Niche Gamer-cast Episode 11 – We Heart Indies

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So you’re a regular visitor at Niche Gamer? The obscure games, the niche games, the weird games, whatever you want to call them, we love them and we know that you love them as well. We only cover these games on our regular feed, and we only cover them on our podcast as well.

The topic of the week for this week is whether or not the term “indie game” comes with a negative connotation. We clearly love indie games of all shapes and sizes here at Niche Gamer, but it seems like the larger sites like IGN and the like have somewhat of an identity crisis when it comes to covering indie games – thus bringing out the trolls from the woodwork. We tackle this with our regular logic and charm.

You can enjoy our podcast below, or you can download it here (right click and save as).

The songs in today’s podcast are Soldier Unleashed from the Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer official soundtrack, which you can listen to and buy here. The closing song is The Krypton Garden from Shatter, which you can listen to and buy here.

The giveaway for this week is quite a fun one – Cody, our resident staff writer and artist, will sketch the greatest suggestion he finds in our comments. The only line we’ll draw here is that it can’t involve (visible) dongs or vaginas or anything – it has to more or less be agreeable with our advertising companies, sadly.

Please write in to Niche Gamer-cast @ Niche Gamer (click to open a new message with your preferred email provider) with any questions, comments, music recommendations, and so on that you guys have. We will respond to any emails we get on the air during the next show!

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Brandon Orselli


Big Papa Overlord at Niche Gamer. Italian. Dad. Outlaw fighting for a better game industry. I also write about music, food, & beer. Also an IT guy.

  • salazar547

    good podcast as always , about the timed exclusives i have to say that i can understand why they do it but at the same time i dont like the fact that they are basically making me wait more time to play a game only because i dont own the system where it will launch first :/

  • Phelan

    1. Agree Nintendo lineup looks solid to me. And there is also one more cool thing about Nintendo: Persona Q was supposed to be digital only in Europe… but than Nintendo acted and demanded retail edition… that’s what SONY should also do. Companies like discriminATLUS should be forced to release games, I mean it make sense to release games in Europe because we are bigger market than North America…

    2. Nvidia Shield and SteamBoy those might be real competition for Vita. Just take a look at E3… in case of Vita it was just indie show. And indies usually are either PC only or multiplatform. If someone is not interested in JP games… than pretty much it leaves only indie games… (god bless I love JP games… but if only more of it came to Europe)

    3. Remote play depends on region where you are playing… it depends on internet infrastructure too much.

    4. *yawn* don’t yawn… I can’t stop yawning now… *yawn*

    5. About PS4 and XBOX

    6. Agree, XBOX had imho worse games on show but they were better at presenting their stuff. It was just games games games games. And why did they spend time on Powers, Indies, Movie… don’t know

    7. No Man’s Sky – I pray that it will be as good as hype around it… I’m kinda getting scare that game might not be as great as they show. I agree with that exclusive thing… either it is real exclusive or just fuckin release it on every platform with the same content and at the same time. It makes sense to release it on PC -> more platforms means more potential income. It is a good choice for indie studio. But it is bad news for SONY who was bragging like it was their own title… Shahid screwed up in my humble opinion.

    8. It’s not bad price… I mean PS4 cost about 400 GBP (around 675 $) and that’s kinda more or less standard price for whole Europe, in place where I live it cost around 580-600$… and no it is place where average wage is under 3 $ per hour. And in China there are a lot of wealthy people… but than again there are also people who are earning nearly nothing. So the price is not that big problem. So I would say that comparing prices to NA prices where consoles are very cheap… it is kinda bad idea.

    9. I wasn’t aware about this (o.O) I mean… really?! Capcom, SquareEnix those guys have something wrong with their minds. Why mobile phones… why? (I know -> money… but still)

    10. I’m not nerd… (-.-)

    11. That fingerprint stuff… is weird… is that actually working?

    12. Indies… erm… everybody is doing reviews for indies :P The problem is indies are not the thing that people hate, people hate attitude of big companies about indies which try to force you to agree that those are future of gaming. I love some of indie titles.. I LOVE BASTION! I really do! But do I want to see only indies on consoles? No. Hell I am even person who tries to make his own game… so I might as well be person who aspire to be indie developer. (o.O).

