Niche Gamer-cast Episode 12 – Gamescom 2014 Festlichkeit

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Topic of the Week

It’s time for our Gamescom 2014 predictions. What are Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo bringing? What about our European developer friends? We share our best guesses, and our biggest hopes for the upcoming convention, which goes down in Cologne, Germany.

You can enjoy our podcast below, or you can download it here (right click and save as).

Niche News of the Week

  1. Minori’s eden* is Coming West, Both Uncensored and for All-Ages
  2. Masahiro Ando and Jiro Ishii are Leading a Kickstarter for Under the Dog, a Brilliant Looking Anime
  3. Manga Gamer is Localizing euphoria, a Sadism Filled, SAW-inspired Experience
  4. The House in Fata Morgana is Finally Being Localized, via Manga Gamer
  5. Is Activision Planning a King’s Quest Reboot with a New Sierra Branded Team?
  6. Bad News Twitch Fans, a Copyright Blocking System was Sneakily Enabled
  7. C-Wars is Releasing First on Xbox One, Timed-Exclusive in China
  8. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax’s Home Release Finally Revealed! Well..for Japan…
  9. Former Nintendo Indie Boss Dan Adelman: “The Name Wii U is Abysmal”
  10. Sleeping Dogs is Being Remastered on Playstation 4 and Xbox One this Fall

New Giveaway

So we’re giving away three copies of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, on PC. Please comment on the podcast here with your thoughts, and we’ll be picking the winners the following Sunday. Tell your friends, keep reading our site, and spread the love for these kinds of games. If you missed our review for The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, you can read that here.

Songs Featured in This Podcast

This week, the intro song to the Niche Gamer-cast is straight from the upcoming soundtrack for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a game we’re very excited to review next year. The ending song is “Mysterious Guest”, from Divinity: Original Sin, a game that we reviewed and gave very high marks.

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Brandon Orselli


Big Papa Overlord at Niche Gamer. Italian. Dad. Outlaw fighting for a better game industry. I also write about music, food, & beer. Also an IT guy.

  • Cody Long

    Sorry I couldn’t be in on this one, guys! Was at Otakon in Baltimore.

  • It’s cool bro :) Next time!

  • Emp Highwind

    Cool podcast, House in Fata Morgana seems interesting, looking forward for Trails in the Sky, been hyping the PC version since winter 2013

  • twins–A

    First pocast I’ve listened to! Love it, keep them coming.

  • A reminder – we’re giving away three copies of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky on PC. Just comment on our podcast here and we’ll pick the winners next Sunday.

    Also I apologize again for us having to use Skype again, which made it really annoying and difficult for me to balance out the audio, and there is some feedback that I couldn’t get rid of, but I hope it’s balanced well? … hopefully Myles gets his stuff together for the next show :P

    Please let me know how it sounds to you guys.

  • Michael Hughes

    Needed a new podcast for my bus commute; this is perfect. Thanks, everyone!

  • Joyfully listened whilst grinding away at Firefall. I seem to have wanted to comment 10 minutes in about body pillows but I’ve forgotten why.
    Comment about kickstarter stuff. Their are so many game titles that don’t finish even with funding or get scrapped during the dev stage. A lot of projects ask for a fraction of what they really need to get by. But may not of got any funding if they asked a realistic sum. Some can scrape by but not everyone can and unfortunately we all live in different places in the world with different living needs.
    One or two indie teams I’ve briefly worked with have been shy about press honesty and publicity about internal project affairs and I quite dislike it although I fear that this carries along to mainstream studios much more.

  • salazar547

    good podcast as always :) , manga gamer is doing lots of stuff lately it seems , hope they can keep working like that to see more titles get english versions in the future

  • bf313

    1. I like that you’re running the cast through Soundcloud now, much better than the other player.

    2. I think the whole concept of remastering games is typically wrong with the exception of the upcoming Metro collection. I played the Metro games recently on the 360 and was absolutely awed by them despite both games having flaws on a technical standpoint. Fixing up 2 technically flawed games and packaging them together for $50 to me is a great value.

    3. Hearing about Sony’s Vita handing actually makes me sad. It’s difficult to deal with a great system being thrown into a corner. At least we have XSEED, NIS, Aksys, Atlus, and Idea Factory who still give a shit about the niche western market!

    4. Will be holding out hope for the Gravity Rush sequel too, such a special game that truly deserves more!

  • artemisthemp

    Does you plan to have a special Podcast after Gamescon?

