Niche Gamer-cast Episode 15 – Fighting for the Soul of Gaming

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Niche News of the Week

  1. Self-Entitlement, Steam Black Outs, and You: Why This is Silly
  2. A New 3DS with a Second Analog Stick is Revealed
  3. Twitch is Actually Purchased by Amazon for $1 Billion
  4. Pokken Tournament is Revealed for Arcades
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles Remake is Announced for 3DS
  6. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 is Coming West in 2015
  7. Sekai Project are Licensing Clannad: Full Voice Edition for Steam
  8. Hit the Streets with the First Look at Yakuza 0
  9. No Man’s Sky has Over 18 Quintillion Planets to Explore
  10. Playstation Network is Affected by Large Scale DDOS Attack

Topic of the Week

Is the term “gamer” dead? Is the traditional sense of the hardcore gaming enthusiast something of the past, and are we all just “fans of video games?”

Several other websites have all curiously spun articles all saying roughly the same thing: that you’re wrong labeling yourself as a gamer, and that you’re wrong to simply want to play games – regardless of their social consciousness or moral progressivism.

Coming from this, Niche Gamer is asking our fans and readers to blacklist the following websites:

  1. Kotaku
  2. Polygon
  3. Gamasutra
  4. Rock Paper Shotgun
  5. The Escapist
  6. Ars Technica

You can enjoy our podcast below, or you can download it here (right click and save as).

Developer Guest Speaker

sombrero 08-30-14-1

A new segment to our podcast is featuring a developer who chooses to either plug their game and talk about it, or talk about current topics with us – or maybe both. Today’s developer is one of the creators behind the upcoming indie title, Sombrero.

Songs Featured in This Podcast

To stress how important and how scaringly grave the current situation with gaming journalism is, the opening song chosen for today is “Desert of Despair” from Ys Seven. To reflect how we’re only just beginning to see the first form of corruption games journalism, the ending theme chosen is “A Toccata Into Blood Soaked Darkness” from Castlevania: Curse of Darkness – which plays when you fight Dracula’s first form.

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Brandon Orselli


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  • B.E.

    (edit)Holy crap this turned out long! Go read the tl;dr people..i don’t expect anyone not interested to read this, mostly needed to get it off my chest!(edit)

    I tend to have a policy of roundly ignoring articles like those, for just about any topic. Its often got a basic point/truth, that is then twisted or taken way out of context. In that sense, I already have been blacklisting any such content, its not worth my time.

    For the purpose of listening to the podcast though I figure, I need to read the stuff you all are covering and..yup exactly that. The term ‘gamer’ is not dead or dying, its expanding.

    Assuming of course by ‘gamer’ your definition is ‘people who play and enjoy anything they considers games’. If you however want to either defend, or attack the word as holding deeper meaning..then again no. The niche gamer isn’t going away, the sports gamer isn’t going away, the ‘house mom gamers on facebook/iphone’ arn’t going away. But see the point I am making is, if you leave the definition of ‘gamer’ open to all those groups, of course its not dieing.

    If you believe however that one group’s existence somehow precludes another? Well, first off your dead wrong, and second your welcome to think whatever you like but its not going to change anything.

    Those articles point out a kernel of truth. The gamer tag is traditionally associated with content not everyone enjoys..but the act of ‘gaming’ has expanded to a lot more then that core audience..which means we are going to have friction and such until things settle.

    But I point you to every..single..example..of this that has ever occurred in the history of mankind. Books, Comic Books, role playing games(D&D), Music, Art, Political and social movements of every variety. They all start small, and as the potential audience grows, the definition is shaken by people who come in thinking or enjoying different things then the core audience and have to fit themselves into the new paradigm/seek out and create space for media they enjoy.

    The other bit of truth in those articles is that, indeed, there is backlash to that..again in every example of it ever made. Sometimes is quite warranted backlash (screw you censoring our movies 1920s ‘ethics boards’) sometimes its most certainly not (How many presidents have been shot at/killed?)

    But then you get into the silliness, no traditional gamers arn’t a dying breed of misogynistic neck-beared trolls or the like, of course not.

