Reveal Trailer for Yakuza Restoration

Yakuza Ishin SS 1

Earlier we reported on how SEGA has confirmed a new Yakuza game titled Yakuza Ishin (Restoration).

Now, we have the actual trailer that shows the results of SEGA’s poll for the most popular Yakuza characters:

You can see the teaser trailer for Yakuza Ishin at the 4:20 mark. The video makes a comparison between the historical Ryoma Sakamoto, and the way more badass in-game version.

So, coming from this, we can infer that the game is probably based around Sakamoto’s life as it was historically. Ryoma was a key figure in the attempt to overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate during the Bakumatsu period in Japan.

Brandon Orselli


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