  • Phelan

    1. What’s that noise in background? aircon? The voices are already too low, so it is hard to concentrate on what you are speaking with that noise in background.

    2. They won’t do anything with Wii U name cause that case is already over. They can’t change it… I mean… how? “Hey guys it is now Wii 2… just 1 hour ago it was called Wii U… BUY IT!”. For me the name was bad…. I agree I was thinking that Wii U is just that controler… but I’m reading gaming sites so all in all I discovered that it is another Wii. But the problem is…. it has some features that I personally don’t find atractive…

    Remote play? Second Screen? No normal controler?

    3. GC…I hope to see Type-0 Vita… that’s the thing that can rescue Square Enix ass. The problem is… for GC is responsible SCEE… so…. yeah…. that’s a problem because SCEE is bad. Another thing great for us would be announcing of re-releasing all those great digital only games in Europe.

    4. What I don’t want to see is Atlus and AksysGames… sorry but those guys have no right to appear at European conference. They have long history of screwing Europe telling us that it is not viable to release games here…. so I hope they will at least keep their words and will stay out of EU because it is not viable for them… I mean… fuck it… they are screwing us… and they want to make some nice advertisment on GC? Fuck it.

    5, Ow yes yes Freedom Wars

    6. Sony will give a time to remote play, Vita TV (now PS TV), PS NOW … and other crap.

    7. But the problem is those games are LIMITED to JP.

    8. Borderland…. huh…. *facepalm*

    9. Sony has a problem, Vita is not considered as a handheld worthy of working on. Even Squeenix decided that while working or prequel trilogy the one who will make PORT from mobile phones to Vita is 3rd studio. So no Squeenix, not media vision… but Bullets.

    10. Gravity Rush 2 let’s hope that it will be announced… and announced as Vita exclusive. I will get angry if it will be PS4 only or PSV/PS4

  • luckgandor

    I’m still stunned that euphoria, of all things, is coming over. Never would have expected it in a million years, and I am so looking forward to that review. I didn’t even know about Manga Gamers until this podcast, and now I feel obligated to support them. I’ve been a huge fan of PC VNs since Ever17.

    Great podcast overall. Looking forward to next Sunday!

  • Alistair

    Just bottom up to say another good podcast & also want to know will there be a special midweek podcast to mark gamescom.

  • DanteJones

    Awesome podcast! And yeah, Under the Dog looks freaking phenomenal. I really hope it picks up a lot of notice and turns into a full blown anime series. I don’t think I’d be content with just one episode, haha.

  • Alexandre Dinh
  • Chris Yuen

    For GC, I will be satisfied if Sony chooses to give the Vita some of the spotlight it deserves. I am not expecting much from the announcements, but if there are any Japanese games for the PS4/Vita, that will be a really nice surprise. Oh, and Bloodrayne gameplay too. Looking forward to that.

  • nonscpo

    I like the fact that you now add the news stories url’s on the podcast page really makes things simple. Only advice I can recomend besides audio is maybe take a nap before starting the podcast so you aren’t yawning all the time. Then again with work and child that’s probably easier said then done.

  • ZeldaFinalFantasyFan

    I feel like Sony is going to have the biggest presence at this year’s Gamescom. They seem to be driving a lot of attention to some surprises they have in store with the teasers they’ve been hinting at. I really hope they focus a bit on the Vita. Sony needs to re-evaluate it’s standing on the Vita and treat it as it’s own separate thing, not as an accessory for it’s consoles. Hope to see some Uncharted 4 details as well, though it’s unlikely.

    Not sure what Nintendo has in store other than possibly a new Smash character reveal that day. My biggest wishes are to see if they provide gameplay details on the new Zelda or Starfox games, but that’s not likely the case. Some Splatoon and a final Bayonetta trailer would be sweet. Oh! And some more on info on S.T.E.A.M. would be great too. I doubt they’ll have any new trailer for a new game, but we’ll see. I’d say a new No More Heroes 3 will likely happen but that’ll probably be showed off at TGS.

  • Brah, we wrote about that!

    ;) It looks awesome though. Hoping this can hopefully create a new avenue for anime creators to go to crowdfunding, so we can see potentially refreshing new anime that big studios won’t greenlight.

