’ve started visiting as a result of GamerGate, this one creates the most (and the highest quality) content, so it’s no surprise that your Alexa ranking is skyrocketing. Keep it up!

    I never really considered the angle that gaming journalists are acting the way they are because they are ashamed of gaming, and want to turn it into ‘high art’ they can discuss with their other snooty friends. But now that I’ve thought about it, it makes sense given their cliquishness and constant shaming tactics.

  • Been browsing for about a week, it’s nice to have a site on my daily rounds that covers niche kind of games almost exclusively. I like that the site works well on mobile devices too. I don’t think I have any constructive feedback right now but I like it so far, so good job!

  • 33

    (18,45~) “Don’t call them far left”
    I think the most accurate title for current SJWs is anti-liberal left.

    (54,30) “You can’t dismiss mobile telephones, they’re a perfectly legitimate platform”.

    The personal issue I have with mobile telephones as a game console is the forced touch-screen and lesser power (but I dislike alternative control systems, so I know that’s a personal bias). People worry that the game will be worse than it could be if it was an exclusive.

    Even though they make money, that’d doesn’t automatically mean they’re good. The mobile game market has a bad reputation because of the huge amount of low quality games out there (all platforms have awful games but usually there’s a huge collection of good games to justify owning those). I’m not saying that they can’t make good, full games for those machines, but they don’t: people more likely to spend time playing a full length RPG (as an example) would most likely own a dedicated gaming machine anyway.

  • Alistair

    Sorry I’m late for the podcast guys, as I was busy with danganropa2 & filling time with other card games hehe.

    I’m listening as I’m writeing this

  • Kirill Steshin

    Bloody hell!!! Buy a good mic – like Samson S01U, for f_ck sake – or level the bloody audio-track to a same volume level, then polish it. And try to get more structured conversation – would be really nice.
    As far as topics: Yeah, sure… All gamers are angry WASPs. *sarcasm*

  • Patrick

    The site as a whole has been a good resource for information for non AAA titles. It comes recommended.

  • artemisthemp

    Goku father is Bardock and Raditz is Brother.
    Vegeta is his best friend/Rival

  • artemisthemp

    Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 and Hyperdimension Neptunia is 2 different stories and I personally think HDN the better game (Story wise).

    I looking forward to comparing HDN Re;Birth 2 and HDN mk2 and then I will have to complete HDN Victory before the West get HDN Re;Birth 3

  • artemisthemp

    You shall be very happy that, you don’t have to cover Destiny since, it’s a shitty Singleplayer game (Neverending Nightmare have a better story and they don’t even tell you it, you make it up your self) but, it’s great to play with friends.