    Indies are not system sellers… those might be as well the end of consoles:

    -less expensive on PC

    -released earlier on PC

    -don’t use potential of next-gen consoles… hell most of times those do not use potential of PS2 or just first Xbox

    Why anyone would release in the future next consoles if most of stuff never even tried to use potentail of consoles.

    And not indies are the same… but than again… people are not angry about too much indies… they are angry about too much focus on indies. Ok?

    13. GUYS GAMES! No dogs, no cats… and no… what was the first off-topic? :P

    14. For the future… how about table of content? List of every topic with time when it starts in podcast.

    15. I have no idea what you are talking about… what title of game? I think that you shouldn’t have started this topic if you don’t want to reveal title. It feels uncomfortably to listen to stuff.. and I have 0 idea what you guys are talking about :P it’s like 10th minute? and I’m starting to filp out like “GUYS WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! LET ME IN! I WANT TO UNDERSTAND YOU” that kind of thing, ok?

    16. Watch Barakamon one of the best shows this season.

    17. DON’T SHOUT, please… don’t it hurts ears if you are listening on headphones, so please… for the next time “shouting is NO-NO” ok? :D

  • Phelan

    Uh oh btw. you were talking about Prequel Trilogy right?

    It will be Chaos Rings III on PSV and smartpones (earlier series only for mobiles and PSM)

  • Very interesting. Writing up a post about it now!

  • Please don’t forget that we’re going to raffle off a sketch by our very own seasoned artist – Cody! All you have to do is suggest something fun and he’ll pick out whichever suggestion is the most fun and or unique.

  • nonscpo

    I love that video clip it really is true: Dont ever buy a console at launch!

  • nonscpo

    My only recomendation is you guys have to do something about your audio. The intro is too loud and you guys (Especially you Brandon) arent loud enough.

    P.S. Minor complaint as always, but someone didnt write the authors name on the download file, just for the next guy you know.

    P.S.S. Have you guys thought about posting your podcast up on

  • Hydroninja9

    Lets just call this the deercast lol. I need to get a 3ds soon , Alpha Ruby / omega sapphire are going to be amazing. I might get a vita late in the game because there are some pretty good games on it. The Shield Tablet can actually be a competitor, especially with the tegra k1. There is a possibility of getting a k1 with the ability to emulate gamecube games pretty well. There are some pretty good mobile games on android , not all of them are shovelware. Sheild OG is pretty bad , it has a tegra 4 , but the sheild tablet does look viable. Titanfall on the toilet is quite a good prospect lol. You guys do need to put the volume of your mic up a bit.

  • bf313

    1. How did you guys forget about Fantasy Life for the 3DS?!?!? Easily the most hype i’ve been for a game in forever. Story Of Seasons looks like it’s going to be great too. But I have to agree that there are a lot more upcoming Vita games on my to buy list compared to the 3DS.

    2. As of right now i’m really conflicted with the console wars. I’m not big on exclusive games but last gen the exclusives that I cared about were on 360 (Gears Of War, Halo). As of right now for me I think Xbone is going to have better exclusives (Sunset Overdrive, Scalebound) and that Sony is catering too much to the cinematic movie game stuff (The Order 1886) which to me has gotten old.

    3. Really excited for the new Digimon game and hoping that it will convince Namco Bandai to bring over the 3DS and Vita games! Not sure if you guys have seen the petition but people are still VERY interested in Digimon and do want the games to come over. Cyber Sleuth for the Vita looks like it is going to be amazing.