    What we are experiencing here though isn’t any different than the conflicts between those social dynamics that exist in all facets of human society. (Traditional Republicans vs the tea party?) And in the end, the outcome will be the same.

    Is our music super censored and safe, free of cursing or nudity or what some would see as the objectification or women or etc? How about our video, or books or films? No, no of course not. Censorship fades, the community grows to accept that ‘I am not threatened by the existence of others’ and ‘I do not have to attack the traditional view for my own to exist’. At worst such things are ignored by the community at large.

    It’ll just takes time. Which to return to my previous point like any good essay, is why I tend to ignore this kinda stuff. Its ultimately a war between people wanting to do what they enjoy without being confined by others. There is only conflict with people feel the need to push in either direction.

    Its the universal liberal vs conservative dynamic. All must change, all must remain exactly as it is. (To use the classic and not necessarily political definitions of those words)

    tl;dr Old fight, new subject. Following history..the outcome will be the
    same. Is your rap music available uncensored, with boobs galore despite
    others finding it “wrong”? Guess what your games will have for

  • Aristides

    Great Podcast, good to see people who actually “get it”. Also think it’s cool you guys had a guest indie dev giving input on the matter. Keep up the good fight. :)

  • salazar547

    cant download the podcast :(

  • Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it only exists because of gamers. We aren’t going anywhere. Whether it’s AAA titles or $0 budget indie games. Games are here to stay. Gamers are here to stay. <3 to my fellow gamers.

  • Fixed. Sorry about that, the download URL was being weird. JFC, that means it was broken all day……. I am SO sorry guys!

  • PixelMetal

    That was me. And thanks! A lot of us indie devs are in the same camp, but I’m under the impression (and I do not speak for every single one) that many are frightened at the prospect and potentially negative attention it would bring them.

    Me? I don’t care. I have no KickerStarter or IndieGoGo campaign to sabotage. I’m funding the development of the game myself, and I’m crossing my fingers that people who like games like it, and I’ll happily speaks to sites – large or small – that report on games, not industry drama.

  • Aristides

    That’s really great to hear, and the more indie devs that are honest about this stuff the better. :) Hope your game is very successful. Be sure to stay metal (awesome avatar BTW).

  • artemisthemp

    They losing their Shirt when, they active their Peach Soul (Bakumatsu Rock)

  • Chris Gregoria

    Like I had said briefly during the podcast, if the game is the couch co-op masterpiece like Towerfall but faster-paced and more hectic, you have at least one buyer. ><

  • Alistair

    Yo just finish the podcast as it was faulty the other day, great Podcast I quite agree with your dev guest to Those so-called SJWs F O to them.

    I don’t want a total stranger that I never meet tell me I should play this & not the cartoon lolis breasts via vita screen or go around like Rambo in call of duty & rip lolis skirts in the senran series.

    Here 3 pics I took She only little but don’t kid yourselves she grows on you.

  • Alistair

    Ahhh well you know you been had by the SJW when a site ask you for your full name to be able to post on said site & hope to God that the SJWs are in a good mood that day & won’t censored the poster by deleting posts.

    Now I read what that woman had put & didn’t read all of it, because it full of shit & I can smell of force hoods. The day I give up gaming is on my terms.

    & not some highly paid chick giving gamers a bad name. I saw the list of SJWs some-one has posted what a sorry bunch of people.

    So when I visit a site & those people show up I shall exit the site.

    They need a good poop they full of shit.

  • Well, I don’t think I’m the one who gets to declare if it’s a masterpiece or not, but it’s definitely couch co-op and it’s definitely faster-paced and more hectic than Towerfall. It can get a bit bullet-helly sometimes.

  • artemisthemp

    The prices on the European NISA store ain’t actually as outraged as they seem.

    Let me explain the pricing on NISA European store:
    US Price + Custome Fee = European store prices.

  • sanic

    Where has this site been hiding for so long? If you guys can shake a release date of Senran Versus out of xseed I’ll be all set.

  • Zet

    I’ve been meaning to do this considering that news.