  • Hey man! Thank you so much for the feedback again :) I’ll respond to your points:

    1. That’s the mic on Myles end. At certain points he mutes himself and you can hear it’s crystal clear again. I’ve yelled at him about this, so rest assured we’ll either have it worked out next week or he just won’t be on :P

    2. You’re very right there – they can’t really backpedal it. They could potentially do an early re-launch with an upgraded system? Who knows man.

    3. We’re actually already seeing Gamescom news come out, we’ve been covering stuff where appropriate (no big giant franchises). I hope we see some surprises, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    4. You’re very right there…. lots of neglecting the EU markets, and it’s pretty lame if the games are region locked.


    6. You wanna bet on this? I DOUBT IT MAN LOL

    7. Precisely right. We’re seeing a few oddballs get localized, but they are far and few in between.

    8. Yep……. really saddening that Borderlands Vita is the only thing they’ve done x_x

    9. It definitely is a misunderstood handheld and it seems like some of the bigger companies are just ignoring it at this point.


  • We will definitely do a recap on Sunday, but are you asking if we can do one right after the main conferences? I’d love to, I need to see if the other guys can as well. I should have thought of this too….

  • Thanks man, always ecstatic to have another reader/listener!

    Yeah we’re all about covering those very obscure games, and you can’t get more obscure than visual novels, and by proxy, erotic visual novels. Most other sites won’t touch visual novels period, and if you add in erotic elements, it’s completely taboo.

    We have a review for Really? Really! coming up soon, so keep an eye out for that ;)

  • 1. Thank you! Now if I can just get the other guys to finally be able to function on ventrilo (way better at managing latency and not hogging so much bandwith), I think we’ll be golden! I still want to put them up on iTunes and such but there’s an entire process with that and I haven’t been assed to figure it out yet. It’s on my list bahaha

    2. Yeah I agree, some games can be really polished up and made into possibly new experiences, considering how well the remastering can be. In the case of Sleeping Dogs and The Last of Us though….. it’s just silly :P

    3. Yeah we’re all huge fans of the Vita here, it’s a wonderful handheld with oodles of promise and an equally large amount of awesome, obscure games …… but the support seems to be drying up. There’s lots of indies, and the occasional oddball Japanese title that gets localized, but that’s it really. It’s a damn shame.

    4. Words can’t describe how much I love Gravity Rush, and the world/story within the game. Keiichiro Toyama needs to finish the story, and I’ve even said this to him personally… to which he’ll say “I know!”

  • No thank you, so excited for new listeners and hopefully readers :)

    I promise it’ll only get better moving forward, as we get the last remaining oddities ironed out. Plus I want us to eventually meet in person, but for not it’s just impossible for me haha.

  • Thank you! Oh they’ll keep coming, whether you like it or not!! Bwahahaha!!!!

  • This is true about Kickstarters… we cover Kickstarter projects whether they seem to have a chance or not. We’ve covered a lot that fail, and it’s just disheartening. I’ve seen a few crowdfunding projects come around, like Proxy Blade (we’ve covered it before, think Devil May Cry, but with robots), which recently passed through Steam Greenlight. We’re doing a review for the final build, by the way… :)

    I completely agree though. A living wage here in the USA is completely different than other countries, and this also means the amount your earning from contract jobs or even continuous revenue from a game release.

    I’ve talked to devs from pretty much all around the world, and they have come in all sizes of teams, so I think it really just boils down to having a solid, fun game … and the fans will come, IMO.

  • Yeah we’ll be reviewing House in Fata Morgana, it looks like a pure horror/blood fest, which should be fun.

    I’m right there with you on Trails, although I can’t wait for Carpe Fulgur to finish Second Chapter!

  • Bwahahahaha amazing picture!!!

    Due to being asked this multiple times, I think we’re going to have to do a midweek, post Gamescom show! I’ll make sure I bug the other guys about it.

  • Thank you!!

    Me either – I was waiting with baited breath as I watched the Kickstarter pitch, and then I scrolled allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way to the bottom (as there wasn’t really a mention, from what I could see) of the length above, and then I saw it was just for a pilot/OVA.

    I was pretty bummed… there’s no way they’ll hit the 5 million mark or whatever, but here’s hoping!

  • A new Bloodrayne game? You mean the one that is just Betrayal, localized for Japan?

    I agree though, I think we might have a drinking game to see if Sony mentions the Vita at all. Every time they mention sales figures, we take a shot.