    4. When it comes to indies it’s not that I dislike indie games for the sake of the fact that they are indie I have problems with them because the culture surrounding them can be nasty and elitist. There is this mentality that indies are the future because they are somehow more creative or more for the “thinking man”. I’m tired of being talked down to because I don’t want to spend $15 for an indie game that doesn’t have the content to justify that price or looks 20 years old or is some guy’s personal art project. I just don’t consider many indie games to be unique enough to deserve all of the praise that they get. I really don’t like sounding like an asshole about it but it’s that Polygon type culture of elitism that has just made me not want to support indie games.

    5. The podcast continues to be great guys keep up the good work! :)

  • Where’s cody hiding all his artwork at *grabby*

  • Bah the metadata didn’t copy over again?! I made sure to export it with the metadata….. ugh, FML. I need to read up on getting this stuff to export properly.

    I’m going to make sure that our levels are equalized next time, I usually spend a bit more time evening things out but this week I was scrambling to get it published yesterday.

  • I actually asked him to give me a link to his stuff…. most of it is NSFW, i.e. hentai, but I can link it if you guys are ok with that.

    You guys aren’t suggesting things! He’ll sketch ANYTHING! So long as there’s no dongs or whatever.

  • I think we’ll probably end up covering more games on mobile, the main issue is the giant amount of stuff on PC, consoles, or dedicated handhelds.

  • I want to see the Nichegamer Avatar in other costumes.

  • Alistair

    Yo another good podcast guys, btw any word from ESRB I’m soon going to post my full PEGI rating guide maybe tomorrow because, I fear CG will get a PEGI-18 for the pain bits.

    When you see the guide you see what I mean.

    PEGI is more lenient but could be even stricter then BBFC.

  • Cody Long

    Pick one outfit and I’ll sketch it! That is, if no one else has a request that I like better. So far yours is the only one though!

  • Hydroninja9

    Alright then a sketch huh. Why don’t you make that logo i have been wanting to have for a long time. Just 2 swords crossed , white background and the words Hydroninja. Jk jk. How about this , make the niche gamer avatar in a full black custome , kindof ninjay but not too ninjay with a big sword holstered on her back and firing 2 revolvers. Maybe add shades in there.

  • Cody Long

    Alrighty! It’s in the running.

  • Phelan

    But… but… but… I’m not funny.

    I live in far away place where everything is in grey tones: sun, trees, grass, breasts everything here is just black, white, grey here. And my poor soul is trapped by tentacles of games while my mind tell me I should finish my master thesis or my promotor will finally find me and kill me for good….

    Huh… depressing….

    *sending alpha negative waves so as nobody will be able to think about anything funny, BEING NEGATIVE IS ~DA FUTURE!*

    Now for real… I have no idea what funny thing I can tell… pretty much SCEE is one big fat joke :D

  • …..this could be an awesome sketch for Cody to do. UBER DEPRESSING TENTACLES

  • Phelan

    (-.-) go ahead tentacles you can rape me… better that then being killed by promotor… huh…actualy… he is good guy… maybe it would be actualy funny to see him with a knife or chain saw…

    depressing… uber depressing tentacles…

    *holy megicarp I’ve just noticed how mini tentacle sprouted from Vita screen…* ok now it seems I have no place to run… huhh…. depressing… better prepere lubricate and tell my gf to not come tonight…

    Huh… depressing… I should probably suck it up, finish writing work, get degree, and go for rehab for those addicted to caffeine tabs… meanwhile… time for another caffeine tabs

  • Wow, some amazing feedback dude!

    I’ll respond to some of your points:

    2 & 12. I know the subject of indies and their potential in the gaming market is somewhat tricky, as you can have a gigantic hit like Minecraft, while most others will be lucky to recoup their costs (if they had a sizeable budget). I think we’ll start seeing more and more “big budget indies” moving forward, as the need for a traditional publisher and publishing model will theoretically no longer be needed.

    8. Wow, I didn’t know the exchange rate/market price differed so much in other regions. It’s still exciting that foreign consoles will finally be available in China, lots of my in-laws will finally be able to buy them legally! I’m excited at the prospect of Chinese companies developing console games now~

    11. I’m going to publish a follow up report today, I had an exchange with a local Philly magazine and things have gotten interesting.

