If Pokemon had a Tamogotchi Spinoff, it Would be Pakka Pets

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When I first saw Pakka Pets, I was a bit overwhelmed at the cute level that the game is sporting. The kickstarter funded game is definitely much more than its cute exterior, as the guys at Proto Games are looking to provide something for everyone.

In the game, you’ll raise a Pakka Pet, a randomly generated creature with random traits, from a seemingly ordinary egg (just like true tamagotchi fashion), and raise it as you prep it up to survive in the big, bold Pakka Pets world.

You can view their kickstarter pitch below:

Think of the game as a hybrid of the classic tamagotchi formula, but with the addition of exploration, adventuring and lots of customizing. You’ll get your own home for your Pakka Pet in which you can decorate it with loads of stuff you find on your adventures.

Let’s step back to that tamagotchi formula real quick. With the tamagotchi device, your creature will go through four stages: baby, child, teen, and eventually adult – the same stages that Pakka Pets will progress through. Clearly, however you raise your Pakka Pet will directly influence their evolutionary chain.

Although the size of Pakka World has not been revealed, you’ll be able to traverse parks, deep mine shafts, caves, or even the castle of the Pakka King. As you collect resources you’ll be able to craft things like food, crafted food being a great treat for your pet.

The game will be free to play should it be funded and if you fund the game, you’ll be eligible for a lot of awesome rewards through their extensive rewards tiers. If you’re interested in pledging to Pakka Pets, head on over to their kickstarter and show them some love.

Editor’s Note: I know Pokemon had their own licensed Tamagotchi’s, I was just poking fun.

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