  • Yeah we really need to all drink like two to three coffees before hand. I usually have two, so I’m usually just trying to still stay awake :P

    I also need to make sure that all of us are working on ventrilo, as that is WAY less demanding as far as bandwith goes, and also much better to manage peoples’ individual levels.

  • After their previous comments about the Vita being an “extender of the PS4,” I’m not so sure. At this point I’ve almost lost all hope for their support of it, but I sure as hell am excited for other companies throwing games on it still, like Great Edo Blacksmith.

    Uncharted 4 is going to be interesting considering how much talent has left ND, although they keep reiterating that business just carries on, and they continue to make something great. IDK. If Amy left, I’m very skeptical.

    Yeah I’m hoping for more information on that gorgeous, open world Zelda game. It’s so fresh to me, that I decided that we can cover it on the site, when we normally don’t cover mainstream franchises like that.

    I also realllly hope we get some more info on S.T.E.A.M., because that game is fucking ridiculous sounding and yet awesome!

  • As long as the fans like us read about them, write about them, and ultimately buy them, I think those guys will continue to champion for them to come over here. Their recent announcements to help finish Supipara is completely amazing, and we’re very stoked over here.

  • Wow, is TiTS the actual acronym? Impressive!

  • Izkda

    Guys, it would be great if you could:
    a) publish the podcast on itunes
    b) have an RSS just for the podcast.

  • Cody Long

    I will be reviewing euphoria, so you can stay tuned for that as well. :)

    As for Manga Gamer, they’re super cool! I actually met them at Otakon this year, pretty chill guys. You should definitely support them!

  • artemisthemp

    Yes I though one after Microsoft and Sony have had their Conference, so you could talk about both Niche Games

  • Chris Yuen

    whoops. Meant Bloodborne instead…the hazards of trying to keep up with the news in the wee morning. Never was much of a “Souls” game guy (yet to try one). Bloodborne looks great though. Also, still waiting for the last game in the #JRPGVita campaign in the form of Valkyria Chronicles by Sony’s Shahid Kamal. *Crossing my fingers*

  • Phelan

    Valkyria Chronicles 3 on Vita *drolling*

    But I wouldn’t get my hopes too hight. Shahid is a liar. The only big game he brought to us is Tales of Hearts R (and we don’t know how big his role in bringing it was… maybe non)… the rest are indies… but still he is bragging that he brough over 80 games or so to us.

    That’s all he do… Type-0? yeah… he just made fun of himself and showed that has no controle over whatsever

    If he really had any result he would just publish whole list of a games his team brought to us.

  • calumbrah

    Good podcast! Looking forward to gamescom

  • Lvys

    That was an enoyable podcast. Been said by other people already but the static noise is kind of annoying. Glad you’re going to take care of it.
    Will keep tabs on the website :)

  • Hydroninja9

    Surprise Surprise , no vita news at gamescom. The twitch thing is really stupid but unlike Youtube , twitch actually has competition. Hitbox is actually far superior to Twitch. It sucks with Youtube though. Kindof sucks about kickstarters ,there is actually a ton of great kickstarters but there are also a ton of horrible ones.

  • artemisthemp

    We all pray for Gravity Rush 2 been released as a Vita exclusive

  • In the article, it says “If you missed our review for The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, you can read that here.”

    But there’s no link. It could probably benefit from it.

  • Sorry about that, I updated it now. I’m usually somewhat half tired all the time now so… yeah :P

  • Filipe Ribeiro

    Actually it would be awesome if Vita could get less Indies and more JRPGs. I know there’s a lot of games coming but I still think it’s not enough to give Vita the status it deserves.

  • nonscpo

    Not even JRPG’s just give us those licensed anime games that we never get. There’s a whole treasure trove of games that never leave Japan, and that’s just sad :(

  • Tags

    Looks interesting keep up the good work guys.

  • Sorry for the delay, but you won! I sent the code to your email :)

  • Congrats, you won dude! I sent the code to your email.

  • Congrats! You won dude! I sent the code to your email :)

  • Michael Hughes

    Well, kiss my grits! This makes getting through the work week a bit easier.

    Thanks, Brandon, and thanks to everyone at Niche Gamer!

  • Michael Hughes

    So… this is embarrassing, but apparently I never redeemed this code! I’m poring over my Steam list and I don’t see Trails in it. On the off-chance that the code is still active, can you please re-send it? I’m at a point in my backlog where I can finally devote some time to this great-looking game! Thanks, Brandon.