    13. We got way too sidetracked there – my bad, it was mostly my fault. I’ll make sure we stay on track next time.

    14. I kept worrying this would make it a bit too cluttered, but due to fan demand we’ll do this! I’ll also make a list of all the

    15. I can’t really say it publicly, but I can send it to you via a DM on twitter, if you follow us. Just send our official twitter a DM.

    17. I’m really sorry about this.. I didn’t know the volume spiked so much. I’ll make sure to go over the entire podcast next week and ensure all the levels aren’t peaking/raping peoples’ ears.

  • Wow this I like a lot – a ninja version of Mika. Will it be like Taki’s, i.e. skin tight? :P

  • Yeah it’s just disingenuous to the fans that own one particular platform over another. It’s also a blatant sign of moneyhats, which we definitely do NOT like at Niche Gamer.

  • Hey man! Thanks for the amazing feedback!

    I’ll respond to some of your stuff:

    1. I completely forgot about that game, I’m completely excited for it. We’ll be -hopefully- reviewing it, but with some of the larger games, especially on 3DS, it’s very hard for us to get official copies.

    2. I totally agree with you actually – it’s somewhat of an interesting shift as Sony had their guns blazing from the get-go as far as policies and support for the gamer went, but Microsoft is really snagging lots of awesome deals for some equally as awesome looking exclusives. Phantom Dust, Scalebound, etc.

    3. We actually wrote about that petition:

    So we’re all for that man. I’m going to publish an interesting piece about a game that Bandai Namco passed up, and it would have essentially been free money, IMHO at least.

    4. I completely agree here. It’s one of the reasons why I started the site, because I wanted it to be a cohesive place for indies, obscure Japanese and Asian games, and obscure Western games to all have a home. No elitism, no biases, just fans of all or some of these games being able to come together.

    5. Thank you so much!!! I’m going to put them up on YT and have the embed player via Youtube in the future, I promise! iTunes and others will come after, they’re all on my list.

  • Phelan

    Hmm… I will read it, so please give a note when it will be up, mkay?

    As far as I know developers must propose pegi rating themselves. So the service just verifies will it be ok or not ok… also they don’t play whole games :P

    cost about 1020 EUR for title per single platform

    Personally I’d rather have more games with pegi 18… I don’t like censorship… even if I’m not intrested in most of eroge and ecchi stuff

  • Phelan

    About prices… yes those are mad… SONY sucks at prise conversion rates.

    Example USA got Conception 2 preorder retail pack for 40$ right? And in Canada it was 40$ CAD

    In europe we had to pay 40 EUR (55$) for digital only title.

    In case of PS4 titles the situation is even worse
    Example Bound by Flame was 49$ right? In europe it was £49.99 (82$)/€54.99(75$)

    And Australia and New Zeland is treated even worse. You know how australian dollars is more or less 1:1 right? So they needed to pay 78$ AUD

    Prices in Europe are mad because of conversion rate 1 EUR:1USD… sure there is included ~20% VAT tax but even with it… usualy importing games is cheaper than buying games in EU.

    Even prices of consoles are always 1:1

    But opening market to China is great idea! Do you know who will be responsible for that market? SCEI or SCEE? It could be great news if we got them!

    I loved reading Book of Hans! (history) or read Kingdom (manga)… so yeah… more games directed for Chinase market would be DA BOMB!

  • Alistair

    Here the full lay out of PEGI infor start from the top 18 to bottom 3, the top 18 makes a reference to sexual violence with pain.

    I fear CG could be that but it not set in stone & the game needed not play fully just full audio, full text, & a small playthough.

    & still it could be 16 because those lolis are still wearing clothes when you punish them. Example the one still wearing the shorts.

    Akiba trip, the SK series much worse then normal pin-ups of mon-mon. Because sexual violence is & should be more shocking, should it be censored to “hell” err no.